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If I Fix You (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The First to Know (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Even If I Fall (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Other Weekend (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl on the Run (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Time You Go Away (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Abigail Johnson is a bestselling young adult fiction and romance author from Arizona. Johnson was born in Pennsylvania but when she was twelve, her family moved to Arizona preferring the all-year-round summers to the snowstorms. She did not have an inkling that she would become an author but she chronicled the road trip across the country on a spiral-bound notebook that is still on her bookshelf. Even though he broke her neck in an accident while she was a seventeen-year-old, that never stopped her from becoming a professional author. Since her accident, she has engaged in writing and directing Cinderella, a high school production, body surfed in Mexico and become an award-winning author. Her debut novel “If I Fix You” was published in 2016 and she had never looked back since. Her second novel “Even If I Fall” was just as successful as it won the Junior Library Guild selection.

Abigail has always loved writing and was writing little things as a child. It was not until she went to college that she thought that maybe she could pursue a career as a professional author as she was taking a course in Creative Writing. Her first attempt was an Indiana Jones-style adult adventure novel that turned out to be a total failure. Her next attempt was a coming to age story about a girl from her home state of Arizona but this also did not go anywhere. At seventeen, she was involved in a car accident and became a tetraplegic which completely changed her life. She had tried and failed at becoming an author and was now lost on what to do. Fortunately, she had a friend that suggested she enroll in a community college class while she figured out what to do with her life. At the college, she ended up becoming close to the professor that headed the English department. Johnson took every English class he taught and rediscovered her passion and talent for writing. With his encouragement, She published her debut novel “If I Fix You” in 2016.

Abigail Johnson is inspired in the writing of her novels by all manner of things that happen to her and around her. She was inspired to write “I Fix You” by a scene that had been marinating in her head for months. It was an image of a girl sitting on her roof at night leaning over to speak to the boy next door. For “The First To Know,” her second novel, she got the idea when her father sent her an article about a man that unwittingly destroyed his family. He had gifted his parents a DNA testing kit that was used to unearth the fact that they had an unknown brother. Even though Johnson had all manner of ideas and wrote several manuscripts, she queried “If I Fix You” her debut novel for nearly a year with no success. There were many editors and agents that asked for revisions and resubmissions but she just could not get any offers. Discouraged, she decided to shelve the manuscript and try querying another that she had been writing during that long year. On one Friday night, she marked all her outstanding queries as closed as she believed the book would never get published. But she woke up to a message from one of her agents who was asking for a full manuscript request. She never thought much of it until she got another email the following night. The email from the agent asked when she would be free for a phone call as she was interested in representing her. Within a week, she had accepted representation and the book sold a few months later. “Every Other Weekend” the novel she was to start querying was published in 2020.

Abigail Johnson’s “If I Fix You” tells the story of Jill Whitaker, a sixteen-year-old girl who is devastated when her mother walks away leaving only a sticky note. Jill is the only person that knows why she left but while she can hardly believe it, she also cannot bring herself to tell her father. Suddenly the girl that had been an expert at fixing people, cars, romances, and relationships is a shell of who she was. Even Sean Addison the hot, tall and blond flirt that had been her best friend can no longer make her smile at will, let alone make her talk. Nothing makes sense, but she tries to make something of her circumstances until something happens that may just change everything. A seriously cute, intense and hot guy moves in next door and Jill is instantly attracted to him. But the man is deeply scarred on the outside and inside yet Jill is determined to help him cope. But her efforts over the course of a long summer makes her realize that she will not be able to help fix anyone’s life until her own is fixed.

Johnson’s “The First to Know” tells of Dana Fields, a girl determined to do something good for her father. He never knew his parents and so she secretly does a DNA test on him hoping that she can find some relatives and surprise him on his birthday. She thought she would find some distant cousins for a get together, only to discover that she has a half-brother, Brandon. Her world implodes when she learns that he is about her age, which means that her father had been lying to them for years. Dana’s desire to know the extent of her father’s deceit and her half-brother conflicts with her desire to not destroy her family. She believes this is a chance to get to know her half brother and asks her cousin the kind and intense Chase to make the introductions. But the more she learns about her father’s devious past and her brother Brandon, the more she believes that finding out may not have been a very good idea. Her family is starting to crumble all around her and she believes the only way is for her to take charge, plug the breach, and own up to her actions before things become irretrievable.

Abigail Johnson’s “Even If I Fall” is set a year after Brooke Covington lost everything. The terrible events of the past year had come about when Jason her older brother confessed to murdering Calvin his best friend. Brooke and the entire family are now social pariahs with no one in the community avoiding them like the plague. Brooke finds her solace in skating and spends most of her days at the skating rink though she believes that her future is a professional ice skater is now impossible. But when she finds Heath the younger brother to Calvin stranded by the side of the road and offers to take him into town, things take a more positive turn. She has wanted to talk to someone for a long time and Heath too needs to talk and both of them have never found someone that understands them. His brother is dead but he sees him everywhere while her brother is alive but for all intents and purposes is dead. They are soon having secret meetings given that their families would be outraged if they knew that they were even talking to each other. In place of her guilt and his anger, something tender starts to emerge and they grow ever closer. But then a new secret relating to the murder is revealed and Brooke has to make a choice between Heath’s pain or that of her family.

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