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Publication Order of Abilene Books

Abilene is a series of novels written by a bestselling American author Justin Ladd. The series features a main character such as Deputy Cody Fisher and Marshal Luke Travis. The author began the publication of Abilene series in 1988 when Peacemaker the first book in the series was published. The series lasted sixteen books concluding in 1990 when the last novel, The Deputy was published. All the stories in the book were ghostwritten by James Reasoner except for The Peacemaker the first book in the series.

Justin Ladd is the pen name used by an American author of historical fiction and western novels, James Reasoner. Reasoner is the husband and regular collaborator of Livia J. Washburn also known as Livia Reasoner. In the past, the author has written under different pen names such as Justin Ladd, Dana Fuller Ross, Matthew S. Hart, Jim Austin, Jon Sharpe, Tabor Evans and Hank Mitchum.

The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is the first book in Abilene series by Justin Ladd. The author introduces readers to a man by the name Luke Travis. He is a retired United States marshal who is looking to find a place to settle in Abilene. Travis has had a terrible past and living in Abilene would provide him with the best environment to focus on the present and future and forget about his past.

Then there is Aileen Bloom, a man who is trying to establish a medical practice in Albene and then there are two brothers seeking to revenge for their father’s death.

The Night Riders

The Night Riders is book four in Abilene series by Justin Ladd. On a day of scorching heat and whirling dust, new farmers set their feet in Abilene- the poor dirt covered farmers in wagons are determined to settle down and make a living from the productive lands of Abilene.

However in the small Kansas cattle town, their decision of settling down means more trouble for them- they meet angry ranchers, they are also met with violence and rash threats just around the bend.

Meet the former United States marshal Luke Travis and his friend deputy Cody fisher who are fighting a tide of exploding hate and bathroom brawls. The farmers are getting ready for their six guns to protect their loved ones and their lands. However, there is one rancher who has a cutthroat streak- and a gang of outlaws at his disposal. The masked riders attack hard and are swift. The conduct their raids during the night with only one goal in mind- to kill anyone who comes in their way and the two experienced lawmen must face this gang in what would be considered a brutal and a final showdown.

The Night Riders feature plenty of actions with the various people who reside in Albene getting involved in the efforts to keep a pleasant existence between the ranchers and the farmers. Even though the readers will have clues on the man behind all the troubles in Albene, the author (Justin Ladd) has a couple of twists and turns waiting to turn around these thoughts.

For the followers of this exciting series, many of the main characters you have met in the earlier novels have a part to play in this book and so do some newcomers. Like many great multi-character novel series, most of the developing relationships between the people in this novel are carried on in the next series installment, for example, the relationship between Aileen Bloom and Marshal Travis now that the school teacher might come between them.

The Half Breed

The Half-Breed is the fifth book in Abilene series by Justin Ladd, published in December 1988 by Pocket Books.

The novel introduces the reader to White Elk, a prominent Indian Scout in search of his dad in the bullet-strewn alleys of Abilene. As a half-breed, Elk runs into trouble when a gang of Kiowa attacks him vowing revenge on a man they call a traitor.

The United States Cavalry arrives to ensure peace prevails. However, it is up to Marshal Luke and Cody to safeguard the lives of the town’s people.

One cavalry sergeant swears to settle his score with Elk by any possible means. As the Elk becomes a target for slaughter and as the Indians invade the Kansas town, its war to the very end.

Even though some characters who appeared in the previous books play some role in this novel, the play secondary roles to Elk and any other character directly involved in his mission to make peace with his dad and those who are set to kill the half-breeds.

The author builds suspense from the first sentence to the last- the violence is hard hitting, and at times brutal, leading to a sad death for one of the cast in the story. If you like westerns specifically those which revolve around a town and the people who make up most of its population, then Abilene series by Justin Ladd is an ideal match for you.

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