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Publication Order of Abby Sinclair & Tess McCallum Books

The Abby Sinclair/Tess McCallum series is a series of mystery, suspense, and thriller novels written by one of the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of America named Michael Prescott. There is a total of 5 books in the series published between the years 2000 and 2007. Each of the novels of the series depicts the central characters in the form of Abby Sinclair and Tess McCallum. Abby Sinclair is described as being a freelance security consultant and he is required to carry out the job of hunting stalkers for his clients Tess McCallum is shown to be an FBI special agent, living in Los Angeles, California. Both these characters keep on recurring throughout the series. At first, Abby Sinclair is introduced in the first novel of the series titled ‘The Shadow Hunter’, whereas the character of Tess McCallum is depicted for the first time in the second novel of the series titled ‘Next Victim’. It is just then that both the lead characters of the series team up to solve the suspenseful cases that come their way. The two of them continue with their determined and dedicated efforts for the next 3 novels of the series, where they continuously try to stop the criminal activities in the city.

The first novel of the Abby Sinclair/Tess McCallum series written by author Michael Prescott was published under the title ‘The Shadow Hunter’. It was released by the Signet Books publishing house in the year 2000. The plot of this novel introduces the main character of Abby Sinclair for the first time, who goes on to team up with another main character named Tess McCallum. The story of this novel is described in three parts by the author. In the initial part known as The Cat, Abby Sinclair is introduced as a hunter. She is described as being a very cunning hunter and equally ferocious as her prey. Abby has the habit of working alone in her attempts to infiltrate the lives of the stalkers. She works very hard to discover the weak points and the darkest desires of the stalkers, and uses them as a tool to fight against them. Her main motive seems to bring down the stalkers before they go on to do something very dangerous and explode. The second part of the plot of this novel is described as The Mouse, in which a stalker named Raymond Hickle in introduced. He seems to be on his edge, having a twisted obsession for one of the beautiful and famous news anchor on television.

By stalking her, Raymond Hickle has noted each and every move as well as the expressions of her. Raymond appears to be so much desperate to possess her that he can go to any level in not letting anyone else come close to her. His intentions seem quite clear to Abby Sinclair that he can even resort to violent measures, which could prove deadly for the victim as well as for the other people around her. In the third and the last part of the plot of the novel called as The Game, author Michael Prescott has depicted that Abby Sinclair goes on to become the neighbor of Raymond Hickle by renting a house next door. This allows her to keep a watch on his activities. Abby Sinclair seems to have made up her mind to go for the kill in order to stop Raymond Hickle from carrying out his evil activities. She is required to do so quickly because Raymond himself is a very cunning person. He senses that he is getting watched by someone and therefore, he changes his course of action. This way, the danger begins to lurk on Abby also. Now, she is required to protect the life of not only her client but also herself. After a little while, the game between Abby and Raymond turns into a cat and mouse chase. Therefore, Abby needs to catch or kill Raymond or else he will kill the innocent news anchor after knowing that Abby knows about his evil intentions.

The second novel of the Abby Sinclair/Tess McCallum series written by author Michael Prescott was published under the title ‘Next Victim’. It was released by the Signet Books publishing house in the year 2002. The plot of this novel revolves around the life of the FBI agent named Tess McCallum. In the opening sequence of the plot of this novel, it is shown that Tess McCallum is obsessed with hunting down a serial killer named Mobius. He is the same person who killed Tess’s lover and therefore, it has become a personal thing for her to catch him. It appears that after staying quiet for a few years, Mobius has resurfaced with a fresh identity in a different state and has a new motive of killing. He seems to have acquired the possession of a chemical weapon which is strong enough to kill thousands of victims at once.

In order to prevent him from doing so, Tess McCallum seems to be determined to stop him. She comes in his way and indulges in a life or death game with him, which goes on till the end of the plot of the novel. The next novel of the series shows Tess and Abby coming together to prevent a killer from committing mass murders. They come across a killer who seems to used storm drains of labyrinthine for disposing of his victims. Most of the dead victims are found drowned with their hands cuffed at their back. Many of them are also found in the drainage lines lying in the middle of garbages. The FBI asks Tess McCallum to start working on the case and catch the mass murderer as soon as possible. The crimes also seem to be linked to Abby Sinclair, who is a Personal Security Consultant. As a result, the women come together to solve the case. Tess comes to know that the killer is the same person who has been troubling her in her nightmares. The new rainy season brings along with it a killing season and the two ladies who do less determined to stop the killer from committing the killings.

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