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Sky in the Deep (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl the Sea Gave Back (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Spells for Forgetting (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unmaking of June Farrow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sea of Unspoken Things (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Storyteller's Workbook: An Inspirational, Interactive Guide to the Craft of Novel Writing (With: Isabel Ibañez) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Adrienne Young writes novels from the genre of young adult fantasy, whose debut novel, called “Sky in the Deep” was released in the year 2018. It was named one of the most anticipated young adult books of the year 2018.

She was born and raised in the state of Texas and became a California girl. She lives with her four kids and her husband (who makes documentary films, and together, they all take in the rays of the California sun).

She loves food, as well as history, has a shameless coffee addiction, and loves to travel. Adrienne finds that she is obsessed with the past, and that obsession has found its way into her work and influenced it. During the time she is not writing, she will be at antique fairs (to find old books), sipping wine during long dinners, on her yoga mat, or at art museums that she likes the most. She is someone that enjoys learning, as well, and will buy any book about art history she can find. She is enraptured by our connection with that which is around us and each other as well as the human spirit.

Adrienne loves all kinds of books, some of which include: “Harry Potter”, “Six of Crows”, “Little Women”, and “The Glass Castle”.

She has enjoyed writing since elementary school and had some awesome teachers that encouraged her at it. It was in the fourth grade that she stared at a book in the library and imagined that it was her name on it. It was not until she was about 24 years old that she tried doing something about that dream, which is one she never really let go of. Publication was not even something she dared to try until some years later; a time that she worked on many projects, and got rejected a lot before selling a book.

Mrs. Zweig (who was Adrienne’s third grade teacher) is the first person to tell Adrienne that she was a writer. It was not until she was in the fourth grade when she wrote a retribution poem to the bully in the class for ripping out pages of her math book. Before being given detention, the principal even gave her a compliment.

She finds writing to be a kind of sanctuary for a soul that is solitary, as it is a chance to leave this life here and tell someone else’s story. Whether it is fact or fiction. She finds that she is transfixed while she creates a fantasy world’s walls and the heroes that make up the world with her laptop’s keys.

Once the sun goes down, the sweater gets put on, and the coffee is poured, and away she goes. She follows the breadcrumbs of whatever is waiting for her to chisel it out of the word storm that is perpetually swirling in her head.

She has had the chance to share things she has written to Darling Magazine, in the capacity of a regular contributor. She has also served as assistant editor, writer, and a member of the creative team for a documentary called “The Pink Room”. It is an Emmy winning documentary that investigates the human trafficking going on in Cambodia.

She finds that she has been immersed in the worlds of her own books.

Adrienne’s best ideas come to her while she is driving. The idea for her first novel, “Sky in the Deep” came while she was driving during a rain storm while she drove on a country road and Laurel’s “Into the Hills” was playing. Adrienne pulled the car over to the road, scribbled some notes on a torn envelope, and drove home. She called up her critique partner, and that was all it took.

Selling the book was a quick one. A month after hiring an agent, in early 2017, she sold the book at auction. It was actually on her birthday that it sold, and she was quite excited when Wednesday Books offered to publish her book. Wednesday Books is a company that, at the time, were in their first year working as an imprint. They publish some great books by some authors with a lot of talent, and she considers herself grateful just to be with them. She finds herself very fortunate finding Eileen Rothschild, who is an incredible editor.

“Sky in the Deep” is the first novel published by Adrienne Young and was released in the year 2018. Eelyn (who is seventeen years old) lives in a world that is at war. She has been raised to be able to fight with the clansman of Aska in a blood feud going back generations against the Riki. She lives a brutal life but a simple one: she has to survive and fight. Then she sees the impossible while on the field of battle. It is her brother, one that she saw die five years back, and now he is fighting with the enemy.

She is shown here her own brother’s betrayal, and has to live out the winter while in the mountains with the rest of the Riki. That is if she would like to go return to the fjord once it thaws. She starts seeing things in the people she has always been taught she has to hate in herself. The world she use to know is starting to fall apart on her. The village is raided by a clan most believe is just myth, and Eelyn has to trust Fiske. Fiske is a friend of her brother’s that has tried multiple times to kill her. Working with one another, they have to end the blood feud that exists between both clans. Either that or continue to see their clans get killed.

This is a story that grips you and you even feel the ice melt on you while adrenaline is taking over your heart. Fans of the novel found Young brings to life some multi dimensional and fascinating characters in a darkly beautiful world. It is all rich and evocative. The book breaks your heart, builds it back up even better than it was before. Some enjoyed the epic battle scenes that are found in the novel, as the story gets going right off the bat and does not get dull for an instant.

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