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A Conflict of Interest (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Case of Redemption (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Losing Faith (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl From Home (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Matter of Will (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perfect Marriage (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Betrayal Murder (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Brothers Kenney (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Adam Mitzner is one of the highly renowned authors from The United States, who is well known for writing thriller, mystery, suspense, and crime fiction books. He has written a number of standalone books in his career. Adam’s books have done quite well and have helped him to have a pretty much successful writing career so far. Author Adam was born and brought up in the region of East Brunswick, New Jersey. His home is located at the distance of an hour in the outer region of the New York City. Adam completed his graduation from Bradeis University. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the subject of politics. From there, he went on to enroll himself directly in a law school in the Virginia University. After graduating from the law school, author Adam started working in the litigation department of one of the largest law firms in New York City. Over the course of his law career, Adam went through a lot of ups and downs. And after having a several stops, he is now working as the litigation department head at the Pavia and Harcourt LLP. This firm is situated in the midtown Manhattan. The firm received a lot of fame recently because it is the same firm in which the Justice of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, used to practice before her appointment to the post. Author Adam says that he always had an interest in writing. But, he never thought of taking any course in writing during his college days. Even after several years of his graduation, he did not go for any course, even though his interest in this field was still there. Neither did Adam tried to write something serious until some time ago. Adam reluctantly attempted to show the first draft of his work to the brother of one of his friends, who works as an agent in cookbooks. He suggested him to hire a private editor named Ed Stackler.

When Adam met Ed Stackler, it turned out to be the turning point of his career. Ed was the first person who had the belief that Adam had the talent to come with publishable contents. And as the two started working together, Adam felt like he was going through all those courses in creative writing that he missed in his college days. Later, Ed Stackler played an important once again by hooking Adam with his agent named Scott Miller from the Trident Publishing, as soon as Adam finished his first novel. But, in spite of writing an interesting legal thriller, Adam was not able to sell his book. Therefore, he decided to develop a political thriller story for the plot of his second book. This story was centered around the nomination of a Justice of Supreme Court. After finishing writing the book in one and a half years, he approached Scott Miller once again to get it published. In spite of the fact that Scott was not able to help him sell his previous book, Adam showed the faith in him. But, Scott suggested him not to select him for the publication of his book as it their relationship will get worsened if fails to get his book sold once again. Luckily for author Adam, the publishers showed interest and finally, Adam went on to establish himself as a published author. Following the moderate success of the book, Scott Miller gave the suggestion to Adam that he should focus on creating stories that he is more comfortable with, that is, legal dramas based in New York City. Author Adam did as suggested to him and he has now achieved quite a fame in the genre. He is now seen as an excellent author of legal thriller novels and dramas set in and around the world of laws and lawyers.

A popular novel written by Adam Mitzner during the initial days of his career is entitled ‘A Conflict of Interest’. This book was published by the Gallery Books in 2011. Author Adam has described the central character of this book as Alex Miller. He is introduced as a criminal defense lawyer aged around 35 and working as a young partner in a powerful law firm based in New York. Alex is believed to be on top of the game, having achieved the way of living that he has always imagined. His life seems to be complete with the presence of a loving and devoted wife, who supports Alex at every turn of life; and also because of the love of a young and beautiful daughter. On the occasion of a funeral, Alex comes across a mysterious man named Michael Ohlig. He asks Alex to represent his case in a criminal investigation. When Alex takes a look into the matter, he learns that the case is a high profile one and involves a brokerage scam that resulted in the loss of millions for the investors. Ohlig maintains that he has not done anything wrong. In spite of knowing that clients generally lie about facts, Alex tends to believe Ohlig as he is close to his family. But, when the facts begin to come out, a number of shocking secrets are unravelled. The secrets tend to threaten all that Alex seems to have belief in, related to his family, himself, and the law. Alex Miller struggles desperately to find the truth and makes him confront a deceptive past. Later, he realizes that he had come so deep into this case that one wrong step and it could destroy everything that are very dear to him. In the end, the book turns out to be a pulse pounding thriller. Author Adam received praise for describing an electrifying cast of characters and an intriguing story.

Another mind blowing book written by author Adam is known by the title ‘A Case of Redemption’. This novel was released in 2013 by the Pocket Books. The story deals with the life of the main protagonist named Dan Sorenson. The starting sequence shows that Dan Sorenson was a high powered defense attorney in New York at one point. But, his career saw a devastating downfall following the deaths of two of the most important persons in Dan’s life in a horrific accident. People around him begin to think that he is headed for a rock bottom. But before it could happen, Dan Sorenson is approached with a great opportunity. He is asked to take up the defense case of an upcoming rapper, who is charged with the brutal murder of his artist girlfriend. The rapper pleads that he is innocent, which makes Dan Sorenson realize that this is the last and final chance for him to get his life back to normal once again. But, the deeper he delves into the facts of the case, the closer he gets to the realization that a steep price is required to be paid for atonement. This book also proves to be a riveting and powerful thriller. It helped Adam to receive more praises and success as an author of thriller novels.

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