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Adam O’Fallon Price
Adam O’Fallon Price was born in California, and grew up in Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. He attended high school in Knoxville, Tennessee.

For many years, he was a touring musician in Chapel Hill, North Carolina before he moved to Los Angeles in order to write screenplays. He writes and teaches fiction, now.

Fan’s Notes is Adam’s podcast where he discusses basketball and books on a semi-weekly basis.

When he began writing “The Hotel Neversink”, he was living in upstate New York and was doing his post-MFA teaching at Cornell. He had spent a bit of time in the Catskills, and he had grown interested in the history and the area. While at a party, he found out his wife’s boss’ husband is a wealth of knowledge and stories about all these hotels, particularly The Concord and Grossinger’s.

At the time, Grossinger’s was still standing, yet defunct, and was adjacent to the hotel’s still-operational golf course. So they went on a pilgrimage and broke in, took some pictures, and went exploring. He could feel what an amazing place it once was, filled with life and millions of stories over several decades. This place fired the engine of his imagination, and gave him the sense of a larger project to the few stories he was writing based on the anecdotes from his friend.

Occupying this space, to Adam, meant different characters as well as different points of view. This hotel seen by the hotel detective would be much different when viewed by a young girl. Always having the hotel there as an immutable and shared feature of life was something objective and solid against which he could come with different subjective experiences. This hotel gave him a way into characters that he would not have had, or at least not have had so easily.

Grossinger’s quickly turned into the model for the hotel, and he read some books, including the memoir by Jenny Grossinger. The family history stuff is lifted from the Grossinger’s story, including the patriarch’s incredibly tenacious path from Poland to New York City then to Liberty. Adam’s tale gets darker than the real story, which is one of triumph, happiness, and free of murder.

The novel started being about Len, a main character, as he is trying to keep the hotel open during the mid-eighties and deal with the Polish Policeman’s League, who was wreaking havoc. The tale came from a guy he met while living in New York that had grown up in Brooklyn during the forties and gone to resorts in the Catskills for over thirty years. After he wrote that, and some others, he knew that the hotel was a mainspring that would be able to power many different stories and different voices.

“The Hotel Neversink” was nominated for an Edgar Award.

Adam’s debut novel, called “the Grand Tour”, was released in the year 2016. His work is from the literary fiction genre.

“The Grand Tour” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. This road novel is about a pair of hapless and lost souls. One is an alcoholic Vietnam vet turn bestselling writer, and his awkward and shy college kid superfan. Together, they form an unlikely link on the world’s most disastrous book tour.

Richard Lazar advances in years, but regresses in his life. His career as a literary novelist has ground to a halt and left him in a trailer in Phoenix. He is surprised to find some sudden success publishing his gritty memoir about his service during Vietnam. Richard, who was sent off on a book tour by his publisher, encounters his biggest (and only) fan. He is a despondent student by the name of Vance that has issues of his own: a depressive mom, an absentee dad, acute shyness.

Quickly, Vance has volunteered to drive Richard around for the rest of his tour, and these two go on a disastrous yet often hilarious trip across the country. Things go wrong, and they form an unlikely bond between two misanthropes whose disdain for the world and mutual insecurities force each to look at their lives, and each other, in a much more meaningful.

Readers found this to be a beautifully written tale of these two characters. All the way through, it holds your attention, and readers found themselves a bit depressed with the ways the characters deal with their totally screwed up lives. These characters and the writing meld together and it makes for a magnificent journey.

“The Hotel Neversink” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. The outstanding Hotel Neversink, located in the Catskills, finally opens up to the public thirty-one years after the workers first broke ground on it. After that, a young boy vanishes.

This puzzling disappearance, as well as the ones that follow, are going to brand the lives of three generations. At the very root of it all is Asher Sikorsky, the ruthless and ambitious patriarch whose purchase of the hotel in the year 1931 set one haunting legacy into action.

His daughter Jeanie sees the Neversink into its most lucrative era, yet also its darkest. Asher’s grandkids, decades later, fight with the family’s heritage in their ways. Alice sets out to find who the murderer is, and Len battles to keep the dilapidated and failing hotel alive.

Told by different members of the Sikorsky family, a hotel maid, a matriarch, the hotel detective, a traveling comedian, and others, it is a portrait of a Jewish family in the Catskills over a hundred years’ time.

Readers were entertained and wanted to know more about how all the characters were related to one another. Each and every one of these characters Adam has created come to life strongly and are very interesting. Their narratives are all breathtaking, and each person is highly fascinating. By the end of the story, readers found themselves sad they were having to leave the place behind, the hotel felt that real to them. This is a book readers could not recommend to people enough.

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