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Cleaver's Edge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Fire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best Served Cold (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Return of the Runebound Professor (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Runebound Professor 2 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Runebound Professor 3 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Runebound Professor 4 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Rise of the Living Forge (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Steamforged Sorcery (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Steamforged Heresy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Steamforged Apostasy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Actus is a published author known for his fantasy stories.

Always a fan of fantasy stories, Actus himself has been penning his own since he was twelve years old. That was not when his interest in this genre first started, however. He has also been telling his own fantasy stories ever since he was able to speak.

He is known for his fictional series Morcster Chef as well as his series Steamforged Sorcery and the series My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror. His written works can be found on places such as Patreon, RoyalRoad, and Amazon.

Actus has always had an interest for writing. He happens to say that sometimes he is able to get over a building of two stories with just one jump. This may or may not be true (it is not), but the author joking says that he likes to write about himself in the third person as it gives him ‘delusions of grandeur’.

Cleaver’s Edge is the first novel in the Morcster Chef series by author Actus. This book was first released for readers to enjoy in 2021. If you are looking for something that is new and original, give this book a try! It is a fantasy and LitRPG lite series that has elements of cooking in it that makes it festive to read during a holiday season or just a delight to read any time.

When it comes to some fantasy, some things are always the same. Heroes find big fortresses and decide to storm them. Adventurous explorers look for riches hidden away in dark dungeons. Far above the mortals, gods come together in almighty clashes.

Main character Arek is one who finds his passion and comfort in cooking. He could care less about going out there and seeking grand adventures. He likes to whip up his own lasagna meal and top it off with a bit of basil that has been chopped finely and sprinkled over the dish for that added extra something.

Arek is an orc, and he has done a fair bit of clashing and fighting in his day. Now he just wants to be cooking for the rest of his days and let that be the way that he fills the hours. The peaceful nature of being in the kitchen is something that soothes him and he even prefers it to the chaos that fighting would bring.

He ends up being persuaded to join a group of adventurers led by Ming to be a chef on a full-time basis for them. He wants to avoid anything to do with violence or fighting, but those plans quickly fall through. Arek thought that he would be able to leave that world of combat behind him, but it turns out that joining this new crew means that he has to deal with an entirely new situation.

It turns out that enemies from the past may still have scores to settle. Arek thought that this would be a time in his life where nothing like this was going to bother him, but it turns out that sometimes the past doesn’t stay in the past, even if you would like nothing more than to settle down and cook a lasagna topped with shredded basil.

Full of real recipes that readers can try out for themselves, this is a fun adventure story that focuses on food and adventures. It also includes RPG elements like status windows and more. If you love Food Wars or stories like that or are game for something new to read, check this book out and see what you think and even carry that inspiration and fun into the kitchen with a brand-new dish thanks to Actus and his fictional friends!

Into the Fire is the second novel in the Morcster Chef series by Actus. This book was first released to the public in 2022 and was followed by the third novel in the series the same year, titled Best Served Cold.

Main character and orc Arek is back, and he’s celebrating by making and eating another lasagna. Arek has been able to rank up as part of the Happy Sunflowers, and now he is prepared to just go and hang out and enjoy some relaxation with his party.

You would think things would go just like that, but the party just seems to attract trouble after a while even if they’re not looking for it. This time they make a tough guild angry and must get out of Riverfall quickly.

The team decides that it’s time to go to Red Mount. They think that if they can just get there, they’ll be able to get ahead of the storm. Little do they know that there’s another threat up ahead waiting for them.

Arek thought that the remnants of his past life may blend into the new one he has. The magical ruins that he was able to destroy seem to be getting back their power, however slowly. Arek wants to cook for those who need the help, but it may end up costing him more than he accounted for. Knowing this, however he forges ahead and shares his gifts with those who really need the help.

Will Arek find out that the guild is still angry with them and has followed them to take out their party? Or will they find out together that there’s going to be new threats out there that they had not even considered? Find out by picking up a copy of this book for yourself and find out what happens to this food-loving orc and his crew!

This book from Actus also contains real recipes that you can try yourself to see what they are like and enjoy all of the fantasy series from on the page to fresh from the grocery store. It’s a lot of fun, so check out this series if this sounds like a great fit for you and catch up on the characters and some food while you’re at it!

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