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Publication Order of Adrian's Undead Diary Books

Publication Order of Tales from the World of Adrian's Undead Diary Books

By: Chris Philbrook, Jeremy Flagg

“Adrian’s Undead Diary” Series is a set of novels by Chris Philbrook, a horror fiction author from New Hampshire. The author has several years experience as an author with several series to his name. He is also a proficient game developer, editor and fiction author who has written for major game design companies. Even though Philbrook loved writing and reading as a teenager, he pursued degrees in psychology and business in college. However, he went back to his first love once he was done with college. He published “Dark Recollections” his debut novel in 2013 and has never looked back since. He now has several fantasy novels in the “Kinless Trilogy,” the urban fantasy works “The Reemergence” and his most popular “Adrian’s Undead Diary,” which is a post-apocalyptic/horror series. “Colony Lost” his debut science fiction work has been a critically acclaimed work. In addition to his novel, he has published several novellas and short stories in the horror genre and been the editor of two anthologies. Outside horror, he publishes his novels under the pseudonym W.J. Orion. He is an avid video game player, reader, miniature games player, writer, role player, father and husband.

Chris Philbrook’s journey to becoming a published author represents Gimli’s of the “Lord of the Rings” series. He had a ton of rejections though he would not give up. He had always loved post apocalyptic/zombie stories and was obsessed with the “Romero” movies growing up. Chris would often team up with his friends and make plans on how to survive an apocalypse and since then, he has never fallen out of love with the genre. He still theorizes a lot about the apocalypse and it is from this that he writes his novels. The first story he wrote was on his blog and he never meant for it to get published. But then it took off and become an internet phenomenon that he got a publishing offer which he took. He would later decide to go the self publishing route and has never looked back as he has gone on to become a full time author.

“Adrian’s Undead Diary” series of novels is an epic eight part series that went viral on the Internet after Chris Philbrook published the first story on his blog. The lead is Adrian Ring, a guilt stricken man living in a post apocalyptic world ridden with guilt as he does not believe he deserves to live. But he soon realizes that he lives for a very important reason. He is a former military man who suddenly realizes that his world will never been the same again after an apocalypse. He checks on his mother and visits the homes of several friends to find that each party has been hit differently by the disaster. He is soon all by himself and gets a few hours of electricity every day which he decides to use to journal his experiences. The novels start with the first day of the apocalypse as he starts writing in his journal. His fears are very real even though he uses his military training to cope with very difficult circumstances. He also uses a sense of humor to keep himself sane. As he starts thinking of doing more in his quest for survival, he comes up with all manner of interesting ideas that give him control over his life.

“Dark Recollections” the first novel of the “Adrian’s Undead Diary” series opens to Adrian Ring’s world turned upside down. He is in a world full of chaos in which he has to deal with legions of desperate survivors and a plague of the undead. But while you would think that you would be more afraid of the undead, it is the living that can be more dangerous. He retreats to Auburn Lake preparatory Academy in an attempt to rescue family and friends. On the way, he has to dance around the insanity of the dead and living who could rob him of everything he has and kill him. He managed to save Otis his cat but is forced to shoot his mother who had joined the legions of the undead. Dark Recollection the debut novel is a story of Adrian’s survival on that very first day as seen through his eyes. Several short stories are intertwined with his own to show a world taken over by unimaginable dark forces.

The second novel of the Adrian’s Undead Diary series “Alone No More” opens to Adrian realizing that one of his neighbors had survived the apocalypse. Gilbert Donohue is a former green beret that is as grumpy as hell even though his survival means that Adrian could not have been luckier. He has been struggling to live in the new normal and has found scavenging for supplies full of the walking dead to be a dangerous undertaking. He has managed to stay alive by being smarter than his fellow survivors and faster than the hungry dead who roam all over his hometown. But his life is just about to get even more dangerous and complicated as some familiar faces come back into town. But they have been followed by some not so friendly folk. Sometimes the only thing that could keep one alive in the harshest cold of winter is another person’s blood spilled.

“Midnight” by Chris Philbrook sees getting more dangerous and stranger by the day. Abby and her family had been followed by the people of Westfield who had tried to kill them. Nothing could be more dangerous as Adrian and his friends are facing up to a very treacherous foe. Some local survivors had congregated and organized themselves into a band of robbers led by the former chief of police. Operating from an empty factory, they are crossing swords with the Williams clan and Adrian. In the meantime, the bloodthirsty tyrant who heads up the Westfield colony is seething after Adrian manages to beat off repeated attempts to take the colony he worked so hard to build. If they cannot get to Adrian, they are soon going to go for those near him. It is a very dangerous and fluid situation and Adrian does not know who to trust in a world in which it is almost everyone for himself. They still have to figure out why the dead returned and why they have such a thirst for killing and consuming the living.

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