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Publication Order of Agent 21 Books

The main character in Chris Ryan’s Agent 21 series of books is called Zak Darke a teenager whose parents were killed in a mass murder and it is suspected that it may have been a terrorist attack. The story follows Zak through his life, which is changed forever when he is approached by a Government agent. There are five books in the series starting with Agent 21 which is the beginning of the story and each book follows on from the last one.

Secret Agent books may have been around for a long time and perhaps they are not to everyone’s taste. However, the Agent 21 series does have something going for it, although it doesn’t stand out among the run of the mill agent stories but the books are good. Chris Ryan takes you on Zac’s journey of adventure every step of the way. .

The idea of a teenager being approached by a Government agent after the murder of his parents has a certain curiosity about it and elements of doubt that creep in. In this day and age perhaps it is not so unlikely to happen. This series of books will certainly appeal to the teenagers out there who may enjoy the adventure of becoming a secret agent. Fans of the genre as a whole may also enjoy following the teenager on his journey to becoming Agent 21 and the adventures that follow in the series.

The heart pulling story of Zak living with his aunt and uncle who resent him being there is sure to pull the reader into the storyline. More emotion develops as Zak is stalked and finally meets the Government official who tells him he has details regarding the death of his parents. Not a new concept in the world of novels, but when reading this novel the reader will be drawn into the plot and carried along as the story progresses.

A remote Scottish Island is chosen for Zac’s induction into becoming Agent 21 and the reader follows the journey that Zac is prepared to make. Chris Ryan has cleverly used emotions that readers can relate to and in having a teenager as the secret Agent readers can get the sense that it can happen. There is also the use of a biography of Zac that helps to make this storyline more believable.

The Agent 21 series of books are packed with action and adventure and this mature, intelligent teenager is at the centre of it all. Zac’s personality is believable goes through each adventure with courage and strength. This is one of the more grown up version of the Teen Spy genre and fans of the book are not just men. Female readers may also like Zac he is quite endearing and is sure to pull a few female followers who are drawn to his adventures.

Through his journey Zac fakes his own death and changes his name in order to survive, he leaves his cousin in the middle of the night in a bid to convince her that he is dead. Chris pulled out more emotional stops with this part of the story pulling the reader in further to the characters and the storyline.

The whole series of Agent 21 has been penned skilfully with the reader in mind. Chris Ryan has brought an idea for a story that appears to be impossible and he has made it real and believable. His talent as a writer has cleverly produced a great piece of work.

About Chris Ryan

Born just outside Newcastle in 1961 Chris Ryan spent ten years of his life in the SAS where he was Sniper anti-terrorist team commander and took part in many covert operations. He was awarded the Military Medal and before he left the SAS in 1994 he trained new potential recruits.

Chris has appeared in a few television programs such as Hunting Chris Ryan, Pushed to the limit and Terror Alert. His book The One That Got Away was based on his experiences during the Gulf War when he was the only one of his team to evade capture. This bestselling novel was adapted for television.

The experiences gained during his term in the SAS have led to some outstanding writing from an author who has been there and done that. The Agent 21 series shows off many of the talents that Chris has for holding his reader and making them believe it is possible.

Chris lectures in Security and is now working as a bodyguard.

Zac’s character is portrayed in a true to life mode and this may help readers to relate to him, teenagers and adults can pick up on the emotions portrayed throughout the series. The more into the story a reader gets, the deeper he will want to go. In Deadfall which is part of the Agent 21 series Zac is in the in the heart of the African jungle, it is here that he meets up with an old enemy and faces a terrifying gang of teenage terrorists. Zac will do what he does best to survive.

Realistic characters, adventure, secrets, plots, identity change and strong emotions are all prominent throughout. Zac risks life and limb for his country and he also deals with a Mexican drug baron which adds to the adventures of this highly intelligent teenager.

Chris Ryan has had several action adventure books published but in creating Zac Darke he has created a popular character and the Agent 21 series may be his best work yet.

The world of a teenage agent is not everyone’s cup of tea, there is a huge market for this genre and do we really need to read about another agent saving the world. Books like Spy Kids and James Bond adventure have enthralled readers for many years. This series of books by Chris Ryan is well worth adding to your home library. Once you take this adventurous teenager to your heart he will stay there and you will follow his life trials and successes to the end.

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