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Publication Order of Acorna Books

By: Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Margaret Ball
Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acorna's Quest (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acorna's People (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acorna's World (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acorna's Search (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acorna's Rebels (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acorna's Triumph (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
First Warning: Acorna's Children (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Second Wave: Acorna's Children (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Third Watch: Acorna's Children (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Acorna's Children Books

By: Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
First Warning: Acorna's Children (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Second Wave: Acorna's Children (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Third Watch: Acorna's Children (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Acorna series is a fantasy and science fiction novel series written by well known author Anne McCaffrey, whose first novel got published in the year 1997. The series consists of ten very interesting novels based on the life journey of a fictional character named Acorna. Anne was assisted first by Margaret Ball for completing the first two novels of the series and later by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough for the remaining eight novels from 1999 to 2007. Being introduced as an orphan, Acorna is believed to have some special powers such as healing wounds and curing people, easily detecting mineral deposits, finding out venom and a lot of other powers. In the first novel of the series, she strives to know the reason behind the destruction of her family and race and undergoes a journey full of ups and downs in understanding her individual self. The series was very well received by the readers and brought a lot of fame to Anne McCaffrey and established her as an author. The following are the characters she introduced in the series:

Acorna is a little girl who has a unicorn-like horn on her forehead and a pair of funny looking tiny feet. Her hair is silver in color that embraces her as a graceful, tall and a young lady in the latter part of the series. Although she has the appearance of a human, besides the horn on her forehead, she is not quite a human. She is actually of the Linyaari race. Acorna has some unique powers that normal people do not generally possess and the ability to purify air and water and talk in a telepathic manner. She is also able to find out chemical imbalances and help plants grow. Her unique qualities allow her to learn, adapt and improvise very quickly. Her silvery hair resembles the hair of a horse and her feet ends have cloven hooves as that of a unicorn. Acorna has fingers wit only two joints and her pupils become narrower whenever she feels sad or low. As she is more than a human she is able to attain adulthood in three to four years. Acorna also a strict vegetarian and a very intelligent girl. A man named Aari becomes the love interest of Acorna and belongs to the Linyaari race too. He is held captive by the Khleevi, who always torture him.

Gill is a space miner who found Acorna in her space pod when she was drifting in space as a small child. He raises her as her father along with his mates Rafik and Calum. He later comes to know about the special qualities of Acorna and vows to help her in her journey of finding her own people. Calum is a broad shouldered and a grizzled space miner. He is the friend of Gill and Rafik. He wears coveralls and plays the role of a navigator. Calum is very sensitive, kind and intelligent. He raises Acorna as one of her uncles after finding her drifting in space, with the help of Gill and Rafik. He also helps Acorna in her journey of finding her home and save those who are held captive by criminals. Rafik is the third space miner in the series and a friend of Gill and Calum, who finds Acorna in her space pod. He becomes Acorna’s second uncle and raises her with care and affection. Markel is a very brave and intelligent character. He remains dirty all the time and wears old clothes. He remained hidden in the ventilation systems of the planet called Haven when his father was killed. Later, Markel saves Acorna and Calum when they are captured by the criminals of Haven planet. He also helps her in healing the wounds of other people for hours, by bringing her food to eat.

Acorna is associated with a race known as Linyaari living on the planet Vhiliinyar. The planet is attacked and destroyed by the Khleevi race who force Acorna’s parents to leave their home and move to some other planet. Shortly after, her parents die while saving her and she becomes an orphan. In the latter part of the series, Acorna comes across a character named Aari, who also belongs to the Linyaari race. She fells in love with him and gives birth to a couple of daughters. Acorna has the habit of saving people who are in trouble and healing their wounds with her special powers. During the course of her journey, she came across a planet full of small children who were treated as slaves. She saves and frees them and moves on with her journey. The Linyaari people are just like Acorna and they also have the special powers that Acorna has. They have horns, odd feet and silver hair as that of Acorna. Their planet Vhiliinyar is attacked by the Khleevi, who forces them to go to another planet. The Khleevi are the insect-like aliens, who are full of malice. They have brown, hard carapaces and legs that shoot green energy bolts to spit out black acid. They are always devoted to torture and killing people of other planets.

ACORNA: THE UNICORN GIRL was the first novel in the Acorna series published in 1997 and was followed by its sequel titled as ACORNA’S QUEST that was published in 1998. The writer Anne McCaffrey along with her friend Margaret Ball penned down this beautiful novel of fantasy and science fiction genre. The novel starts with Acorna being a small child and drifting in a space pod. She is saved by Rafik, Gill and Calum Baird and is raised by them. Later they discover that she is blessed with some special powers of healing, purifying water and air, detecting scents, etc. These unique powers of Acorna make her wanted by many, who want to fulfill their individual desires. Some want her as a rare item collection or for performing scientific experiments on her and some others feel the desire to rape her. But Rafik, Calum, and Gill keep her protected at all costs and keep constantly changing planet after planet to put her away from her pursuers. They came across a planet that faced forced child slavery. Acorna fought for them and saved every child she could and moved on in search of the people of her race. The novel sold a number of copies worldwide and opened to great reviews and praises from every reader. Anne McCaffrey was very well appreciated for her efforts. This encouraged her to complete nine more novels in the series.

ACORNA’S QUEST, published in the year 1998 was the second novel of the Acorna series. This was also a wonderful and well-written novel by Anne McCaffrey. In this novel, Acorna had grown-up as a young woman. She still had her funny feet and horn and was full of power to heal sickness and make plants grow. She often got strange dreams about a folk who used to touch her horns and mind-speak with her. Along with her uncle Calum, Acorna started her journey to find her own people. On her journey, she would across mysterious crafts full of Linyaari people. The Linyaari kept alarming everyone about the deadly Khleevi by roaming in the galaxy. They were also in search of Acorna as she belonged to their race. This novel also got praises from its readers and other writers as well. They were amazed by the magic created by Anne McCaffrey in her novel and appreciated her work. This helped her to win many awards and nominations. It was the success of this novel series that Anne McCaffrey was able to write a few other novels in her career as an author.

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