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The End of the World Running Club (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of the World Survivors Club (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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From the Storm (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Dog on Earth (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Lives (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Human Son (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Emperor's Fate (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Adrian J Walker is an Australian contemporary thriller, and science fiction author that is best known as the author of “The End of the World Running Club” series of novels.

The author was born in the outer suburbs of Sydney during the mid seventies. His father had decided that the family was better off in the UK when he found a camper van in a ditch.

When he was just eight years old, he started writing poetry, which is something that he did right through his teenage years. It was at this time that he discovered the likes of Zadie Smith, Douglas Adams, Glen Duncan, Tom Robbins and Stephen King and decided that she wanted to become an author.
She had several false starts and spent a few weeks on an isolated New Zealand beach when she was in her twenties. However, it would not be until she was in her thirties that she completed writing the manuscript for “From the Storm,” her first work that was published in 2016.

Walker has for a long time been interested in words, music and technology and hence it would surprise no one that he started working in software development following his graduation from Leeds.
But once he published his debut post apocalyptic fiction work full of hope, love and endurance that would go on to become a bestseller, he decided to pursue a career in authorship. The novel has been featured in several book clubs including the “Simon Mayo Radio 2 Book Club.”

As for his influences, Adrian Walker has said that his biggest is his fears as every one of the novels he writes has at least one scene from his dreams. He is also a huge reader of non fiction works and he likes to write what he reads. Since he loves reading post apocalyptic fiction, he has always wanted to write in the genre.
Moreover, he had loved reading “Lucifer’s Hammer” when he was in his teens and loved the idea of emptiness in both the social and physical sense. Adrian believes that removing all the modern appliances, conveniences and constructs that we take for granted in our world makes it possible to write about interesting aspects of character.
He currently lives with his wife and children in Aberdeen.

“The End of the World Running Club” by Adrian J Walker introduces Edgar, a man who can be said to be terrible but is a tad lazy. One morning after he had a few too many drinks, the earth is hit by an apocalypse which means he has to rise to the occasion.

He has to banish his laziness and find a place to hunker down while figuring what to do. While trying to survive, he stumbles into other people who just like him are trying to survive and a great many that have lost their morals and become savages.

Many people now have deadly and hidden motives and he will have to be very careful if he is not to become prey.
It is something of “The Walking Dead” though with a more stoic feel for the lead in darkly comedic times in a story told with dry wit. The lead often engages in philosophical interludes regarding the human condition which are quite interesting.

It is a novel that is three quarters apocalyptic and a quarter running tale though there is perseverance and endurance in every movel. You get to spend time smelling the stink from the decaying matter and in a cellar gasping for water and air.

You also get to spend time in military bases trying to find anything useful from the wreckage and scavenging through the ravaged cities. But there will also be great passages where you learn all about the mentality of running.

The End of the World Survivors Club by Adrian J Walker’s follows on from where the first novel of the series left off. In the previous novel, Edgar Hill ran across the length of the country to find Beth, his wife and two children. This novel is told from the perspective of Beth who narrates what happened when the apocalypse hit their world.

When the asteroids hit the earth, life as we know it changed for Beth and her children as law and order broke down, governments ceased to exist, huge swathes of the Earth were flooded and communications systems were wiped out. But she had managed to survive with her toddler and baby in tow as she hung on to life in an evacuation camp.

It was a place that had some of the most hellish conditions any human had ever endured. What they did not know was that her husband Edgar is struggling but determined to come to them. At the opening of the story, she hops on a cruise ship ferrying a few of the survivors to Cape Town.
Unfortunately, Ed lacks the necessary papers which means they cannot go together and hence they have to be separated. On the ship, she befriends Mary, a woman who helps her take care of the children when she is helping fix the ship’s computer using her varied IT skills.
But then her children are taken from her and she will do anything to get them back.

Adrian J Walker’s “The Last Dog on Earth” is set in a virtually empty London in 2021. There have been too many political upheavals that have caused most people to abandon the city.
Reginald Hardy who once had a thriving electrician business stays put since he never liked crowds anyway. Staying isolated in his little flat surveying the city with his binoculars keeps him perfectly happy. He also has with him Lineker his dog whose company he would never exchange with that of any human he knew before.

But his life of bliss had been rudely interrupted when soldiers stopped outside his flat. He had believed that everyone had left the city but now there was a mob of these purple clad people just outside his home.

A confrontation soon occurs with the few people still left in the neighborhood and once everything dies down, the devastation is terrible. Reginald finds himself saddled with a mute seven year old, even as he has never been responsible for another human being in his life.
He decides that he will escort the little girl to safety and Lineker could not be more thrilled. But things rarely go to plan and Reginald soon finds himself in a lot of trouble.

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