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Adriana Anders is an American author that hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachians. Her writing is best described as dark romance that is full of heart yet smart. Her debut novel “Under Her Skin” was written in 2014 and was first published in 2017. Over the years, Anders has taken a variety of jobs ranging from correcting copy, slinging cocktails, singing, and acting. She has also worked for small nonprofits, multinationals, and startups. However, she has always had a love for romance having been a voracious reader of the genre during her childhood and more youthful years. As such, it was only a matter of time before she went back to her first love when she decided to revive her interest in writing fiction in 2013. Signing up with Sourcebooks in 2015, she published her first novel in the Blank Canvas series. Her debut novel “Under Her Skin” was the winner of the best unpublished contemporary romance awarded by Heartland Romance Writers and New Jersey Romance Writers.

As a college student, Adriana would spend countless hours lost in fantasies of secret trysts in the stacks. She loved being in the library, particularly one isolated corner in the basement, which made the perfect venue for her fantasy rendezvous with her princes. Unfortunately, as much as she loved libraries and librarians, they often turned out to be her worst enemies, particularly when it came to school attendance. Anders collected library books throughout her high school and middle school years, binge reading them like a maniac. She would often pull all nighters and then had to fake illnesses the morning after, because she spent her entire night with Julie Garwood or Barbara Michaels. When she left for college, her parents were left with a mountain of books she had conveniently forgotten to return to the library. They probably had to pay substantial fines for her years of hoarding. She still has a problem returning library books, probably because she always likes a good book and hates to part with one before reading it two or three times. Today, she lives with her French husband, their two children, and a French fat cat in a small town overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, from where she writes her emotional, gritty, and dark romances.

Anders greatest influence has been Susan Elizabeth Phillips, whom she loves for the exceptional way that she puts characters into situations that they cannot extricate themselves. When they finally manage to extricate themselves, the payoff is usually explosive which is what she wants in every romance she reads. She also loves romances from authors such as Anne Calhoun, Cara McKenna, and Megan Hart that provide deep points of view and intense emotions. Adriana Anders believes that a romance novel can only be a great read if it has three elements; the connection, the struggle, and the partnership. The hero and heroine will usually end up together because of the connection which may either be extra hot chemistry or simply the fact of being soul mates. A good romance needs to have somewhat insurmountable odds, such as the hero struggling to break through her hard as nails determination, or his depression keeping him from acknowledging a good thing that has come into his life. Partnership is an important element in any romance as it is by teaming up that two people het to do what they could never do apart. When partnership is introduced near the end, it makes for the happily ever after, since the characters realize how good they are together. She of course spices it all up with kink, faith, mystery, and humor among others.

She was inspired to write novels about tattoos by a story she heard on the radio about a woman who made it her life’s work to remove tattoos from victims of abuse, pro bono. Though she does not have any tattoos herself given a skin condition that makes her super sensitive to tattooing, she has learnt a lot about the art of writing them ever since. She never really set out to write romances about tattooing, but rather about new beginnings related to ink. The Blank Canvas series at its very basic is concerned with the skin and how much power we get when we get it back through tattoo removal. Her novels are stories of determination and hope, and ultimately of survival. They feature protagonists with heart wrenching histories, who are struggling to overcome these dark pasts. Scars, branding and tattoos are a fitting metaphor for everything they have endured and serve as a reminder of their torrid histories. For her characters, even as life experiences may be etched onto the skin, the skin will heal, renew, and regenerate erasing the ink making it possible to forget the scars. The challenge is moving forward with the flaws at the core of their being.

“Under Her Skin” is an emotional roller coaster featuring two sympathetic, but broken protagonists, which bring out each other’s strengths, as they seek healing from previous toxic relationships. Uma is running from an abusive boyfriend that just spent the night torturing her by covering her body full of tattoos. Arriving in the small town of Blackwood, VA, she heads to a local skin clinic where she has heard there may be free tattoo removal services for abused victims. Finding a job with an elderly woman who needs a live in companion, she is soon attracted to a self-defense teacher and metalworker, Ivan who lives in the house next door. The playful, growing trust, integrity, kindness, and steamy chemistry soon starts building up between the two as they hope to start a long-term relationship. Anders writes an emotional tale full of an interesting cast of characters such as the local bartender, Ivan’s sister, Uma’s reclusive employer, and the town.

“By Her Touch”, the second novel in the Blank Canvas series of novels is an emotionally satisfying and gripping tale that takes us back to Blackwood, VA. After infiltrating and dismantling a vicious biker gang that goes by the name of the Sultans that had murdered his sister, Clay Navarro an undercover detective now needs to stay alive to testify at the trial. But his biggest problem are the tattoos all over his body and face make anonymity almost impossible. Enter Georgette Hadley, a woman mourning her late husband who recognizing the pain of a fellow sufferer, offers her tattoo removal services to him after hours, off the books, and no questions asked. The chemistry starts to rise as soon as skin contact is initiated. Clay is fearful that indulgence in their growing passion and his untreated PTSD may just make Georgette more vulnerable to the biker gang looking for him, while his lover is testing the very boundaries of professional conduct. The town’s citizens, especially the kindly and astute sheriff Mullen sensitive to the plight of the two, come in to offer them a sense of community and encouragement to risk their heats and break down walls.

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