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In the Shadow of Croft Towers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight on the River Grey (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing at Loxby Manor (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twilight at Moorington Cross (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Within These Gilded Halls (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Abigail Wilson is a romance fiction author that is best known for her Regency-era romance fiction. She has always had her imagination sparked by the adventure, danger, and romance of pastoral England and hence it was not surprising that she would make her name in the genre.
She first got interested in romance fiction from the period reading Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen. Apart from these works, she has also been reading gothic fiction from the 1960s and 1970s for years.

Abigail Wilson now combines her passion for adventure and intrigue to write heartfelt historical mysteries. Abigail penned In the Shadow of Croft Towers her debut novel and now has at least half a dozen titles to her name.

For her work, she has won several awards over the years including the Fab Five contest in 2017, the HOLT Medallion Merit award in 2020, and Daphne du Maurier Award.

She currently makes her home in Dripping Springs, Texas where she lives with her husband and children. She loves interacting with her readers on her social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Growing up, Abigail Wilson loved reading and writing which she usually did with her sister. They used to sit on the floor of her room and they each used to write a chapter of what would ultimately become “The Adventures of Gonderay Ooflay.”

In her teenage years, Abigail attended the University of Texas and graduated cum laude. She would then go on to become a registered nurse practicing for several years. While she continued reading, it would be many years later before she read a novel with a very predictable ending that she started having ideas of becoming an author.

One day she felt very motivated and sat down to write the first chapter of her first work. Within a few months, she had a full-length manuscript and she has loved writing since.

Among some of her biggest influences include her mother who worked as a librarian for the longest time. Growing up, she instilled in her a love for books of all publication dates and genres. Her mother still remains her biggest supporter and motivator.

Abigail’s love for Regency romance began when she was in college and began watching “Masterpiece Theater” the BBC drama. She would go on to pen historical romances for half a dozen years before she introduced elements of mystery into her fiction.

In 2015, she went to the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Conference where she met Mary Sue Seymour and discussed her next project. “In the Shadow of Croft Towers” was to be a first-person suspense story which was just the type of story she loved reading.

The novel was ultimately a finalist for the Daphne Du Maurier Contest. While she was only a runner-up, getting shortlisted opened doors and she soon landed an agent in Becky Monds of Thomas Nelson who published the work in 2019.

Abigail Wilson now loves to call herself a historical romance author, mother to two crazy kids, and Chai tea addict. When she is not writing her novels or enjoying her chai, she can usually be found taking her daughter to hiking meets, reading a historical romance novel, or hiking the national parks.

“Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey,” tells the story of Lord Torrington, a man who had agreed to spy for the king following the recent death of his wife.

Impersonating a highwayman was something he never planned on doing let alone robbing the wrong carriage. He was left stranded on the road taking care of an unconscious young lady and had to propose marriage to protect his dangerous mission and his own identity.

Miss Elizabeth is trapped by her limited options and duty to her country. The eldest brother to her deadbeat son’s father takes the two of them to Middlecrest Abbey. There Elizabeth met the beautiful adult daughters of Torrington, a vicious homicidal maniac.

Afraid of Lord Torrington’s reaction were he to learn the true identity of her son, Elizabeth needs to remain one step ahead of her uncertain future, her fragile heart, and a mysterious but determined person intent on ruining her new family.
With Pride and Prejudice-esque vibes, it makes for an intriguing historical regency romance spiced with mystery.

Abigail Wilson’s novel “The Vanishing at Loxby Manor” tells of Charity Halliwell, a woman who relies on a brutal assault she has kept secret for several years.

She is finally coming back to the small town she left more than five years earlier as she intends to reclaim her happy life before the attack. She is looking forward to getting hired as a governess and having fun conversations with her old friend.

However, the family which takes her in is a far cry from the one she knew for years. Things get even worse when her friend goes missing and the one man she would not like to see makes an unexpected appearance.

How can he claim her independence and heal when she has to see the man who had ever possessed her heart so totally every single day?

Piers Cavanagh is publicly seen as a coward since he had failed to turn up for a duel. Even though he had his reasons, he stood to lose more disclosing them than being seen as a coward and treated as an outcast.

But when his sister goes missing, he is forced to work with Charity whose heart he had broken in trying to find her and repair his reputation.

Abigail Wilson’s novel “In the Shadow of Croft Towers” is the story of Sybil Delafield, an orphaned girl that is offered employment at the mysterious Croft Towers.

She had believed that she had been employed to work with a dying woman, only for a highway robbery, and the Chalcroft family’s hostile welcome made her start to wonder if maybe she was hired to help with spy work in the name of France.

Things only get more interesting when there is an unsolved murder and soon after, Sybl recognizes her employer’s grandson as one of the men that had robbed her on the highway.

Sybil has to determine if the man’s earnest eyes and charming smile could be trusted or if he is just using her like many she lives with. It does seem that everyone has secrets and Sybil is hard-pressed to determine who she can trust, even as she confronts her own past.
Abigail pens a delightful story full of romance, espionage, and intrigue combined with a keen eye for historical detail.

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