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Publication Order of Abby Mullen Thrillers Books

A Deadly Influence (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Damaged Intentions (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Burning Obsession (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mike Omer is a published author who also uses the pen names of Michael Omer and Alex Rivers.

Michael was born June 20, 1979. He was born in Jerusalem and is an Israeli author known for writing books in the genres of everything from fantasy to horror, thriller, and crime. He is a bestseller that has topped the charts of publications such as The Washington Post and the New York Times. His books have been translated into over a dozen different languages as they sell all over the world. He has also been the recipient of various awards for his writing, including The Russian Detective Prize, the Silver Raven Award, and the LiveLib Readers’ Choice Award for Detective Fiction.

His parents are both psychologists. He has four siblings, including his brother Noam who is an artist. When he was six years old, his family decided to move to Boston while his father worked on a post-doctorate for a year. It was there that the author developed his fluency in English. The family would go back to Israel after the jaunt to the United States. Mike has always shown that he is talented at writing and on top of that loved to read tons of books in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

He had read some of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett’s work at sixteen years old and was inspired to attempt writing his own first novel. What came out of it was a book called The Geography of the End of the World. Opus, an Israeli publishing house, released the work in 1995. He was the youngest writer that Opus represented at the time. Thus, the author joined an elite group of Israeli writers penning tales in the fantasy and science fiction genres, something that the country does not have a lot of.

When he was eighteen years old, Omer joined the military service in Israel, something that is mandatory for all citizens once they reach adulthood. He was in the Artillery Corps for three years. He would later relay that serving in the military did have the unintended consequence of making his writing a bit darker. He would see his second book published in 1999 while still serving, a novel called The Duck Attack that was largely intended for young adults.

Once his military duties were up, the author was still influenced by his experience. He started writing about the culture and society in Israel in social commentary form, something that evolved into him launching a site focused on social satire in 2009. It was called Loof Columns and has since ceased to be active. The site not only featured his own satire but other writers in column form.

Mike would join two others in 2011 to write a computer game script called Misfortune. The author worked on the game’s main plot for two years, doing intricate worldbuilding that he would later describe as satisfying. The game was made to not only go for months but to also give the gamer different story arcs that crossed over.

Mike has had a varied past with a lot of experience working in the military, as a journalist, developing games, and serving as CEO to Loadingames. The author is married and has children. The family also shares two dogs in their home. Mike enjoys writing about people who are realistic to life, commit crimes or are victims of them, and anything funny.

A Deadly Influence is the first book in the Abby Mullen Thrillers series by Mike Omer. If you’ve been on the lookout for something new and entertaining to read, give this debut in the series a try!

When it comes to crisis, Lieutenant Abby Mullen has seen her fair share of it. She works for the NYPD in the very high-pressure job of being a hostage negotiation instructor, and she’s the one who gets the calls for those intense situations. She contends with the worst-case scenario each day that she’s on the job and has become so used to it that not much throws her for a loop anymore.

Everything gets turned upside down when she receives a phone call. It’s from Eden Fletcher, who also survived the Wilcox cult. The pair have not interacted ever since that tragic night where the fiery massacre went down, and they went two separate ways. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and Eden is reaching out to Abby for assistance.

She needs her help because her son has been kidnapped. Whoever did it is asking five million dollars for his safe return. Abby takes on the case but is also wondering why Eden was the one targeted. However, Eden isn’t giving much up. She’s quiet about the mementos of the past they have shared that are up on their walls as well as her thoughts on why the kidnapper would do this. She also doesn’t give up much about what’s happened ever since they have been out of touch.

Abby can tell that she’s getting closer to the truth. But what she thought was left behind in the past may not be as buried there as she believed. Will the chickens come home to roost? Can she figure out how to get Eden’s son back and in one piece? Read this thrilling mystery to find out!

Damaged Intentions is the second book in the Abby Mullen Thrillers series by Mike Omer. Buckle up for more twists and turns as the reader follows along with hostage negotiator Abby Mullen in yet another thriller!

When she was younger, Abby was a part of the Wilcox cult. But she was able to get out of it when it went up in flames. She’s now started over and is not only a mother but a successful hostage negotiator, the best that the NYPD has to offer. She believed that her terrible past was over. But it all seems to be bubbling up again when a group called the Watchers storm the high school.

Now her daughter’s been taken hostage, and they’re armed. Abby is usually pretty tough, but the thought of her child at gunpoint might cause her strong armor to break. However, she’s the one for the job and has to negotiate with the group and find out the secret their leader is hiding. Time is running out. Could the Watchers be connected to her horrible past? Can she get them to release the hostages and save her daughter? Read this pulse-pounding thriller to find out!

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