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Publication Order of Abe Glitsky Books

Coming off the back of the Dismas Hardy series, this spin-off line of novels features the previously supporting character of Abe Glitsky, this time as the main protagonist. Written by American author John Lescroart, they follow the exploits of Lieutenant Abe Glitsky as he brings truth and justice to the streets of San Francisco. With the first novel initially published in 1995, this series has now accumulated three books in total.

As Dismas Hardy still continues though, so to does the involvement of Glitsky in his series as well. Glitsky as a character has proven to be a popular choice for Lescroart, with a lot of life left in his career yet. As strong figure standing against corruption, always looking to get the truth out, he’s also proven popular with many readers worldwide as well. This looks set to continue, as his legacy will carry on into the foreseeable future.

Abe Glitsky: A Certain Justice

Initially published on the 1st of August, 1995, by John Lescroart, it established what was essentially going to be the spin-off series from his original Dismas Hardy novels. Going it alone this time, Lieutenant Abe Glitsky comes into his own here as he takes the helm of the story arc solo. This also helped create a far more three-dimensional character for the books that were to follow.

On the streets of San Francisco one night an innocent black man is out walking, unaware of the deadly fate that was to soon befall him as he crossed Geary Street. Flowing out of a pub came a large mob of angry white rioters looking for a fight and to cause trouble, which they found when they descended on the defenseless black man, ultimately killing him during the chaos that was to ensue there. During the ruckus one man, Kevin Shea, tried to prevent it all from happening and, although he remained innocent, failed to stop it as the crowds overpowered him. Regardless of this, he’s caught on camera as it appears he’s trying to pull the legs of the black man, thus leading the following media speculation to question his involvement. Not only that, but the other members of the mob have threatened Kevin with his life if he attempts to tell the truth.

Now wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, it is up to Shea to protest his innocence, defending himself against this gross miscarriage of justice that’s been perpetuated by the media along with all those involved. With the photo taken during the incident, it seems there’s not much he can do as it deceptively tells a lie that he’s finding hard to refute in the face of the overwhelming pressure that’s being placed upon him. During all this a number of politicians are posturing as they attempt to make an example of him, demanding he be brought to justice at all costs regardless of the truth. The man tasked with bringing him in is one Abe Glitsky, the lieutenant who’s beginning to question his role in the whole proceedings. With his view on the law beginning to deteriorate, he’s starting to lose respect for the institution of justice as he attempts to find the real culprits that committed the crime. Will he be able to find those responsible and bring them to trial or will it all be too late leaving an innocent man behind bars? Can he maintain his own sanity in the process as he loses all faith in the system that he once held so close to his heart? What will become of the innocent as he attempts to find a certain justice?

Abe Glitsky: Guilt

Following on from the events of the last, this novel continues the investigations of Lieutenant Abe Glitsky in his ongoing quest for justice. Published on the 12th of May, 1997, this installment from Lescroart saw him continuing the increasingly successful spin-off franchise. Establishing the character of Glitsky even further, this enabled him to delve deeper into him as a person.

A successful and highly prominent attorney, Mark Dooher is also an avowed Catholic of great repute and the last person anyone would suspect of wrongdoing. That’s why it is such a surprise then when he is indicted for an extremely brutal and heinous crime that catches everyone he knows completely off-guard. Having always been a complete success, being able to put his hand to anything, it’s a complete turn for the worse when his case comes to light. The crime is killing his own wife and now he must fight for his reputation and good name as everything he’s worked for is threatened in the wake of such a tragedy. As the case is so high-profile it means a number of people are drawn into its proceedings as he’s forced to defend himself. With the past being brought back up as previous spouses, friends and a defense lawyer whose career depends on Dooher’s freedom, it appears this case isn’t going to be over quickly.

Step in Glitsky whose job it is to pick up the broken pieces of the case, one of the few good cops left out there in San Francisco. With a D. A. risking her career to speak out, it appears the truth on Dooher is soon to come out putting an end to this case once and for all. Amidst all this chaos though is one truth that nobody knows yet, a truth so huge that it could alter the lives of everyone it comes into contact with. Will Dooher get to go free or will he be found guilty of murder? Can Glitsky pick up the pieces whilst dealing with his own issues simultaneously? What is the one secret that could change everything, making all the difference between innocence and guilt?

The Abe Glitsky Series

As this series continued it managed to get a large amount of success, both critical and commercial. Growing in popularity, it gained a following as it built upon the readership of the Dismas Hardy novels. It appears that Glitsky will continue to make appearances in the Hardy books, as his audience carries on growing into the foreseeable future.

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