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The Daughters (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Invitation to a Bonfire (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
End of the World House (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Apocalypse How? (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The O. Henry Prize Stories 2016(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Adrienne Celt is a cartoonist, avid reader, and cartoonist from Tucson Arizona who made his debut with her novel “The Daughters,” which was published in 2015.
This was the work that made the shortlist for the Crawford Award in 2016 and the shortlist for the Southwest Book Award in 2015.

Other novels she penned would go on to win the Financial Times Best Book of the Year, an Amazon Top 10 Book of the Month, the Henry Prize, and an Indie Next Pick.

Her essays and short fiction have appeared in the likes of The Lit Hub, Esquire, Electric Literature, The Kenyon Review, Prairie Schooner, Epoch, and The Tin House Open Bar among many others.
As a cartoonist, her comics have been published in the likes of The Southeast Review, The Rumpus, Broad! Magazine, The Toast, and Bat City Review among many other places.

Adrienne’s translations, fiction, essays, and comics have been widely published.

Her work has also been honored by many residencies and awards such as the Aspen/Esquire Short Short Fiction Contest, the Willapa Bay Artist in Residence Program, and the storySouth Million Writers Award.
She has also taught composition, rhetoric, and creative writing at StoryStudio Chicago, the National University of Singapore, and Arizona State University.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Russian language and philosophy, Adrienne Celt got a job working for Google’s advertising division.

Working for Google, she used to pen industry-specific and sales-driven marketing materials such as direct mail, email campaigns, white papers, client newsletters, and website copy.

In a previous role, she was the manager and founder of the “Authors@Google” speaker series Chicago branch. This is a live program that offers one of the largest libraries of author interviews and readings.
At some point, Celt felt too burned out and thought she needed to find an escape by going back to her love for words. Before she went to graduate school, she felt a voice in her head telling her she needed to make stories.
She would ultimately head to Arizona State University where she got her MFA degree in 2012. It was at Arizona State University that she began taking herself seriously as an author and learned that she needed to be more purposeful.
While working on her MFA, she finally had the chance to know what it took to become successful as an author.

Ever since Adrienne Celt graduated from college, she published “The Daughter” her debut novel, and has gone on to become a very successful author. It was a work that she began penning as part of her master’s thesis while she was at Arizona State.
While she has become a very popular author, she still works for several media platforms drawing comics and also works as a contractor for Google.

She still retains her ambitions and works on a variety of projects since she still loves literature and is a lifelong writer and reader.

Outside of her writing, she is an editor who has worked with the likes of Olga Tokarzuk and Haruki Murakami. Adrienne is also the author of a weekly webcomic at “Love Among the Lampreys.”

Adrienne Celt’s novel “End of the World House” is the story of Kate and Bertie who have been friends for years. As such, when they see their society is crumbling they decide to head to Paris for a last hurrah.
While they are at a pub in Paris one night just before they leave, a stranger comes up to them promising to get them into the Louvre on a holiday when it is usually closed.

They agree to the private tour and on the following day, they walk the corridors of the world-famous museum completely alone.

However their relationship just like many others has its challenges and when they go their separate ways, they cannot find their way back to each other.

Things go haywire when Kate goes missing and Bertie discovers they are in a loop and each day seems to play in repeat over and over again.

It is a very original and trippy story about letting go and fighting for relationships in our lives. The bond between Bertie and Kate is deeply realistic and beautiful, particularly with all the inside jokes, gestures, and insecurities shared.

“Invitation to a Bonfire” by Adrienne Celt is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a dangerous love triangle, which the author has said found inspiration in the infamous Nabokov marriage.

The work is set in the 1920s and the lead is a young refugee named Zoya Adropova who comes from Russia. She found herself in a boarding school in New Jersey which is something of an alien landscape after coming from the Soviet Union.
Having lost her sense of purpose, her home, and her family, she struggles to belong, which is made even more difficult by the United States’ paranoia about Russian spies and the malice her classmates visit on scholarship students.
When she meets Leo Orlov a fellow Russian immigrant and visiting writer whose books she has had an obsession with for years, she thinks that her luck has turned.

However, she soon realizes that the writer is not what she needs to cure his loneliness. He is bound to the bizarre control by Vera his wife and is too committed to his art.
As we unravel Vera’s fate and the mystery of Lev and Zoya, we get deep insights into ethical fidelity, national allegiance, and class distinctions.

Adrienne Celt’s “The Daughters” is a riveting work of literary fiction that introduces the lead as Lulu. Since the birth of her daughter which caused her a lot of trauma, the internationally renowned soprano has been unable to utter a single note.
She thinks the trauma has made her too fragile and that her talent has been victim to the long dreaded spell that all mothers in her family suffer from.

When she was still a kid, Ada her strong-willed grandmother used to tell her all manner of stories about the Polish countryside where she grew up. She tells her of a sinister bargain, desperate hope, and young love that changed the family forever.
Since the pact, every mother in the family would get a daughter which would exact a very high cost from the mother.

Growing up, Her grandmother was the first person who recognized her talent when she was very young and living in Chicago, where she used to watch her mother perform in packed concert halls.
But then the curse struck as Lulu’s mother who was an elusive and sultry singer of jazz stopped singing and then disappeared from their lives.

Lulu now finds herself on the brink with her daughter as she weighs the burden of the curse and the love she has for her child.

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