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Publication Order of After the Fall Books

Publication Order of After the Fall: Catherine's Tale Books

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“After the Fall” is a series of post apocalyptic thriller novels by science fiction and thriller author David Nees. The author got his bachelor’s degree in Psychology before he proceeded to earn a master’s in Education. Once he graduated from college, he proceeded to work as a teacher until he got into motorcycles. He got so into racing that he soon realized that he was not giving his teaching as much attention as was required and left. Deciding to focus on his new love, he opened a motorcycle dealership and it was then that he started a double career as racer and motorcycle dealer. It was not long before he broke local track records and became a professional and a star on the local scene. But then again he realized that since he was six feet four inches racing was not really something he could do professionally and reach the heights he desired. He had by then expanded his motorcycle business and had started selling fitness equipment such as treadmills that had higher margins, even if they were not as exciting as the motorcycles. He would later grow his business into a twenty seven store regional chain.

Since David Nees stepped away from the business world, he decided to try his hand at writing fiction. He currently lives with his wife in Virginia from where he does most of his writing. When he is not writing his novels, he can be found in the Chesapeake Bay sailing his catamaran sailboat. He has said that his love for motorcycles has now shifted to sailboats. Nees published “Jason Tale” the debut novel of the “After the Fall” series in 2016 and has since then become prolific. He now has more than ten titles in the “After the Fall,” “Dan Stone,” and the “After the Fall: Catherine’s Tale” series. He has said that it is the most fun he has ever had after leaving the business world.

“After the Fal”l series tell the story of the MC Jason who is coming to terms with life following an EMP attack on the planet Earth. His whole way of life and society has changed and he decides to move to a very remote location away from the cities, dangerous humans and people that did not care for the women they hurt or the lives they took. His journey as expected is not easy as he runs into all manner of people both bad and good. He also runs into people that had to be killed and others he could do nothing to help. Jason has a deep longing and desperation for the many things people just take for granted. It is a deeply insightful series that gets the reader thinking about what world we would live in if civilization as we know it collapsed. The story of Jason and his search for a place to belong and a semblance of normalcy and progress puts into perspective how much we take things for granted. He also provides insights on how unprepared we usually are for manmade or natural disasters.

“After the Fall: Jason’s Tale” the first novel of the series opens to Jason in a desperate fight for survival in a world that is without power. He decides to leave and heads to the Appalachian Mountains following an EMP attack on the United States that has shut down all the transportation, communications and power. With no vehicles working, no power and no food delivery, the society begins to break down. Death and starvation begin to spiral and violence is birthed from the panic. All over the countryside are marauding gangs killing and stealing. With the situation deteriorating, the cities begin sealing themselves inside. Societal order is collapsing and Jason decides the best place to wait out the chaos is in the wilds of the mountains. Loneliness soon becomes his biggest gripe even as the threat of violence from gangs is ever present. But then he finds Anne, a woman living in a secluded valley and struggling to earn a living from the land. With society not looking like it would return to order any time soon, Jason and Anne will have to fight and kill to survive in a dangerous new world.

The second novel of the “After the Fall,” series “Uprising” sees unfortunate events that make life hard for Jason and his new family. Following the EMP attack, he had found Anne and her two daughters and was invited to join the family. Together they had managed to fight off marauding gangs and live in peace and security until a new threat appears on the horizon. The nearest city of Hillsboro is run by a tyrant that was once a tough criminal who has the city under his iron grip. He thinks Jason living free and independent with his family may be a rally point for people opposed to his dictatorial rule. Jason and the few families who farm the land outside the city walls represent freedom from violence and brutality that the tyrant offers. Reluctantly, Jason, his family and others are drawn in the fight to free the citizens of the city from the clutches of their ruler. But first he needs to find enough men to go against a more organized enemy with a significantly large force in an entrenched position.

In “Rescue,” the third novel of David Nees’ “After the Fall” series Jason learns that life may never be peaceful ever again. He had freed Hillsboro and was settling down for some relaxation time when he learned that two of Hillboro’s citizens had been taken by Knoxville who were now demanding a ransom. Unfortunately, the two people taken were his friends and he has to rescue them. He goes out intending to rescue Billy and Rodney from the strong man of Knoxville usually referred to as the Chairman. He is sure he can find them but is not too sure if he can come up with a foolproof plan to get them out. He has to go to extreme lengths to make certain of their escape. His measures cause conflict with a neighboring town which spirals into a threat he has to deal with if things are not to get out of control.

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