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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Somewhere Over the Sun (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let's Get Lost (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Always Sometimes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
North of Happy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Didn't Ask for This (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before Takeoff (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bravest Warrior in Nefaria (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Welcome Home(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dear Heartbreak(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hungry Hearts(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's a Whole Spiel: Love, Latkes, and Other Jewish Stories(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Come On In(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
First-Year Orientation(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Adi Alsaid is an author of fiction. He was born and raised by his loving and supportive Israeli parents in Mexico City but went to the United States for college. He studied in Las Vegas at the University of Nevada and got a degree in marketing when he successfully graduated. However, he spent a lot of time there not paying attention or doing work but spending a lot of time writing and reading books instead.

In class, Adi was known to have a proclivity for reading fiction and constantly did not do the work. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that after graduating he didn’t really go into business. Instead, Adi Alsaid packed up his car and went out to the coastline of California in order to become a writer full time and enjoy a new life in a new place.

Now he lives in Mexico City. There he coaches basketball at the elementary and high school level, cooks on a regular basis and makes sure to make every dish he can as spicy as it can be, and of course, makes sure to get some writing in when he has free time. Adi also enjoys listening to music, watching basketball, and singing. He has lived in a number of locations around the world that also include Las Vegas, Tel Aviv, and Monterey, California. Adi admits that he may not be done settling down and might have yet more places to live in him.

His first novel is called Somewhere Over the Sun. It was composed in Monterey, CA, and was published in 2010. His follow-up novel is titled Let’s Get Lost and is his debut in the young adult fiction genre. It was published in 2014. His third novel is called Never Always Sometimes, published in 2015, and he has also written North of Happy published in 2017.

The main character of Somewhere Over the Sun is Alan. He is a spirited writer and a young man with an engaged imagination. When he finds out that all of the stories that he is writing have come to life, he at first doesn’t know what to do. But with the advice from his loving father spurring him on, Alan takes off on a journey to not only visit his friends but to use his newly discovered gift to help write them all lives that are happier and more satisfying.

Even though he has all of this new power, it is not a limitless power. There are restrictions to what Alan can do. He cannot make people richer by summoning pots of gold or money up out of the blue (which is probably a good thing as it deters people who would want to steal from you through conjuring). He cannot, even if he tried really hard, cure diseases. He also gets painful headaches that come with each story he lives. However, that’s the price that he supposes that he has to pay in order to have this power.

Alan wouldn’t trade his power in for anything, and he is quite a talented story writer. He appreciates the gifts that he has and is always optimistic about what their possibilities can do for the people in his life that he cares about. So he is never brought down or has bad intentions when crafting better lives for his characters. Alan just genuinely wants to do what he can for the people that he loves and help make their lives a little better. He also will not cease to create fantastical characters and complex storylines that will help make his friends lives’ more enjoyable to live.

Let’s Get Lost is Adi Alsaid’s second novel published. The main characters in this novel are all connected in one way in this story, and that way is very specific: a girl who is named Leila. Four teenagers that are located across the country all have this young girl in common, and she has come into their lives arriving in a really red car just at the time when they need her.

They want to have so many adventures, and this wild girl is the one to introduce them to what life as a teenager– and a young man– can be like. Carefree and absurd, she touches their lives in different ways. Hudson is a mechanic in a small town that really just wants to find love. He would even give up his dreams in order to achieve that. There’s also Bree, who is a runaway who may have picked up a bad habit of lifting things off stores’ hands using her own personal five finger discount system.

Then there is Elliott. He is an optimist that always sees the glass as half full. But when his own life gets a little crazy, he doesn’t know what he believes anymore. Then there is Sonja. Sonja has lost her boyfriend and she is not only devastated but wondering if it was that event that robbed her of an ability to love anyone new or in general.

So Sonja, Elliott, Bree and Hudson are all very much needing a friend in their lives when Leila comes along. With absolutely no announcement or foreshadowing whatsoever, she bursts into their lives and immediately becomes a valued part of them. They learn to love and really depend in a way on Leila. All of them feel so lucky to have found this girl and have her as their friend.

But when she leaves them, they are left without her and forever altered. But Leila is on her own thousand mile journey of her own and needs to learn some lessons. While she starts out running, Leila learns some truths about what really is important in life and finding what’s important to you– even if it’s totally by accident.

Perhaps in the end what you really need is what you care about around you, and what you need can be somewhere you thought you were going to leave behind. A poignant novel about love, growth, and friendship, this novel for Adi Alsaid is an interesting read that you’ll have to pick up for yourself in order to see this world for yourself.

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  1. Lindsey Paddock: 2 years ago

    Hi. My name is Lindsey and I recently read your book, “North of Happy”. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but felt like it ended on a cliff hanger. So, I was wondering if you were planning on making a second book, such as “South of Happy” or “North of Happy 2”. I guess I just wish there was more to the story. Thank you for your time.


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