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Abby James was born in Australia, and she is a great adventurer and an incurable romantic. Abby’s list of loves is quite long. At the very top is writing great romances, right alongside reading great romances.

She detests the mundane, and finds herself creating heroes and fantasy worlds that are far from normal and larger than life.

After leaving school, Abby believed life was something she should hit head on. She camped out under the stars while she was on camel safari through Rajasthan, India, which she found exotic. Listening the lions’ roar right outside of her tent in the Serengeti National Park, Kenya, was rather character building. Freezing her butt off while she was on the Karakoram Range, Pakistan, was quite painful. And bungee jumping right over the Zambezi was just crazy.

Life on the go was pretty great, however being broke at home wasn’t. Lost in her dreams and traveling around the world wasn’t going to sustain her financially, so she slowed down just long enough in order to finish a science degree and get married.

With her mountaineer husband, she became quite a fixture in Nepal, and it didn’t take them long to think it would be fun to run their own trekking company. Their first child radically changed their plans, however, as their first was born just six months before they were scheduled to lead their first expedition.

That is when Abby’s biggest adventure started, motherhood. Three kids later and working in a lab, Abby looked to her childhood passion of reading to fill in the gaps. Lost in the pages of a favorite, the idea of writing her own stories came out.

After she joined her local writers’ centre and went to a workshop on romance writing, she realized she was headed down the wrong career path. Switching sides from factualizing to fictionalizing life, she quit her job and began a Masters in Writing. Quickly after she found a passion besides academics was the key ingredient, so she picked up a pen and started.

When Abby is able to extract herself from her characters, she can usually be found in the kitchen, making magic of a different sort. She often drives while she dictates to her phone, cooks as she dictates to her computer, and cleans as she dictates to her husband, however this last has got nothing at all to do with her fiction.

Abby has written the “Dark Realms” series, the “Blood and Fire” series, “Death’s Angel” series, the “Darkwells Academy”, and the “Fealty” series, as well as some stand alone novels. Her debut novel, called “Tropical Heat”, was released in the year 2017. Abby’s work is from the genres of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

“Deadly Secrets” is the first novel in the “Dark Realms” series and was released in the year 2019. To survive she will have to become a weapon. Alone. Redistributed. Hunted.

Malachi, having been stripped from her family, is made to live a life she did not choose in a city that is built on both betrayal and lies. The secrets from her past have risen up in order to kill her. She has to be stronger than she has ever been and learn quickly if she has any hopes to survive.

Death appears in Sargon’s dreams. War has shown up in his future. Many wish they could betray him, and even more wish they could destroy him. He only trusts his closest friends. He and his buddies, with a dark future, must make a choice that is going to change them forever. Is the outcome going to be better or worse?

In Malachi, they find their toughest challenge to date. She is a lure that the four are unable to resist, during a time when it is rather dangerous for them to be weak. In the Arena, they are the ones that rule, but while at Malachi’s side, they struggle just to gain control over the dark change that consumes them. Who is going to win?

Fans felt this novel had some well drawn characters and there is a strong story line that keeps things engaging. Readers found themselves wanting to see where this series goes from here and are eager to check out the sequels. This novel also has a strong female protagonist that kicks a lot of butt.

“Poisonous Lies” is the second novel in the “Dark Realms” series and was released in the year 2019. The darkness inside the four grows. Picard is one of them now, pulled into the dark secret by Ryker, Sargon, and Chett. Has he been delivered to damnation or been saved?

Malachi has to unravel the past if she is going to find out the future as well as the dark secret locked inside the Arena, while forces from outside the territory threaten her whole family.

The four begin to descend deeper into their world of darkness. While the change consumes all of them, their control over their own cravings slips, and it puts Malachi in danger. She is their obsession, though.

Readers enjoyed the amount of world building that is in this. There is a ton of stuff packed in here, like fighting with guns and swords, intrigue, gore, murder, spies, and romance. Fans like how fearless Mac is, and how well developed the rest of the characters are.

“Fatal Truths” is the third novel in the “Dark Realms” series and was released in the year 2019. Is it possible there is a fate worse than death? The noose has gotten tighter. The five have to face something of a greater threat that looms from the north with even more of King Idrus’ changed making incursions into Turmenian.

However, this is not the only place danger is lurking. Merriala and Julius plot the downfall of her son, but a much deeper threat lies closer to home. Maybe even Mac’s loved ones cannot be trusted. Mac would like to keep her family safe, but at what cost?

Fans of this found it to be another entertaining and fast read that is very descriptive.

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