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Publication Order of Detective Rutherford Barnes Mysteries Books

Devils' Chimney (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beachy Head (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Burnt Out Secrets (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chalk Man (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Adam Lyndon is an English author of mystery books popularly known for his Detective Rutherford Barnes mystery series. Adam, a native of Sussex, spent two decades serving as a police officer, with a career spanning both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. During this time, he contributed to various facets of policing, including uniformed operations, firearms command, and working as a detective in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and specialized investigations.

Having traveled the world extensively, he resided in New Zealand for a year before realizing that his true calling lay back in his hometown. Adam now dedicates himself to writing gritty police procedurals set in Eastbourne, characterized by their unflinching authenticity. His work is intricately woven into the rich literary tapestry of the south coast, where he shares space with esteemed authors like Graham Hurley and Peter James. Married for two decades and the proud parent of four children, Adam’s persistent ambition, often playfully reminded by his children, is to one day become the owner of a faithful canine companion.

Devil’s Chimney is the first novel in Detective Rutherford Barnes’s mystery series, published in 2022. This is a police procedural novel penned by an active-duty police officer, a fact that becomes evident right from the start. It commences strongly, weaving a web of intrigue and surprise from the outset. The narrative excels in its vivid descriptions, immersing the reader deeper into the unfolding events and maintaining a well-paced progression. It is a thrilling debut in crime fiction, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge. “Devil’s Chimney” by Adam Lyndon is an absolute must-read for Peter James’s work enthusiasts.

Meet Rutherford James and Harriet Holden, two ambitious police officers patrolling a stormy night along England’s southern coast. Both are driven to impress and aspire to climb the ranks. When they spot a burglar fleeing from a crime scene, they give chase. However, this is no ordinary burglary at Harriet’s residence. The entire ground floor has been ransacked, and a chilling message in blood-red ink adorns one of the walls: “Dead Cops Sleep Long.” It’s evident that someone is targeting the local police force, and Rutherford and Harriet are determined to unveil the culprit and end this spree. Tragically, Harriet never gets the chance, as her lifeless body is discovered a few days later in a decrepit seaside hotel. Newly promoted to the rank of detective, Rutherford refuses to rest until he uncovers who murdered his partner and the motive behind it.

Can Rutherford crack this case, or will Harriet’s killer evade justice? “Devil’s Chimney” is a brilliant police procedural characterized by meticulous attention to detail, authentic dialogues, and astonishing plot twists that catch you off guard. Adam Lyndon’s writing is sharp and confident, and despite it being his debut work, readers immediately sense they are in capable hands. Rutherford James is portrayed as a self-assured, determined detective who will stop at nothing to ensure Harriet’s murderer faces the consequences. This is an engaging crime novel by a promising author to keep an eye on, making it essential reading for fans of the genre.

Lyndon has crafted a police procedural narrative that immerses readers in the investigative process, allowing them to eavesdrop on radio transmissions and glimpse suspect reports accessed by Barnes on his computer. The story also delves into Barnes’ personal life, and the strains police work places on his marriage. With themes of drugs, theft, murder, and corruption, the story maintains a brisk pace and delivers several unexpected twists.

At its core, the plot revolves around our protagonist, Barnes, and his partner, Harriet, who apprehend a criminal fleeing from Harriet’s home. Following Harriet’s untimely demise, an intricate investigation ensues. Barnes navigates the intricacies of his personal life while relentlessly pursuing justice for Harriet. However, the case reveals hidden depths beyond its initial appearance. The novel adeptly explores relationships, office politics, and attitudes among police colleagues. The author excels in creating well-rounded characters, such as Hadrian and Emily, who become endearing to readers.

Beachy Head is the second novel in Detective Rutherford Barnes’s mystery series, published the same year as the debut novel. In 2005, Barnes returned from an extended suspension, receiving a promotion to Detective Sergeant (DS) and swiftly stepping into the role of acting Detective Inspector (DI). However, his new position comes with a challenging case involving a one-punch homicide.

The incident revolves around Mandy Luiz, awakened by her intoxicated ex-husband, Tommy Gayle, relentlessly pounding on her door and making threats. Mandy’s current partner, James Reeves, arrives at the scene and attempts to defuse the situation, but Tommy is eager for a physical confrontation. The altercation leads them to an alleyway adjacent to Mandy’s residence, where James, a responsible citizen and firefighter, throws a single punch. Tragically, Tommy falls to the ground and strikes his head on the pavement, resulting in a fatal brain hemorrhage during his hospitalization.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) pursued manslaughter charges against James, allowing a jury to determine whether his actions were justified. However, the courtroom proceedings are remarkably dramatic, leaving everyone stunned. As is often the case, this isn’t the sole matter. Interwoven into this increasingly intense case are additional instances of murder, corruption, and the shadow of drug-related activities. The story unfolds with a whirlwind of action.
Initially, the novel might appear slow, given its numerous plot threads and intricate details. Yet, it gradually becomes more intricate and labyrinthine, though it remains easy to follow. The case itself is undeniably captivating, and the procedural aspects benefit from the author’s firsthand police experience, even if some character behavior may deviate from expectations.

In this second installment, readers delve deeper into the character of Barnes than in the first book. There’s a heightened level of character development, likely stemming from the author’s growing understanding of his creation, and consequently, readers get to know Barnes more profoundly. He certainly proves to be anything but dull. The narrative introduces many characters, spanning various aspects of the law and its opposing forces, which at times can be overwhelming and dazzling. The setting, predominantly in and around Eastbourne, is skillfully portrayed, allowing the author to employ locations creatively and dramatically to enhance the story’s depth.

While “Devil’s Chimney” is the second novel in the series, it can certainly be enjoyed as a standalone novel. However, reading the first book may provide a deeper understanding of Barnes and his journey, which can enhance the overall experience for readers.

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