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After: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
After: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 2 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anna Todd is an American author. She has been noted as a literary phenomenon by publications such as Cosmopolitan. She started her career in writing working on Wattpad, a reading and writing platform. Since she started out publishing in 2013, Todd has collected over a billion and a half reads and counting (and that is just on her After series)! That’s quite an accomplishment.

Anna Todd is the creator and the author of the After series. The first book was released on Wattpad in 2013. A print edition of the debut book was published and released by Gallery Books in 2014. It has since been published in a variety of languages, over thirty, and climbed to number one in such countries as Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. The first book in the series is given the same name, After.

The sequel came out shortly after. There are several more books in this engaging series by Todd and it has proved popular enough with readers to garner interest from production companies. The film rights for this series have been acquired by Paramount Pictures and has Offspring Entertainment ready to produce it. Todd has been the recipient of high praise and even a few awards.

In autumn of 2016, this author was honored as being one of the official best new writers to the romance genre as part of the New Romance Festival. She was born in Ohio in the city of Dayton. Todd may have started in Ohio but traded in that state for a place on the west coast. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and Watty, their dog. After is the first book in the series of the same name by dynamic romance writer Anna Todd.

In this debut story in a fun and flirty fictional series, readers get to meet the main character of Tessa for the first time. Tessa is sweet and knows herself to be a good girl. Back home, she has a boyfriend that is reliable as a Swiss made watch. He will never stray from her, but at the same time, she’s about to be a freshman in college. Couples are famous for breaking up and never making it past the first term.

Tessa not only has a strong relationship, she has a lot of good qualities going for her. Not only is she ambitious, but she knows exactly what she wants in life. With plenty of direction and determination backing her up, Tessa isn’t going to let anything get in her way. Encouraging her on this path is her mother, who has every intention of her daughter staying focused. Everything has seemed so set in stone up to this point, but will it stay that way? Or is Tessa fooling herself that life is as cut and dry as she imagined?

Tessa is getting ready to move into her dorm and has almost everything set up. However, she barely has the time to relax before she runs into someone new. That someone is a guy named Hardin. He has brown hair that is tousled, tattoos, a lip ring, an English accent, and what she perceives to be a cocky attitude. She doesn’t exactly get along with him at first because even though he’s cute, he has an attitude.

Tessa actually finds him to be rude. Even if he is a different type of guy that she’s accustomed to dealing with, she’s finding that she does not like his demeanor at all. Hardin definitely does have a chip on his shoulder and a bad attitude. Tessa actively dislikes this guy and decides to stay away. But then when she is alone with him one time, she finds that she has a strange attraction. His black mood doesn’t seem that bad, and it’s appealing in a weird way.

Hardin doesn’t follow the rules, unlike someone that she knows. Even though she has a boyfriend, she ends up kissing Hardin. The first time that they kiss, it’s a passion unlike anything that she has ever experienced. The only thing is that this British bad boy is destined to be trouble. He is as opposite from her boyfriend as they come. He also seems to be giving her mixed messages as well. Hardin calls her gorgeous, but then will say that he isn’t right for her.

He disappears off to nowhere repeatedly. Even though he is reckless in his treatment of her, it only makes her want to find out who the real person is underneath all of this chaos. Hardin isn’t going to make it easy for her. She still keeps trying, even though he ends up pushing her away from him. It may be toxic, but she just keeps falling for this guy. Even with a great guy back home waiting for her, Tessa can’t resist this allure. Why is she so caught up in this guy?

It was like her whole life before she met him was a lie, something that was holding the place until he came along. Tessa is starting to suspect that even though she cares about her boyfriend, the one that she truly loves is in front of her. Can Tessa accept that she has fallen for Hardin or will the denial be too strong? Which relationship will she choose? Read After to find out what happens in the end for yourself!

After We Collided is the second book in the wildly popular After series. Hardin and Tessa seem like soul mates, but are they really? Or is it their imagination playing tricks on them? Now a couple, there’s no denying their start was rocky. Tessa thinks she knows her guy inside and out, but then a bombshell threatens to blow everything apart.

She thinks that she knows Hardin, but is he really the thoughtful man she thinks he is beneath all of that motion? Or was it all a lie? Tessa wants to walk, but it’s never that simple when you’re in love. Still, she cannot take much more heart break. She gave up a lot for this guy and Tessa’s willing to move on. Hardin knows he messed up. Can he find it within himself to change? Read this book to find out!

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