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Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani is a reputed novelist from Nigeria, who is famous for writing cultural, contemporary literature, and fiction stories. She is also a famous humorist, journalist, and essayist. Author Adaobi has written a debut single novel called I Do Not Come to you by Chance. This novel has won the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize in the category of the Best First Novel in Africa in 2010. The book is also the recipient of the Betty Trask award and has been listed as one of the top books of 2009 by Washington Post. Author Adaobi was born in 1976 in Enugu, Nigeria. She was brought up by her parents, Patricia Uberife and Chukwua Hope Nwaubani in Umauahia, Abia State, which the hometown of her father. She grew up among the people of Igbo community. When Adaobi was 10 years old, she moved out from her home to study at the boarding school of Federal Girls College Owerri. Author Adaobi has obtained a degree in Psychology from the Ibadan University, which is the premier university of Nigeria.

During her teenager years, Abaobi used to dream about becoming a KGB or CIA agent. However, she developed an interest in writing very early in life. At thirteen years of age, Adaobi received her first earning after winning story-writing competition. Adaobi is related to the first lady author from Africa to publish a novel, Flora Nwapa, from her mother’s side. Flora and her mother are cousins. Adaobi grew up reading the works of Flora Nwapa and gained a tremendous amount of inspiration. While studying in the first year at the University, author Adaobi became a member of the chess team of Idia Hall. She was also a part of the choir of classical music of her university. Adaobi is included among the pioneer staff of editors of the NEXT newspapers, which has become defunct now. This newspaper was established by Dele Olojede, a journalist and winner of Pulitzer Prize. As of today, author Adaobi resides in Abuja, Nigeria. She spends her time working as a consultant. During her spare times, she tries to work on her next stories. She says that she is in the process of creating a few stories. It is expected that she will finish writing the stories soon and make them available for editing and subsequent publishing in the days to come.

In her first novel, author Adaobi has described the tale of a young Nigerian man named Kingsley. He joins his Uncle Boniface with the intention of helping his family overcome the condition of poverty. This novel is set in the world of email scams in Nigeria. Adaobi has shown concern over the African novels’ highly somber tone. She has credited the Pulitzer award winning novel of Irish-American author Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes, and has the opinion that she is capable of writing on serious issues in humorous tones. Author Adaobi admires the work of P.G. Wodehouse, a popular British humorist. The written works of author Adaobi have appeared in numerous literary journals and magazines, such as the Guardian, the NY Times, the New Yorker, etc. She is regarded as the first contemporary writer from Africa on global stage, who has received a book deal at the international level while still residing in her own country.

The debut book written by author Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani is entitled ‘I Do Not Come to You by Chance’. It was released by the Hachette Books publication in the year 2009. The setting of the plot is done in Nigeria and it features the chief characters in the form of Kingsley Ibe, Ola, Uncle Boniface, and several others. The book’s story revolves around the life of Kingsley and his family, who loves and supports him. Kingsley also loves them equally and strives to make their lives better amidst the perilous Nigerian environment full of email scams. At the start of the story of the book, it is mentioned the Kingsley Ibe is the opara of his family. Being so, he enjoys certain privileges over the others in the family, such as meat in egusi soup, permission to throw a party for celebrating his university graduation, etc.

However, there are also some responsibilities on Kingsley Ibe’s shoulders as he is the first son. The situation in Nigeria too bad, because of which it has become very difficult to live a peaceful life. Kingsley faces hardship in finding a jobs. He thinks that he has failed in taking the duty of his younger siblings’ training. Also, he expresses disappointment at not being able to provide financial stability to his parents in their age of retirement. At this point in the story, the readers are introduced to Ola. She is shown as the sweet girl and the love interest of Kingsley Ibe. He loves her very much, but thinks it does not matter as he is not capable of affording the bride price for Ola. The situation was not always so bad for Kingsley and family. Through most of his young age, Kinglsey used to believe that education was an important aspect of one’s life and it was possible to achieve anything with wisdom. But now, all his beliefs appear to have changed. He worries about finding someone who has connections with someone else who can be of help to him, or else his degrees would mean nothing but some useless pieces of paper. Later, after a great tragedy befalls on Kingsley’s family, he learns the greatest lesson in the hardest way. He realizes that education is the only way Nigeria can overcome the current perilous situation and succeed, but it will definitely require the need of money.

With the hope of getting help, Kingsley approaches Uncle Boniface. But, he makes him realize that charity always comes with some strings attached. Uncle Boniface is popular as Cash Daddy. He seems to be an exuberant person suffering from elephantiasis of pocket. He is also rumored to be running a large empire of successful email scams. Seeing Kingsley in desperate need of money, Cash Daddy agrees to help. With his intervention, the family of Kingsley can become content and safe. But, Kinglsey knows he has to required to his knowledge’s passion with his money’s hunger. He wonders how he is going to do fulfill all his duties of the eldest son without getting drawn in the outlandish mileu? The book succeeded in reaching out to a large number of readers across the globe. Numerous fellow writers and critics loved the depiction of characters and story-line by Adaobi Nwaubani. They praised the book with rave reviews on various literary platforms and motivated author Adaobi to keep developing such meaningful stories.

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