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The Omega Scroll (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beijing Conspiracy (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Maya Codex (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inca Prophecy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alexandria Connection (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Russian Affair (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Adrian d’Hage is an Australian author of thriller books best known for his Curtis O’Connor book series. He was educated at the North Sydney Boys High School and later on The Royal Military College Danton. On graduating from the military college, Adrian d’Hage served in Vietnam where he received the military cross for his service. He served under other several capacities before retiring into writing. He was also included in the Sidney Olympics serving as a chemical, biological and nuclear threats expert.

Adrian d’Hage retired from the forces into writing, and this has been seen in the numerous publications that he has made over the years. He became a published author in 2005 when The Omega Scroll a standalone novel was published. In 2007, Adrian d’Hage published The Beijing Conspiracy the first book in Curtis O’Connor series. His books have appeared in several awards and also published in different languages.

The Beijing Conspiracy

The Beijing Conspiracy is the debut book in his Curtis O’Connor Series. A terrorist attack has been declared by the Islamic extremist group, the al-Qaeda. The president is light on this until facts point out of a possible occurrence of what has been put forward by the extremist group.

The al-Qaeda has threatened to unleash hell on earth by the use of a biological weapon. The situation becomes deadly from the fact that there is no cure for this virus and more to this, the virus has no single vaccine which implies the tremendous potency it has to cause havoc once deployed. The Whitehouse is adamant to accept and act on this threat until they learn about the Australian biochemist, Holly Braithe who has discovered the process of re-engineering a deadly virus to create a terrific weapon.

Curtis O’Connor is called in to attend to the matter as he is taken as one of the most brilliant counter-terrorism experts. It is a rush for him as he tries to identify the source of the weapon before it can be used on American soil. Some vials have been taken by the extremist group giving them the capacity to wage the war they declared. Facts point out that this is not just a religious group that is after making their threat; instead, it is a bigger group that seems to have a bigger motive than just waging war.

Adrian d’Hage points at the causes and consequences that follow when it comes to terrorism. He brings to the attention of the author history of terrorism and dark side that follows when simple warnings are ignored. He has created a unique story with a simple but exciting plot that keeps the reader engaged all along. It is one piece that one will read from cover to cover.

The Maya Codex

The Maya Codex is the second book in the Curtis O’Connor Series. Curtis and a scientist by the name Dr Aleta Weizham are out trying to retrieve the deadly Maya codex which is a document on a terrible warning for civilization.

Curtis and Dr Aleta, the archaeologist, are after retrieving the document but face a strong opposition from the Washington and Rome which will go to any extent to see that they do not extract this document. By December 2012, the earth is supposed to align in such a way that a catastrophic manner that would cause great havoc to the entire world. This is a prediction that the Mayans had made and this gives the two a hefty task. This is a journey that has reigned from the Nazi reign to the modern day Washington error.

This document that contains an alignment of coordinates that could stop the end of the world and it is hidden deep in the Guatemalan juggles so that it stays away from shaky hands. The hunt for this document has been going for a very long time spanning for over 70m ears to date. Weizman has been trusted with joining facts so that they can retrieve this document for a malicious group though he is not trusted by the Nazis.

The Vatican under cardinal Felici is also after the piece as they intend to keep it from the world with the fear that it would spread panic and a state of unrest in the world as a whole. The story gets interesting when the Vatican joins forces with the Americans which who have their ill motives. Curtis is caught up in the struggle for this document together with Weizman’s granddaughter each working for their different intentions. A complication arises when they discover that the archaeologist Weizman has hidden two of the figurines.

It is a story full of adventure, mystery and suspense. Adrian manages to grab the attention of his audience across the book through the setting of this story.

The Inca Prophesy

The Inca Prophesy is the third book in the Curtis O’Connor Series. The story is set in the Amazon jungles on the Inca prophesy amongst the ruins of Patiti. The secrets of a mysterious crystal skull bring in the attention of the CIA and the Vatican.

At the ruins of Patiti which is an ancient city of Inca lies a crystal skull that has very many secrets that will lead Dr Aleta and Curtis into a trail of dangerous events. The quest for facts on this item takes them through an adventurous and dangerous journey that almost ends them killed as they relate the evidence and facts that they come along to build what they are looking for in the deep jungle. Powers are tested and exploited as they try to lay their hands on this piece for both the Vatican and the Whitehouse.

The author is good at laying open, the greed that comes with power and the desire to have control over aspects that are beyond one’s territories. The two characters have to wade through a series of dangerous events that almost takes their lives all in the naming of searching for the truth. It is a story that depicts the struggle that exists between the few who want justice for all and those that want to have all power and riches to their selves. It is a perfect detail of antagonism between good and bad in the world.

Adrian d’Hage has managed to present an exciting and thrilling ride through the gates of power, adventure, romance and bits of humor and comedy through this one. This is a thought-provoking story the author has crafted.

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