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Adam Brookes is well known for his book, ‘Night Heron’ which is his first novel. Though he grew up in the UK, Adam was born in Canada. In the UK he lived in a village called Oxfordshire where he grew up. He was able to study Chinese language in London at the school of Oriental and African Studies. This was during the 1980s but he later went ahead and took up the career of being a journalist working briefly in magazines. Brookes later landed in a new job where he worked with BBC as a copytaster. Adam later left this job and became a BBC radio producer. Later on, he became a foreign correspondent where he was first based in Indonesia then China. He later moved to the US where he currently lives. During his career as a reporter, he was able to report for BBC radio and TV from thirty countries including North Korea, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Review of Books Written by Adam Brookes

Despite being a journalist, Adam has also been an author of many interesting books. The first novel he wrote was the Night Heron which draws on his life as a journalist and the years that he spent in China. This book was published in the year 2014 on May by the Little Brown in the UK and in six other countries like in the US by the Hachette. The second work of writing that he did was the novel, Spy Games. This novel was published on August of 2015 in the USA. It was also published in the UK on November of 2015.

Night Heron Review

Adam was a foreign correspondent for several years and he was reporting from dangerous countries. He is also very well conversant with government secrets of different countries. It is from this experience that Adam takes the readers deep into the daily routines and the culture of China where he was also based for several years.

During his stay in China, Adam received several visits from a man who wanted to sell him military secrets so that he would pass to the Intelligence services of Britain. Maybe, this was just a trap for him. From this, he though to write a ground-breaking thriller, the Night Heron. This novel attempts to open a window to the hostile distrust that is still evident in the Contemporary China.

This book is about a man who has been in a labor reform camp for over 20 years in the western parts of China. He is a prisoner 5995, also referred to as Peanut. Despite being a professor, an intellectual person, he found himself here because of being accused to have killed a soldier during the protest of Tiananmen Square. Besides being a professor, he was also an employee in the British Intelligence Service but now he is fleeing across the winter desert on the run of the dead of night. In his escape, he has the spirit of revenge and is willing to share all the secrets he has with the whole world.

With all these plans in mind, he remembers that Beijing is crawling with new kids of danger and has gone. Because of this, he has only two options; either to disappear or to face the death head on. Covered with desperation, Peanut reaches out to one of his paymasters at one time through a high profile Philip Mongan who is a British journalist. It is here that he offers the secrets for the sake of the return of his life.

Despite the better judgements that he thinks to have made, Mongan gets dragged into deeper a turmoil of lies. This is because the secrets prove to be more useful than they thought and not only to the British. With all these in mind, the two, Peanut and Mongan try to play out the dreams they have side by side with the American and British Intelligence Services. It is from here that there is a brilliant debut to start of original and intriguing spy series.

Spy Games Review

This is the second book that Adam Brookes wrote and it is just featuring the same characters of the Night Heron. After all the events of the previous book, Mangun is now given an exile to prevent him from working in China. He is now based in Ethiopia and it seems that he is developing a relationship with a nurse from Denmark. He and the woman face a serious terrorist attack but luckily enough they are able to escape the bombing in the terrorist.

Mangan then encounters Rocky, a Chinese man who approaches him and has a desire of being connected with the British Intelligence Service. To prove himself to be genuine to Mangun, Rocky produces the information about the location and the bomber identity. Rocky even goes ahead to revealing himself to Mangan as a Chinese military officer. Mangan is convinced and he decides to be the contact of Rocky after the deal has been sealed. This again forces Mangan to have contact with Trish Patterson from the Night Heron. Trish is Mangan’s former handler. It is from here that the truth about Rocky is revealed.

At the same time, in Oxford, there is Fan Kaikai, a Chinese student who meets another student from China called Madeleine Chen. The two then starts a relationship. Madeleine then gets a hint that her family is involved in some activity that could bring a downfall on his own.

Spy Games is just another wonderful thriller and the good thing is that it still maintains the same writing style as that of Night Heron with such a suspense. In fact, if the first book became interesting to you then you will just have an automatic urge of reading this one also.

Being a reporter from the dangerous countries has given Adam wisdom to make the writing works that he has done. These novels are not only entertaining and enjoyable but they are also a good teaching to the government to learn to keep their military secrets. Following these books, awareness is created to the government and they learn new ways of treating their intelligence service employees. Spy Games is one of the best novels of Adam since it is his award-nominated debut thriller. The book is groundbreaking as well as remarkable book in life.

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