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Publication Order of Ace Security Books

Claiming Grace (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claiming Alexis (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claiming Bailey (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claiming Felicity (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Ace Security book series is an exciting series of romance, military fiction, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, thriller, drama, and mystery stories. It is written by NYT, USA Today, and WSJ bestselling American writer named Susan Stoker. Susan began writing the series in 2017 and released its first novel in the same year. In each book of this series, she has mentioned different primary characters who are seen portraying essential roles in taking the series forward. The lead characters are shown indulging in passionate romance and overcoming all obstacles in their path to achieving the love of their lovers. Susan Stoker has mentioned that the government and state agencies are able to protect their citizens only up to a certain limit. But, there are people who are willing to hire private security agents to provide extra security to their loved ones.

A security company that deals with such agents is described by Susan in the books of this series. It is known as Ace Security. The series gets its name from this private security company. The company has a good name in providing protection to its clients and rising above with a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals. Susan has depicted the skillful and handsome agents as male, who are often seen indulging in love with one of their female clients and sharing a relationship that goes on to last very long. Some of the exciting characters created by her for the series include Logan Anderson, Grace Mason, Alexis Grant, Blake Anderson, Nathan Anderson, Bailey Hampton, Felicity Jones, Ryder Sinclair, Cole Johnson, Sarah Butler, and several others. Logan, Blake, and Nathan are shown as brothers who own and run the Ace Security company, while Ryder Sinclair is depicted as their half brother.

Susan Stoker has set every book in the Castle Rock town of Colorado. The series and its novels are widely popular. They are well known for their rich stories, excellent characters, and beautiful settings. Numerous prominent critics have given their genuine opinions on the novels and praised them for being fully entertaining. Several fellow writers of Susan have also come forward to congratulate her on the success of her series and applauded her efforts in creating such exciting stories. Susan Stoker has been hailed as an expert in the romance genre. And mixing romance with suspense has proved to be her more beneficial for her. She is hopeful to continue doing the good work in the coming years and gaining the love and support of her fans and followers like always.

The debut book of the Ace Security series written by author Susan Stoker is entitled ‘Claiming Grace’. It was released in 2017 by the Montlake Romance publication. This book features the chief characters in the roles of Grace Mason and Logan Anderson. Initially, it is mentioned that Logan Anderson decides to move on from his traumatic past and return to his hometown, Castle Rock, to start and new business of personal-security service along with his two brothers. Just as he returns, he comes across the beautiful Grace Mason. She is her high school best friend and the two were on very good terms before she stopped answering his letters during the time he was in the Army.

When Grace saw Logan, she felt pleasantly surprised too and felt bad that they had a fall-out 10 years ago. The people who knew them from close were sure that they would go on to become husband and wife and live their life happily. Even Grace wanted to be with Logan for the rest of her life. But, after Logan went abroad for national duty, her family took her into their controlling grasp and made her move far away from the man she had deep love in her heart for. Now, after being separate for years and being united by their visible and invisible scars, they must fight to obtain Grace’s freedom from her family’s suffocating hold over her. When Grace’s family comes to know about Logan’s return to town, they decide to warn him against getting back with their daughter. They are not ready to accept them as a couple and won’t let go of their adamant nature easily.

Logan has also decided to do whatever it takes to claim Grace. He had lost his love around a decade ago and is in no mood to let that happen again, especially when he knows that Grace’s heart is also aching for him just like his heart for her. The second installment of this wonderful series is known as ‘Claiming Alexis’. It was also published by the Montlake publication in 2017. The main characters featuring in this book include Alexis Grant and Blake Anderson. This book opens by showing that Blake Anderson considers his work in the private security business owned by him and his brothers as the most important thing of his life. But, his views and priorities begin to change the moment he meets Alexis Grant. She presents herself as a fiercely independent woman and joins Ace Security as its new intern. Alexis pushes all the buttons of Blake and causes his temperature to rise.

Blake tends to fall for the beauty and brains of Alexis Grant, knowing very well that falling for temptations can be risky business. Alexis sees love for herself in Blake’s eyes and also doubt about her commitment if they get together. But, she also knows that he is a lot more than most people. Alexis becomes determined to prove her worth to Blake and agrees to take up a task that requires her to go undercover. When the case turns dangerous, Blake arrives at the right time to save Alexis. Blake is unable to keep his heart from loving Alexis and this is what forces him to put his life on the line for the woman he has started to love. Alexis is filled with joy to know that Blake has so much love for her as to not worry about his own life in protecting her. Now, she waits for him to come forward and confess his love for her.

Susan Stoker is a renowned author of contemporary, suspense, and romance novels. She has achieved the status of a bestselling author multiple times. Her books have appeared in the bestselling list of Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and NY Times. She claims to have a heart bigger than the place she lives in Tennessee. Besides, Susan has also resided in many other places in the last 14 years, including Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, and California. Her husband is a former Army man, who now enjoys following her around wherever she goes during her work-related tours. The two live happily in Tennessee and spend most of their free time by indulging in interesting activities.

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