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Abby Wambach is an American soccer player that has made her name as one of the sport’s greatest forwards to ever play the game. Playing for the United States, she helped her team win the 2015 World Cup and the 2012 and 2004 Olympic gold medals.

In 2012, FIFA named Wambach the Women Player of the Year. Still it was not all smooth sailing for Wambach as she had worked hard to get there. She got interested in sports as a child and often played football with the boys.

She would then go to the University of Florida, where she won several gongs including the conference Player of the Year that she won two times. Wambach made her debut with the American team in 2001 and by the following year, she was the second overall pick for the WUSA draft.
She won the WUSA title in 2003 and played five matches in the Women’s World Cup. In that year, she was named the Female Athlete of the Year, which she won for several years.

Abby has made history as one of only four players that ever had double scoring figures when she scored thirty goals in 30 matches. In the same year, she represented the United States in the Athens Olympic Games, where she won the gold medal.

In the preceding years, she continued being prolific and by 2006 she had fifty international goals for the United States. She scored six goals at the 2007 World Cup, helping the United States finish in third place.

She was edging closer to the 100 goals international goal mark in 2008 when she went to the Beijing Olympics but fractured her leg just before the start of the Games. She has since then scored more than 100 goals for the United States including 13 World Cup goals as the US lost to Japan in 2011.

Wambach scored five times at the London Olympics in 2012 where the US won gold. The following year she made a record as she scored 159 goals to eclipse Hamm’s record of international career goals. Wambach also won the World Cup in 2015 and then retired in the same year.

As the highest international goal scorer in the United States and two time Olympic gold medalist, Abby Wambach is also an author who has written memoirs and books chronicling her journey. The first work that she ever published was “Forward,” a memoir that came out in 2016.

Since then, she has also published “Forward” as a novel and “Wolfpack” a novel that is a rally call for women to strive to achieve. This work is in line with her quest for inclusion and equality on the tenets she set out in several of her writings.

Abby Wambach got married to longtime teammate and partner Sarah Huffman in 2013. The couple would get divorced in 2016 just before Abby released her memoir in which she wrote about her struggle with prescription drugs and alcohol.
She would get married to Glennon Doyle the blogger and author in 2017 and the two now live in Florida.

Abby Wambach’s “Wolfpack” is a powerful rallying cry for women all over the world to unite, unleash their individual power to achieve their loftiest dream. Abby says that in every woman there is talent, which can enable them to be achievers just like her incredible talent made it for her.
She was a remarkably wise leader that would become an icon as she captained the World Cup team that won several medals over the years. In her long career, she adhered to a culture of sisterhood, honor, resilience, and commitment.

She helped transform talented but ordinary women into a united, powerful and successful wolfpack that achieved what no other team had before. When she retired from active soccer playing, she decided to distill her wisdom into the Wolfpack. In the work she asserts that women are the wolves rather than “Little Red Riding Hood.”

As such, they need to wander off the prescribed path and forge a new one in unity. Wamabch insists that women need to rebel against the old rules of leadership that neither serve nor include them.

In the work, she creates a new set of rules to help women unite with their “Wolfpack” and unleash their individual power. By doing this, they can change the world and their own lives.

Wambach’s memoir “Forward” chronicles how the premier athlete has always pushed the limits. Aged seven, she started playing in the boy’s soccer team. By the time she was thirty five, she would make history as the United States’ highest goal scorer ever. She also captured the heart of the nation when she won the World Cup in 2015.

President Obama called her a badass and inspiration and over the years she has been a dedicated champion of equal opportunity and women’s rights. In the memoir, Abby explores how her professional success was always colored by an inner struggle to reconcile the many different parts of what she had become over the years.

She had become a wife, leader and ferocious competitor and this could sometimes be overwhelming even for a person built like her. Abby is very candid as she shares her brutal and often inspiring journey from when she was a girl in Rochester, New York all the way to when she would transform into a world class athlete.

The work goes far beyond being a sports memoir as it is a tale of redemption and resilience. It also reminds us that heroism is all about facing the many challenges in life with heart and fearlessness.

“Forward: My Story” is another chronicle of Abby Wambach’s journey told in novel form. Time Magazine named her on the 2015 list of most influential people when she had just won the 2015 World Cup with the United States women’s team.

Known for her passion and fearlessness, Abby has always pushed the limits whether it was advocating for equal opportunity or for women’s rights. Since she retired from active sports she has been an in demand speaker that has given speeches to all manner of audiences that include executives of Fortune 500 companies and college students.

In this work, Abby recounts the pivotal moments including the decisions, losses and wins that made her into the leader and world class athlete. Her novel goes beyond sports to reveal a person that is just as human who deals with universal challenges about how one should live true to themselves.
Written with heart and honesty, it is a rousing call to action and an excellent blueprint for personal growth.

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