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Adam Ehrlich Sachs
Adam Ehrlich Sachs is an American author of fiction and short stories best known for his thought-provoking fiction pieces. Some of his notable works include Inherent Disorders and Organs of Sense, both of which have appeared among highly rated books in the New Yorker and Harpers. Ehrlich’s writing has earned his respect in the fiction world, and he was the NEA Literature Fellow of 2018. The now accomplished author lives in Pittsburgh, where he continues to churn intriguing and unique literature pieces.

Inherited Disorders: Stories, Parables, and Problems
Inherent Disorders is a collection of short stories that takes an entertaining look at the relationship between sons and fathers. It contains over a hundred variations of an elemental story involving a son who wants to dispose of the inheritance received from his father. This is something that is pretty common where relationships are strained. Throughout the variations, the author brings to life the thwarted affections, rivalries, and mutual bemusement that characterize father-son relationships.

Get to read about the son who kills his philosopher father only to explain his maxims to death or the Czech pianist who amputated all his fingers to frustrate a father who doesn’t want to stop composing concertos despite all reasonable efforts to discourage him. Other notable stories include the nineteenth-century nobleman of Italian origin who leaves his ludicrous flying contraption that can’t fly to his son and the father who wills his son a deodorant and a jacket in addition to his political beliefs.

This collection brings a comic voice to situations that are painfully familiar in the real world. How do sons deal with the legacy inherited from the father? Do they work hard to be better than their fathers, go on a rebellious rampage and squander all that is left, or fail in their attempt to outdo their fathers? Whether the inheritance is monetary or physical, the ways sons deal with it have a significant impact on their future. A father’s dying wishes affect the way a son deals with inheritance no matter how good the relationship was when he was alive — the other driving force in society and its demanding expectations.
The stories are surreal, quirky, and come with absurd humor that makes them quite hilarious. The vignettes are concise and take anything between one to three minutes to read. Not a single word is wasted, and for such funny tales, it is going to be hard to put this book down. The recurring theme here is family, with the father& son relationship being the main focus. In all the stories, the interactions are not as perfect. A conflict in thinking between the men in different generations always comes with its fair share of challenges.

Inherent Disorders is perfect if you are looking for a collection of quirky, thought-provoking, and somehow morbid stories. The book can be read in a single sitting or enjoyed intermittently whenever you are in the mood for short amusing stories; you can finish in a minute or slightly more. Just like with any other collection, some stories are more entertaining than others. That said, most of the stories here are exciting, and some will leave you laughing out loud at their absurdity.

The Organs of Sense
The Organs of Sense is based on a story about a blind astronomer who made unusual predictions. In 1966, an astronomer predicted that on the 30th of June the same year, there will be a solar eclipse that will throw Europe in darkness for four seconds. The astronomer was known to own the longest telescope. How is it that an astronomer who is visually impaired can make such a prediction? While the blindness resulted when his eyes were plucked out under mysterious circumstances, could it be that the astronomer had more insight than the average astronomer? Had the astronomer run mad hence his outrageous declaration that wasn’t shared by any other expert in this field?

These are the questions that stay in the mind of Gottfried Leibniz, a nineteen-year-old with a shaky faith in reason. After mulling over the astronomer’s claims, Gottfried decides to investigate them. Three hours before the predicted eclipse occurs, Gottfried starts his research by reaching out to the astronomer. Gottfried gets to hear the hilarious story that led to the astronomer’s prediction. The story features kings, princes, obsessive pursuits, loss, insanity, and family factors, among other factors.

Gottfried has always been curious about nature, and, understandably, he goes in search of the strange philosopher who lives by himself in the woods. What Gottfried wonders is if the astrologer is so good at studying stars that he can make accurate predictions without the need for sight? While he was known to have the most powerful telescope in history, he needs to look at the stars to be able to predict. Gottfried’s mission is to give the astrologer an ear and test his sanity. He is not so concerned whether the prediction is wrong as astrologers do make mistakes.

This is a comic fable about perception and the unfathomable ways of the heart. Join the author on an insane ride as Gottfried talks to a blind astrologer who predicts that no one else agrees with. Beyond this bizarre story is a bigger picture where the author focuses on some of the things human beings obsess over. The story is fast-paced and comes with an exciting array of characters that range from insane to sublime. This story will leave you with a surreal feel that while the tale can’t be true, there is a possibility it could be.

The Organs of Sense is a perfect choice if you are looking for a book that will leave you in stitches and, at the same time, make you reflect on life. The author highlights the things the world takes too seriously while reminding the reader to ease off. Expect to have a good laugh and think deeply about life without having to endure a difficult read. It is safe to say that this book is a worthy investment.

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