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Adalyn Grace
Adalyn Grace graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University at the age of nineteen. She acted as the managing editor of a nonprofit newspaper before she studied storytelling as an intern on Nickelodeon Animation’s popular show “The Legend of Korra” and spent four years working in live theater.

While she enjoyed these experiences, writing was ultimately something she wanted to be doing, as it allowed her the chance to work on her stories and not somebody else’s.

Adalyn lives in Arizona and San Diego with her two dorky dogs and bossy cat. She spends her days writing full-time while attempting to find the very best burrito around. Any time she is not writing, she spends watching far too much anime, and playing video games.

She knew from a young age, about eight or so, that she wanted to tell stories. She used to think that meant directing films, or working in movies in some way. Then one day, playing Neopets, like the nerd she was, she discovered roleplaying boards.

At the time, she had never heard of roleplaying, however, she was bored, young, and internet obsessed. It made her decide to give it a try, and she wrote up some list intros.

Adalyn finds that she just has to force her writing. If she is drafting a new project, she will fast draft at least two thousand words each day until she has finished it. If she is editing something, she has to have her butt in the chair until what she needs to work on that day has finished.

Adalyn doesn’t believe in writer’s block or inspiration. She is aware that works for her is not going to work for everybody.

She loves creating characters and bringing ideas to life. That being said, the act of drafting is something she hates, because she wants her ideas to magically appear on the paper inside of a week and it makes her upset when they don’t. She is not patient at all, making drafting something that is especially tough for her. Coming up with the idea is a ton of fun.

Adalyn likes that she gets to figure out the magic system and its limits and parameters, not anybody else. She also likes that the sky is the limit on the worlds and systems available to create.

Adalyn struggled early on with knowing when to just let go of a project. Before writing “All the Stars and Teeth”, she was writing a young adult sci-fi manuscript for roughly five years. She edited it a ton of times, and even got selected to participate in Pitch Wars. She got many agent requests, but no offers. Adalyn believed she cold just continue to edit it based off their feedback, and she queried everybody. The latter makes her cringe so hard because of what a rookie move it is.

Now, she is unsure why she lingered on the book for so long. She was not all that passionate about it, nor was it the book of her heart. Her assumption is all of the invested time she put into the book. The moment she quit that book, she started “All the Stars and Teeth”. Five weeks after beginning it, she was able to draft it, edited twice, and had multiple agent offers after the first 24 hours she queried it.

Both experiences were a night and day difference, and were quite a whirlwind. She had learned a ton working on the other book, however, it wasn’t right for the market, nor was it right for her. Her talent and skills were much more than the book could really reflect, and it didn’t matter how many revisions she did on it. Realizing she had to put the book aside, and she was not a failure at all for doing so, was the best thing that she did for her career.

In total, she queried her previous manuscript more than a hundred times, all of which were rejected. She took the feedback she was given and learned from it, and gathered critique partners and entered contests in order to grow and learn for the next book.

“All the Stars and Teeth” was called the biggest YA fantasy of 2020 by Entertainment Weekly.

Her debut novel, called “All the Stars and Teeth”, was released in the year 2020. She writes young adult fantasy.

“All the Stars and Teeth” is the first novel in the “All the Stars and Teeth” series and was released in the year 2020. Set in a kingdom where there is danger lurking under the sea, magic is a choice, and mermaids seek vengeance with just a song.

She will reign.

Amora Montara, as the princess of the island kingdom Visidia, has spent all of her life training in order to be the High Animancer, or the master of souls. The rest of the realm is able to choose their magic, however, it has never been a choice for Amora. In order to secure her place as heir to the throne, she is going to have to prove her mastery of the monarchy’s rather dangerous soul magic.

Her demonstration goes wrong, and Amora has to flee. She comes to an agreement with Bastian, an enigmatic pirate. He is going to help her prove that she is fit to rule, if she will agree to help him reclaim his stolen magic.

Sailing across the kingdom holds more peril and more wonder than Amora first thought. A destructive new magic is now on the rise, and if Amora would like to conquer it, she is going to have cross paths with some vengeful mermaids, to face some legendary monsters, and deal with one stow-away that she never expected. Or risk the fate of Visidia and lose her crown forever.

Fans found this to be a deliciously twisted fantasy that is sure to keep your heart racing from one page to the next. The novel is filled with political intrigue and is richly imaginative that readers enjoyed every moment of. Adalyn delivers a novel that is vicious and alluring and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It features swashbuckling adventure, dark and lush magic, and a swoonworthy romance in it.

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