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Abe Lieberman Books In Order

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Publication Order of Abe Lieberman Books

Lieberman's Folly (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lieberman's Choice (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lieberman's Day (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lieberman's Thief (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lieberman's Law (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Big Silence (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not Quite Kosher (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Dark Place (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Terror Town (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Don't Lie (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kaminsky is a great writer and a guru and he has proved him self through his great work. Kaminsky used Abe Lieberman as the main character of his series and has build a capturing mystery story around him. In the series the character Lieberman faces insurmountable challenges and has to solve them.Being a Police officer, he has several responsibilities which makes the stories more interesting. Some of the series that Kaminsky did revolving Lieberman are Lieberman’s Folly, Lieberman’s Choice, Lieberman’s Day, Lieberman’s Thief. In all these series, Abe Lieberman is stuck in different hard situations but he has to make a way out of them.

Lieberman’s Day:

Starting with the Lieberman’s Day,here Lieberman is in a twenty four hour mystery.His day starts with a phone call through which he was informed that his nephew David and his wife are shoot by muggers. His nephew David dies on spot while his wife is in critical condition.In this situation Lieberman is caught between the daunting confrontations of duty and desire.Lieberman had a thought that he should take it personal and address the perpetrators squarely but then he remembers that he is a police officer, whose duty is to safeguard the law and not to undermine it. With all these ensuing events, he seeks the help of his partner Bill Hanrahan. Together, they are to unravel the murderers of his nephew.

Both Lieberman and his partner strategies on how to apprehend those who were capable, Lieberman’s partner confront a deranged religious maniac while Lieberman negotiates with a local gang leader.Here the author Kaminsky gave the readers a feeling that the cops are used to handle cases of such manner, they are shocked more to another tragedy or better a mystery.Both the Police heroes have to handle all this in a very short time.All this happens in just 24 hours from one mystery to another.

The Chicago Police officer Lieberman is fully of issues and distress that is facing his life and the mysteries keep on making his life more worse. Few days, he had been handling the effects of his daughter’s marriage which had collapsed. In this situation he makes a deal with El Perro, the drug dealers as to catch the killers who are responsible for the murder of lieberman’s nephew. While he is in all this turmoil, his partner Hanrahan offers him a little help. Hanrahan copes with his alcoholism and feelings for his runaway wife. Both cops are involved in a violent conclusion, a factor that makes the story more mysterious and ful of struggles for the cops to unravel. However, the cops efforts and struggles keeps the reader to want to know their next step in tackling the challenges facing them and how their profession limit them from handling the tricky situation they are in.

Lieberman’s Thief:

Another book by the author on Lieberman is Lieberman’s Thief. In this book, just like all series on Lieberman, the main character Abe Lieberman is placed in a mystery.And as a responsible Police officer he has to handle a murder case. George Patniks the professional burglar and a good painter who has decided to burgle the Rozier home came and sees what he never expected. It was very unfortunate that, the very day on which he chooses to commit the crime was the same day that Mr. Rozier decides to kill his own wife. George as the only witness, cannot report the crime to the police because of the fear of victimization and due to his criminal record he stays quits. He chooses to run away, from the police and from Mr.Rozier. Here again, the two police officers have to find the cause of this murder. They both suspect Patniks but they dont have any strong evidence to build the case on.

The author, Kaminsky in a creative manner has captured the attention of the readers as he brings out the sights and sounds of the scene place that is Chicago convincingly. He has shown the procedures that the two police maniacs employ to trace and try to find the potholes that the murderers could have left behind. Here Kaminsky,in a brilliant manner has developed the attention of the readers and made them to believe that the two police heroes are extent born unlucky. Essentially, this is due to the troubles that befall them day after day in their duties. The author also in a marvelous way entices the story not only through the styles and imagery but also by creating some interesting plots and characters that are believable. Kaminsky has successful achieved his intention in using his main character Abe Lieberman as the man of mystery. He never rests before another mystery comes in his way.

The last dark place:

In another series of Lieberman, The last dark place, Mr. Lieberman again is faced with a mystery. This book has its setting in the 60’s when Mr. Lieberman was young and new in the police force. It was a morning player that the young Lieberman is faced with trouble that a gunman confronts him.Thirty three years later, he meet the same criminal in an airport and the criminal has grown now ,and has became a gang leader.Lieberman and his partner juggles a rape case and a stalker who was targeting his wife. Here the author develops the story in such a manner that he connects the characters to the reader as they are able to sympathize with the two cops who are never distant from mysteries of all nature.

The author shows that he is a master of mystery through the stories that he creates,leaving the readers awed on how the characters are able to handle all that mysteries in their lives. Both Police officers have to juggle between family and job in handling the mysteries affecting their lives. Even when they are expected to lean on one side they try hard to put the interest of each side at balance. In general, the character Abe Lieberman is used in all Lieberman series in a great way which proves the great art and skills of Kaminsky.

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