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Born in Poland in 1993, Adam Wodyk, a librarian who studied Polish philology, is a science fiction and fantasy addict. He has always been interested in writing and creating fictional worlds as literature was always his first and primary passion. His favorite author is C.S. Lewis. This Hideous Strength by Lewis was one of the books that ignited Adam Wodyk’s desire to write a sci-fi story.

The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and dystopian stories such as The Hunger Games also had a huge impact on his writing. In 2020, in just one month, he completed his first book in the dystopian genre: The Dystopia Game, set in the futuristic world of the Seven Metropolises. It was the third novel that he has written. Two other works – epic fantasy novels: A Flame of Sangorin and A Tale of Erydan – the alternative versions of the same story, completed a few years ago, are waiting to be edited and translated. Adam Wodyk is also fascinated by movies and screenwriting. In his free time, he works on developing his novels and ideas and turning them into TV or web series projects. You can find Adam Wodyk at

The Dystopia Game – Book description:

Distant Future. Max Stranger is a teenage actor in Emperial – the largest of the Seven Metropolises. It might seem that his life has played out perfectly; he signed a movie contract and has a girlfriend. And that would be true if it weren’t for the fact that he is starring in film productions in which everything happens for real. Before every scene, Max’s brain is overridden with a nano-chip that transforms him into his character and ensures that he does not remember his day’s work. Max never knows what kind of scenario the filmmakers may set up for him. Will he die or kill someone in the next scene?

The worst comes when Max and his girlfriend, Lara, are drawn by the ruthless autarch into a dangerous cinematographic experiment called the Seven Players series, which will be filmed in the mutant-infested outer wilderness. Thrusted by the filmmakers into the mysterious place filled with unknown energy, Max accidentally discovers a terrible behind-the-scenes truth. It turns out that the Seven Players experiment conducted by the cruel autarch is a much more perilous undertaking than he could have imagined, and it hides a terrible secret about the outer devastated world, the Seven Metropolises and the plans of its rulers. What is strange is that Max realizes that he is not the person he thought he was. He is being affected by the enigmatic energy in an unfathomable way. He is being haunted by a vision of a black-haired girl, which gives him an inexplicable feeling of something he had lost.

How far will he have to go in this deadly game set up by the cruel rulers of the Seven Metropolises? Will he discover the real truth about the outer ravaged world, himself, and the girl from his vision? And will finding it be sufficient to set him and the people he cares about free from the oppressive system of control?

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