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About Adriana Barros
The fantasy and Young Adult novelist Adriana Barros is an author with a strong imagination and a lot to say. Taking her readers on a journey, her stories are fantastical adventures filled with fun and whimsy, allowing the readers to fall into her rich and immersive world. This is clearly evident in her sales, as she has become hugely popular with readers from all around the world, her writing resonating. Knowing her audience well, she definitely writes from the heart, as her personal and idiosyncratic style has become very much her own. It has also allowed her to say something of her own too, with themes and ideas that aren’t typically found, giving her audience something interesting to think about.

Writing for the Young Adult demographic, Barros knows her audience well, speaking to them in a manner that’s direct and to the point. Her use of the fantasy genre is also extremely well observed too, bringing the story to life in a manner quite unlike any other writers in a similar field currently out there. The magic she imbues her worlds with is highly imaginative, feeling wholly real, despite their fantastical settings. She also brings an element of mystery to her novels too, which brings not only a sense of wonder, but intrigue as well.

Her use of characters also reflects this, with her attention to detail when it comes to outlining who they are as people. Feeling fully three-dimensional upon the page, they essentially come to life for the reader, allowing them to see the story through their eyes. This brings it altogether for the audience, letting the story come alive on its own terms, conveying a deeper story that truly resonates. Staying with the reader long after they’ve put the book down too, Barros ensures that each and every one of her novels leaves a lasting impact.

An active writer and presence both online and off, Adriana Barros is a prolific author who often voices herself on her and her craft. Maintaining a presence on social-media, she has gained a following of readers from all over, eagerly awaiting each release with anticipation. She’s also received critical acclaim from her fellow peers and contemporaries too, gaining many good reviews for her work. This is something that will definitely continue for a long time yet, as she’s an author with a lot more to say.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in Brazil, Adriana Barros would grow up with a strong passion for both reading as well as writing, along with literature in general. This would develop over time, with her beginning to establish a voice for herself, and one that would become very much her own. Setting herself apart, she would begin to look at the genre of fantasy, coming to find her own unique approach to what it had to offer.

Breaking down a myriad of different issues through her work, she’d come to be hailed as a highly distinctive novelist for her themes as well. Graduating in International Relations, she would also live in Sweden for some time after getting married, before dedicating herself to her writing. Currently living in Orlando, Florida, she lives with her husband, as she carries on writing, with plenty more novels planned.

Writing Career:
In 2020, Adriana Barros would finally bring her ambition of being a writer to fruition, with the publication of ‘The Magical Life of Lola Bloom’. This would be a fantasy novel featuring the central protagonist of Lola Bloom, as she comes to question the nature of reality and the world around her. Clearly passionate about the art of storytelling, she would take the form in new and interesting directions over the course of her career. Appreciated by the critics and the general public alike, her writing career will go on from strength-to-strength, as more and more discover her work every day.

The Magical Life of Lola Bloom
Initially brought out through the ‘Darkstroke’ publishing label, this would first come out on the 26th of March in 2020. Introducing Adriana Barros as a writer for the very first time, it would be her debut novel establishing both her style and her tone. Working as a self-contained stand-alone novel too, it would be easy for readers to instantly pick up, with it not being a part of any series as such.

Looking at the nature of fantasy, and what it means, this uses the genre to deal with some deeper interesting themes and ideas. Analyzing the nature of reality through the prism of fantasy, it manages to really get to the core of what drives the human imagination. The characters are what really drive this home too, with their believable and well drawn personalities that fully ground the story. There’s also a study of what real at the heart of everything, allowing the story to really push itself in terms of the territory covered. Addicting and compelling, the story immediately pulls the audience in, and this definitely has all the makings of an instant classic.

Never quite fitting into the world around her, Lola Bloom has never truly felt understood, feeling somewhat alone and isolated. That’s when she’s involved in a car accident, leading to her discovering that her parents have been concealing a huge secret from her. Visiting a strange world following the accident, she finds that not only have her eyes transformed purple, but her father has been kidnapped. Travelling through a new parallel world, she comes to realize that this is the true place of her own origin, as she understands who she actually is. As royalty in the land of Lumen, she must travel on to Leike’s Land, where her father is, as she has to defeat the villainous Elof. The only problem is that he doesn’t seem all that dangerous, leading to her questioning what could easily be madness. Will she discover the truth of it all and what’s really going on? Can she restore order to the kingdom of Lumen? What will become of the magical life of Lola Bloom?

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