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Adam Drake Series

Adam Drake is a series of thriller books by Scott Matthews. The series main character is Adam Drake, a man working as an attorney but with experiences with the Special Forces. Matthews began Adam Drake series in 2012 when The Assassin’s List was published.

The central plot of the series mainly focuses on terrorist attacks and sleeper cells in the United States and the effort that the main character Adam does to prevent these attacks. Matthews uses different settings for his books including Washington, Oregon, and Syria.

The Assassin’s List

The Assassin’s List is book one in Adam Drake series by Scott Matthews. It is a thriller about homegrown terror assassins and a timid correct government. The story introduces us to Adam Drake, the main character to the story. He is an attorney with some experiences with Special Forces who unravels the scheme to assassinate the Secretary of Homeland Security that’s intended to happen at a decommissioning celebration at an Army Chemical Depot.

In the first book in the series, it is revealed that there’s a terrorist attack planned by the Muslim Brotherhood. This attack doesn’t result in too many casualties and happens only in small-scale but spreads fast on the American soil. The president blames the attack on Syria claiming that Syria is like a training ground for the terrorist and in response, he declares war against the extremists.

When Drake comes to discover about the terrorist strike and the American response to the strike, he to take matters into his own hands and find the people behind these attacks. He makes a shocking discovery that there some influential people in Washington who acquire campaign money from illegal activities. He traces the origin of the campaign money and finds it linked with the funding of various terrorist training camps popularly known as sleeper cells across the country. He also questions whether the attacks in the country are as a result of the sleeper cells and whether countries the likes of Syria. He gets tools ready to reveal the identity of those betraying their own country.

When the FBI doesn’t act on his suspicions, Adam takes matters to his own hands. He disguises himself as an international security service and takes on a sleeper cell intended to start an endless list of assassinations.

The first book in Adam Drake series is a swiftly paced counter-terrorism thriller that will surely satisfy the reader’s craving for action and give you a second thought about the extremist living among us.

Scott Matthews does a beautiful characterization job. His main character Drake, an attorney with Special Forces training, finds himself entangled in a scheme to kill the USA VIP leaders. If you’ve read Vince Flynn by Mitch Rapp, Alex Berenson by John Wells or Andrew Britton series by Ryan Kealy, you will enjoy Adam Drake series. These books use the same basic formula, and in The Assassin’s List, the formula comes in with Drake having experiences with the Delta Force, skills which the author utilizes to make the plot work. The story is set in the greater Portland in Oregon and moves along at a steady pace.

Special Counsel

Another fascinating book in Scott Matthews’ series of books is the Special Counsel. It’s the 5th book in the series published by the Guardsman publishers. The story is set in Washington, Iran, and Russia. Adam Drake plays the role of the lead character working alongside other fascinating secondary characters. A new form of cold war causes two all-time enemies of Iran, Russia, and America to enter into an alliance. As the enemy prepares their tools to establish their empires again, the Americans see it as a lethal alliance.

On the other hand, Iran seems to be getting their tools of war ready to invade the United States while the Russian government is busy providing the proxies with arms to fight the Americans on their behalf. Seeing Iran and Russia’s union as a lethal threat to both the American government orders special agents and spies in both countries to keep watch on the respective countries’ activities. However, Iran responds by retaliating against attacks on their nuclear facility by Israel- American ally.

Russia gets in and helps Iran in both planning and executing retaliatory attacks and also provides weapons that deal significant damage. Both Russia and Iran wish to destroy America’s, and if they succeed in trashing America, they would then engage in an epic battle to make sure that only one nation dominates the world. With the world at stake, Adam Drakes dives into action and unravels treacherous acts that would otherwise cause millions of death in the name of world domination.

One of the fascinating things about Adam Drake series is how the author uses actual situations, and real intelligence to create a book that asks and also answers the “what if” question. While Russia is trying to spread its influence in Nicaragua, Drake is sent to Nicaragua to undertake a risk assessment for an American firm constructing a deepwater port in the country. From the time he steps out of his flight in Nicaragua, nothing goes as planned, and soon he finds himself and his friends in the midst of a scheme to smuggle Russian made EMT nuclear into American soil.

Oath to Defend

The trail of an extremist who escaped capture in the first book in the series goes cold in Tijuana. Then doses of radiation are detected from a nuclear device not far across the border in San Diego. Drake strongly believes that it is his terrorist who escaped capture with the nuke and thinks he knows where’s headed. He is firmly determined to track down the man who almost murdered his family, but time is soon running out, and if he doesn’t act quickly a disaster of unimaginable catastrophe will happen.

Oath to Defend the second book in the series takes the readers into the world of drug cartels, smuggling, espionage and fanatical extremist where consciences are non-existent, and death is a daily occurrence. The terrorist seem to be always one step ahead of the people hunting them- it’s like a game of cat and mouse and thousands of American citizens have already died and if nothing is done more will die.

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  1. Andrew: 3 years ago

    So far I am on book 5! I have really enjoyed each book and the story draws you in. Mainly reading before Going to sleep and these books are an “easy” read…but with good characters and interesting story lines. Buying one after another must be a good sign.


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