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Publication Order of Adele Sharp Books

Blake Pierce is a published author of fiction. He is known for writing the Riley Page series of mystery novels, as well as the Mackenzie White, Avery Black, Keri Locke, and Adele Sharpe series. He is a best-selling author.

As a professional writer, it should come as no surprise that Blake grew up with a love for books. As an adult, he reads avidly and has been a fan of the genres of thriller and mystery for all of his life. Today he continues the tradition and writes mysteries and thrillers of his own. He always enjoys hearing from those who read his books.

Blake Pierce is the creator and the author of the Adele Sharp series. The series first began in 2020 with the publication of the debut novel, Left to Die. The series features the main character of none other than Adele Sharp, a talented young woman who works as a special agent for the FBI. Smart and confident, she always puts her career above anything else in her life. Full of twists and turns, check out this series if you’re looking for a cool new mystery series with its fair share of thrills!

Left to Die is the first novel in the Adele Sharp thriller series of novels written by Blake Pierce. If you’re looking for a thrilling new book to check out, make this one it!

In this debut, readers get to meet the main character of Adele Sharp for the first time. Adele has her career all mapped out working for the FBI as one of their special agents. She’s not your typical agent, either. Adele is both German and French, but was raised American in the states by her parents. She maintained a triple citizenship of all three countries.

All of this of course makes her a huge asset when it comes to her job. She’s able to bring criminals in to be processed for justice, undeterred when they cross the borders of America and Europe. But Adele’s about to get a new case and a new set of challenges to contend with. A case involving a serial killer going across three different states in the U.S. has gone cold right now, though, so Adele decides that it’s time to go home for a bit.

Adele goes back to San Francisco with plans of seeing the man in her life, the one that she hopes she can spend forever with. But things can change quickly, just like that. And change they do. Long story short, a new lead comes up and the agent is sent to Paris to head up a manhunt that has reached international proportions.

The agent goes back to Europe, the one that seems so familiar from her childhood. The streets and even the people have mainly remained the same. When old pals and her father, long estranged, bring up the past and memories of her mother, Adele can feel her old obsession with solving her murder start to come alive again.

But work has to come first. Adele must track a killer and think like him in order to anticipate his next moves and potentially save another victim from dying. Can the special agent stay focused and find a monster? Or will she become too distracted by fixations of the past? Read this action and adventure novel to find out what happens!

Left to Run is the second novel in the Adele Sharp series of mystery novels by Blake Pierce. When a serial killer in Paris appears to start focusing on the American expats there, people start to get worried.

The killer is reminding the public of the exploits of Jack the Ripper. But when it comes to Adele Sharp, the FBI agent thinks that she might be able to catch this guy, unlike the famed killer who escaped capture.

For Adele, she knows she’s against the clock. She not only has to get inside this guy’s head but try to figure out what he’s going to do next. But along the way, she finds out a dark secret that no one could have ever guessed. She’s trying to solve this case and save the members of the community, but can she do it? Pick up a copy of this book and read to the end to find out!

Left to Hide is the third novel in the thrilling Adele Sharp series of novels by Blake Pierce! The thrills and the mysteries just keep on coming with the tales of this third book in the action and mystery series. Want more of the suspense? Check out this book!

A couple is murdered in Germany, and the Italian lovers’ vacation twist has caused outrage around the world. As a result, Adele Sharp is called in. The special agent has the expertise required in order to get out there and catch this killer, even if she has to cross borders to do so.

This time Adele discovers that she’s working with her father. He’s always known more about the murder of his mother than he’s divulged to her, and their relationship is still fractured. Still, the two must make the most of it. Adele’s getting over what happened in Paris and now must go to Germany to try and find a killer.

She is just going to have to try to either ignore or heal her relationship with her father and focus on work. Can Adele crack this case and track down whoever is responsible for the horrific killing of this Italian couple? Or will she find that catching a killer is easier when you’re not constantly having to deal with your estranged father and a lot of unresolved feelings between the two of you?

This FBI special agent is going to have to put her priorities in place if she wants to track down a murderer and bring them to the justice they so richly deserve. Will another victim or more be claimed by this killer instead? It’s a race against time. Pick up a copy of this book and read to the end to find out what happens!

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