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Publication Order of Divinicus Nex Chronicles Books

Demons at Deadnight (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drop Dead Demons (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demons in Disguise (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hex Boys in Disguise (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Divinicus Nex Chronicles Short Stories/Novellas

Interview With a Hex Boy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Paranormal Poisons Books

Midnight Poison (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

A&E Kirk is a mother/daughter bestselling authors of new adult and young adult paranormal romance thrillers known for their hilarious humor, sexy guys with abs to kill for, feisty and snarky heroines, dangerous paranormal beings, action and adventure. When asked about their story, they love to say that they were in and out of inter-dimensional supernatural penitentiaries before they decided that they did not want to make cover stories for secret cabals anymore and hence started writing paranormal fiction. They were lucky to be pardoned by the High Command of the Supernatural Continuum, who let them back to Earth instead of ordering a slow torturous death by a flesh-eating squid. Their first novel was “Demons at Deadnight” that was the first of the bestselling Divinicus Nex Chronicles. The novel went on to become a bestselling title on Amazon the same as their second title “Drop Dead Demons.” When Alyssa is not writing, she loves to watch TV about paranormal beings, exercise to get rid of the carbs she loves to eat, play board games, watch anime, listen to music and take care of a horse, a cat and two dogs that the family owns. Eileen her mother loves pretty much the same stuff and loves to describe herself as wife and mother that has been married for twenty-five years with three adorable and crazy children. She also loves to cook anything with chocolate.

Alyssa did not always want to be an author as all she dreamed of was to be a veterinarian. However, she soon realized that she was not good with the science stuff and did not like blood, all of which were critical if she wanted to be a vet. She then pivoted and decided that she wanted to train horses only to realize she is allergic to horses. Out of the blue Alyssa one day realized that she loved to daydream and then thought why not make it into a career. As for Eileen, she had always wanted to be a writer and had been writing ever since she was the editor of the college newspaper. However, she never thought that she would one day write with her daughter. Once Alyssa had something on paper, she showed it to Eileen who thought it was a good manuscript. Together they started attending classes, lectures and conferences and then polished the manuscript and started querying agents. They got the obligatory rejections but finally got an agent though they did not get any publishing houses interested in enough but came close. Since their agent lost interest in them after the first failure, they decided to look into self-publishing rather than find another agent. Working with freelance formatters, artists, and editors, they finally published “Demons at Deadnight” in 2012.

Demons at Deadnight came about from Alyssa’s daydreams as a teenager. She lived in a town where cellphones were not a thing as they used walkie talkies. Since she lived an hour from civilization and did not even have a license, she was bored out of her mind. Looking over the mountains, she thought about what college to go to and what to do with her life. Alyssa thought that it would be cool of a cute boy moved next door and demons attacked as they would team up to fight them. This is where Eileen her mother came in as she had always loved Alyssa’s writing. She had read many of her stories and especially loved the 300-page novel she had completed at only thirteen. She was blown away by the Demons at Deadnight manuscript and thought it was awesome though it needed some work. Nonetheless, Eileen was overjoyed when her daughter asked her to work with her to complete the novel. Working together they usually divide the plots between them with each writing a consecutive one. They then switch roles to become editors as they tweak and correct the scenes and plotlines written by the other. It is not a glamorous process and they often bicker but the fact that they have a bestselling series in the “Divinicus Nex Chronicles” series is a testament to how good a working relationship they have.

A&E Kirk debut novel “Demons at Deadnight” is the story of the Lahey family that has moved to a small town called Gossamer Falls. But the town is full of paranormal activity that centers around Aurora a seventeen-year-old girl. Aurora soon finds herself deep in the evil manifestations and secrets that involve the Hex Boys that she grew up with. They are now top-notch demon slayers as grown-up young men. Aurora presently finds herself the target of several paranormal groups both bad and good and neither the Hex Boys nor any other person knows why. There is heart-stopping action and non-stop threats and the team can barely keep up with some very dangerous demons. Aurora is lucky that she has a guardian angel who comes in just in time to save her from very difficult situations. Once the Hex Boys begin to trust her, they make a great team and Aurora joins in the fight against the demons. Now that she is part of them, it gets even more dangerous but it seems like she has nine lives though she has had several close calls.

In “Drop Dead Demons” the second novel of the “Divinicus Nex Chronicles” series, Aurora finally discovers the reason why the paranormal want to kill her. But she still does not know how to stop them though she did discover that she has some lethal powers. She also gets backup from the Hex Boys who she can always count on. But then a seductive stranger comes onto the scene with a deadly ultimatum and the team now has to find the legendary Mangatum treasure so that they can shift power in their favor. They are pursued by mythical demons and have to traverse the dark world and in the process unearth a brutal conspiracy and a centuries-old mystery. It is a world in which nothing or no one is as they seem and betrayal and love are the order of the day. Those who are not careful and trust the wrong people get their hearts broken but could also get killed. Aurora has to avoid getting caught even as she tracks down a traitor, breaks into ancient tombs, dodges demons, and takes an unexpected trip to the dark depths of the other world.

“Demons in Disguise” by A&E Kirk continues with the laugh out loud humor, the romance and non-stop action the series has come to be known for. The Mandatum are closing in even as corpses are piling up in the Waiting World. Meanwhile, Aurora is done being a victim and decides to become a hunter going for the traitor that has been coming for her life. But to go after the dangerous villain means she has to get out of her comfort zone and out of Gossamer Falls. Her target is a master of deception and will not be felled that easily as he comes with a legion and a diabolical plan to take down anyone who opposes them. The Six Hex knights team up with Aurora and deep in the Mandatum beast, the moral waters turn murky and they may have to trust the wrong people if they are to turn things around. What could possibly go wrong?

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