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Publication Order of ACRO Books

Riding the Storm (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unleashing the Storm (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the Storm (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taming the Fire (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempting the Fire (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by Fire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three the Hard Way (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sidney Croft is the lead character of ACRO series of erotic novels by the writing team of Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione. Larissa is credited with coming up with the name of the lead by combining Sydney Browstow and Lara Croft, who are some of her favorite characters. Even as they write individually the two authors combine their different writing interests to write some of the best erotic romance novels that have gone on to become New York Times bestsellers. The ACRO novels which are connected by the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) are books about persons with special abilities such as being able to direct and control storms, telekinetic abilities, and spiritism even as they live and work like any other agent. One of the best descriptions of the series is that it is X-Men meets Erotica to make for some unique erotic super hero romance. The two authors met in an online writers’ loop where authors were criticizing each others work. Even though they live in different states they decided to combine forces and write the ACRO series through email. The first novel published in the series was “Riding the Storm” that came out in 2007 to much critical and commercial success. By 2014 the still ongoing series of novels had six titles and the writing couple show no signs of slowing down.

Larissa Ione is an Air Force veteran that worked in meteorology before she decided to become a full-time author. Individually she has published several USA Today and New York Times bestsellers and even got a RITA nomination. Currently living in Wisconsin with her husband, a son, and a cat named Vegas, she has asserted that writing the novels of the ACRO series offers a level of freedom she could never have experienced had she not decided to go into erotic romance. Similar to her writing partner Stephanie, the sexual, sensual content makes it easier for her tow write deep characterizations that define human fetishes, background, and feelings and ideas about sex. As for Stephanie she has always been writing hot novels and has been doing so from the earliest short story romances she penned while she was in college. Sex has always been a fundamental element of her work when she was writing about her alpha male NAVY SEAL characters and hence it inevitably made its way into her ACRO series. She brings to the novels tension and emotion, with discovery of love and sex as the primary ingredient in making for some of the best erotic romance full of intricate twists and turns of plot.

The first three novels of the ACRO series have somewhat interconnected subplots via the “Storm” narrative, while the rest are connected via the ACRO world though they tend to be more independent in their plotting. Even though they are connected by the ACRO world, the novels do not have to be read in order given that each novel has its own romantic plot that could very well stand on its own. However, with the first three titles it would be best if the novels are read in order given that the narratives carry an arc and plot line from the first novel to the third, which would offer a better understanding of the series. Even as each novel comes with a different heroine and hero, several the characters in the series reoccur in each novel given their roles within the ACRO agency. In addition to the novels, the ACRO world also makes an appearance in the the “Shadow Play”, a short story that appeared in the Hot Nights, Dark Desires anthology that featured Sydney Croft. The Agency for Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) recruits people with rare skills and asks can you manipulate the weather, can you talk to animals, are you telekinetic or psychic, then you are what we are looking for. Always on the lookout for rare skilled agents, it tracks down and contacts persons it believes will be valuable in its important even if sometimes bizarre missions. The main antagonist of ACRO is the Itor Corporation that is looking to destroy the United States, and in the process deal a death blow to the West’s values of freedom and safety.

“Riding the Storm” is the first novel of the ACRO series that opens to a woman’s desire, a storm’s rage, and a man with the ability to set them loose. The man can call upon lightning at will and get into a tornado and emerge unscathed. He is a dangerous and gorgeous man that can tear down a woman’s defenses simply with his unrestrained sexuality. The man is the target of Haley Holmes who has been sent by ACRO to track down and enlist Remy Begnaud, a man with the ability to control a storm. But even as Haley is a highly trained operative with expertise in bizarre weather phenomena, the power of the ex NAVY SEAL may prove too much for her. Under supervision from her agency, she needs to seduce Begnaud, get him to trust her, and finally harness his extraordinary powers. But in the midst of her professional obligations is a sense of helplessness as she falls deeper into the world of erotic thrills the man introduces her to with every big storm event. With a big storm on the horizon and guarantees of unexpected delights to follow, she is awakened from her reverie by revelations that the enemy has made advanced plans to destroy her lover. To add to her fears is the fact that she may have to betray the man whom she has been falling in love with.

“Seduced by the Storm” is an exhilarating novel about the mind bending passion of two secret agents that met in a Florida bar. Wyatt is an ex NAVY SEAL working for ACRO that has been sent on a mission that has to be one of the most treacherous of his career. Charged with seducing Faith with his telekinetic powers, his one night stand has turned into something more, putting the success of his mission in jeopardy. Even with his award-winning seduction skills, he has been unable to penetrate the psychic exterior of Faith who has hidden a secret pain from everyone until now. Faith only wants to use her powers to save a loved one, a move that would put her in direct opposition to Wyatt who she believed she would never see again. As deadly hurricane bears down on the east coast, Wyatt and Faith’s desire is reignited putting their secrets out in the open and making them vulnerable. With the mega storm coming ever close, their erotic desire is heightened even as they need to develop the elusive trust in each other that they need to fight a hurricane that threatens to destroy everything in its path.

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