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Publication Order of Abram's Daughters Books

The Abram’s Daughters series is a wonderful book series written an award winning and bestselling American novelist named Beverly Lewis. This series consists of Christian fiction, romance, and Amish fiction novels. The series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2002 and 2005. Each and every book of the series has been published by the Bethany publishers. Author Beverly has characterized the main characters as Abram Ebersol and his his daughters named Sadie Ebersol, Mary Ruth Ebersol, Hannah Ebersol, and Leah Ebersol. The other important characters who have played secondary roles in the books include Jonas Mast, Derek Schwartz, Gideon Peachy, etc. The books are primarily set in the Amish country of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, United States. Each of the books revolve around the life of one of the daughters of Abram Ebersol and events that unfold around them. All the books are wonderfully written by author Beverly and have succeeded in catching the eyes of a large number of readers throughout the world.

The debut novel of the Abram’s Daughters series written by author Beverly Lewis is entitled ‘The Covenant’. This book was released in the year 2002 by the Bethany House publication. The central characters of this book include Sadie Ebersol, Jonas Mast, Abram Ebersol, Leah Ebersol, etc. Author Beverly has set the book’s plot in a small community called Gobbler Knob in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that the tiny Gobber’s Knob community is bound together by years full of secrets. Not many of the present inhabitants of the community seem to be aware of the secrets. A part of this community is called as the Plain dwellers, who are mostly involved in farming their lands. The folks from the Plain sect do not like to have any kind of interaction with the fancy-looking locals. Contrary to this attitude, Sadie Ebersol goes on to get beguiled by one smart looking, dark haired, handsome English boy. Sadie is the eldest of the Ebersol sisters and her indulgence with the English boy brings a feeling of shame in the family. The younger sister of Sadie, Leah Ebersol, ends up suffering from a loss because of the losing of innocence of her sister in a shameful way. The sweetheart of Leah, Jonas Mast, is ordered to move to Ohio as per the command of the Bishop. As a result of this, Leah finds herself in an incomprehensible deal with Sadie. She begins to feel that all her dreams are going out of her control. In the end, she keeps all her hopes in God’s promises, and wishes to find something to cheer for in her life desperately. The book is quite brilliantly written and appears to be a compelling tale penned by Beverly. The author seems to have an in-depth knowledge about the Amish customs and beliefs. With its grand success in the market, the book sets the stage for the other books that followed in the series later. It became successful in reaching out to the vast number of audience. And the immense success gave a lot of motivation to author Beverly, who successfully wrote down a few more books in this series in the years that followed. The book seems to highlight that fact that in Amish communities, young people are encouraged to date officially after turning 16. They are even allowed to have fun. The youngsters are also given some relaxation in the rules before they go on making their covenant with ‘plain’ people’s life and the church. Sadie is described as the oldest Ebersol girl, who wishes to test her freedom’s boundaries by falling in love with someone not belonging to the Amish society. Her sister asks her to forget the boy because she doesn’t want family to face any shame because of her and also because she doesn’t want any problems in her life as her courting days are very near. The readers enjoyed the book very much as they felt connected with the whole family saga. Even the end was so intriguing that it left the readers wondering what will happen to the sisters in the next books?

Another excellent book written in the series by Beverly Lewis is called ‘The Sacrifice’. It was also released by the Bethany publication in 2004. Once again, the story is set in Lancaster County’s Gobbler’s Knob Amish community in Pennsylvania. The primary characters of this novel are described as Mary Ruth Ebersol, Leah Ebersol, Jonas Mast, Hannah Ebersol, and Sadie Ebersol. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the powerful Ebersol family saga featuring the 4 Amish courting age sisters continues in 1940’s Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County. Leah Ebersol always wanted to have her life and soul attached to Gobbler’s Knob. But, due to the abandoning of the family and community’s faith by her elder sister Sadie, she has now started believing the worst for herself. Leah Ebersol thinks that her own sister and lover Jonas Mast have betrayed her. Her anger reaches such a level that she decides to distance herself from both of them. A couple of years pass by and then Leah starts missing both Jonas and Sadie. As Sadie is shunned by the community and no one is allowed to have any form of contact with her, Leah is unable to know or contact any of them. However, she hears rumors from here and there that the two have married each other. Gideon Peachy is the loyal neighbor of the Ebersols. He wishes to marry Leah, but does not push for it. He lets his intention known to Leah and her family, and bids his time until Leah agrees to accept his proposal. As Leah is about to accept Gideon’s courting invitation, another tragedy befalls on her family. She again finds herself in the dilemma of choosing between her family and her happiness. On the other hand, Mary Ruth is shown having the dream of taking up the profession of teaching. But, she decides to push her dream in the waiting as she falls in love with a handsome Amish boy. Mary Ruth wishes accept the courting proposal of the boy, but her family seems to be against it. Her twin sister, Hannah Ebersol, wants Mary Ruth to go to baptismal classes along with her. However, she doesn’t seem interested at all in attending in any such classes. As all this is happening in the family, Leah Ebersol wonders how her family is going to find peace?

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