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Child of the Living Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A Vampire's Tale (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Fox (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ever since he was nine years old, Adrian Scott has always been penning down short stories. While he was growing up, Adrian Scott had a rather unusual childhood, mainly because he was battling with Rheumatic Fever and its health challenges. Rheumatic Fever was prevalent with Australian children during the 1950’s. After his parents stopped Scott from pursuing a career in Commercial Art and Journalism, Scott decided to leave school when he was only 15 years old. During this period, Adrian Scott held a series of jobs including serving for the Royal-Australian army. In the year 1969, Adrian Scott married immediately after he decided to leave the Royal-Australian army. However, Scot’s marriage did not last for long as the marriage came to an end in the year 1975. In the year 1980, Scott married Penny, his second wife.

In the year 1984, Penny and Adrian Scott relocated to Queensland. While in Queensland, Adrian decided to join Mitchel College, where he undertook undergraduate studies. Scoot was awarded an associate diploma in Journalism and Theatre Arts. Later on, he was awarded a Public Relations graduate diploma. In the year, 2008 when his daughters had finally left home, Adrian Scott and Penny decided to sell their family home and eventually relocated to a retirement village located in Queensland. At the retirement home, Adrian Scott took care of his dying wife until her death in the year 2011. However, more than four years ago, Adrian Scott decided to change to writing novels. At the moment, Adrian Scott has written more than 70 books, 30 of which have been published by Rebecca J Vickery and Renaissance books in the United States. Scott has three daughters.

Adrian Scott Best Books
The Road-Gets Better From Here
With no kind of support and virtually no experience, Adrian Scott decides to embark on a journey with his basic stock bicycle, to more than nine countries. Scott aims to visit nine countries in less than three months. Scott begins from bleak, the former getaway city of Magadan, in Siberia. However, before he could even begin his journey, Adrian Scott crashes and in the process breaks his Bradley and in the process injuring himself. Due to the fact that Adrian Scott is alone, he struggles through the swamps, mud tracks, and bogs. While at the famous icy rapids, Road of Bones, Adrian Scott nearly drowns. Despite the fact that it is already summer in Siberia, it is not only freezing but also the rain is relentless.

Nonetheless, Adrian Scott still soldiers on. When the sun eventually appears in Siberia, giant squadrons of mosquitos attack Adrian. With the giant bears roaming around, Adrian Scott knows that he cannot stop. Many at times, Adrian Scott rides for days. On several occasions, Adrian’s sheer strengths save his life. It does not take long before Adrian eventually manages to battle his way into central Russia and eventually into the Steppes of Kazakhstan. Eventually, Scoot arrives in remote Western China in the Taklimakan Deserts. Adrian then scales across the breathtaking Pamirs and rides through the world’s roof before he eventually enters the fabled road cities of Bukhara, Chive, and Samarkand. Every turn that Adrian Scott makes he meets with a wide array of characters. Each of the characters that Scott meets has their own stories to tell and expect nothing in return. Some of these characters include frontier road workers, Siberian truck drivers, border guards, modern-day traders and drug-addled soldiers.

A Vampire’s Tale
A Vampire’s Tale is the first installment in the Society of Vampires book series. In this installment, author Adrian Scott introduces the readers to The Society, which is under the guidance of Lord Tarkus. The Society has managed to establish a safe house where vampires will not only seek sustenance but refuge as well. An Accord had been signed with Paris Gypsy Clan, a clan that not only battles the enemies of the vampires but also serves the vampires as well. There are numerous enemies of the vampires who seek to not only destroy the vampire lair but also to destroy the residents. One of the vampires is believed to be a traitor, and thus they face a battle at every turn. Their mission is to save their lord Tarkus and also preserve the vampire society too.

In Vampire’s Tale the protagonist, shares how he managed to fall in love with one of the beautiful Nosferatu’s. He also shares how he ended up becoming a member of the society. With that said, A Vampire’s Tale is a brilliantly written book, which is centered on the Society, a group of vampires led by Lord Tarkus.

Child of the Living Dead
Child of the Living Dead is the first installment in the Sins of the Mason book series. In Child of the Living Dead, we meet with the Comtess and Comte, who are enjoying island life. The Comtess and Comte are building a coffee and cane plantation for Charles, their son. However, it does not take long before the slave’s uprisings begin. The result is that their home is burnt to the ground, as they fight to not only stay alive but also retain their holdings. The unacceptable and unthinkable happens; Charles, their only child, is shot. Haiti, the location where the Child of the Living Dead is set is a land that is full of mystery and magic as well as voodoo. In their desperation and grief, the Comte and Comtesse decide that not only ends up changing their lives but also the battle between evil and good.

Return of the Fox
Return of the Fox is the second installment in the Society of the Vampires book series. In this installment, author Adrian Scott introduces the readers to the Gypsy Clan, who are the werewolves. Lord Tarkus protects the protagonist and his wife. The protagonist did all he could to ensure that the enemies of the Society were destroyed. For a long time, the Society believed all was well, until one day the villagers, vampires, and gypsies begin to disappear after an old man resurfaces. Finally, the protagonist has no choice but to flee with his family to Australia, his homeland. However, as he, later on, comes to learn, there is no place in this world, that is truly safe from the Fox.

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