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Publication Order of Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller Books

The Numbers Killer (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pretty Little Girls (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
When They Find Us (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ripple of Doubt (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Groom Went Missing (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vanished on Vacation (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Atonement Murders (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ones They Buried (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Agent Victoria Heslin” series is a set of psychological suspense novels by Jenifer Ruff, an international and USA Today bestselling author. She is best known for writing twisty and dark mysteries and medical thrillers across the “Brooke Walton,” “FBI and CDC Thriller,” and “Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller” series. Jenifer grew up in the small town of Northampton in Massachusetts and as a teenager, she went to Mount Holyoke College before she proceeded to Yale. She made her fiction writing debut with the publishing of “Everett,” the first of the “Brooke Walton” series of novel that came out in 2014. “Pretty Little Girls” her third novel in the “Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller” series of novels was the winner of the 2019 Readers Favorite International Book Award. Ruff is an avid hiker and fitness enthusiast with a background in public health and epidemiology. She currently lives wither family in Charlotte North Carolina.
Unlike many authors who have a singular influence, Jenifer Ruff’s writing style is not influenced by any one author. Since she loves reading, she has been influenced by all manner of authors including indie authors. Aside from psychological suspense novels, Ruff has also written young adult, horror and thriller novels. Her works in the “Agent Victoria Heslin” series are twisty and dark psychological suspense thrillers people by disturbed and flawed characters that somehow are very likable. The novels usually involve crimes such as murder even though she also deals with different contemporary topics such as social media, sex trafficking and terrorism.

The “Agent Victoria Heslin” series of novels tell the story of Heslin an agent who gets the both of both worlds. She cares and rehabilitates rescue dogs and has a fulfilling career as a federal agent. When she was a child, her mother had been taken captive and while they were putting together a ransom she had died. After several years of feeling powerless and afraid, she had joined the FBI. She now has the skills and confidence to take care of others as well as herself. In “The Number Killer” the debut novel of the series, a key witness in an organized crime trial is killed and his body dumped in his kitchen. On the forehead of the corpse is the number two and liar scrawled in indelible ink. The FBI believes the hit was meant to silence him. But then they start getting calls of more victims with no connection to the mafia but carrying similar markings. In the second novel of the series, the body of a murdered young woman is discovered in the woods and not long after a prep school girl goes missing believed to have been abducted. Victoria is put in charge of the case and what she finds out turns out to be much worse and bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. “In When They Find Us,” the third novel of the series, two tourists are killed in Mexico while a young woman disappears. Could the two incidents be connected? The disappearance of Brooke Walton the medical student who is still doing her summer internship back home is the more surprising of the two.

“The Numbers Killer” by Jenifer Ruff is a fascinating psychological thriller that kicks off by introducing two broken and demented people. They are at a cheap hotel commemorating their wedding anniversary when things go terribly wrong. Danny the husband is a manipulative monster that never quits while Beth his wife is an expert hacker that has fears among other compulsive issues. Meanwhile, the leading witness in an organized crime trial is discovered dead in his kitchen. The only clue the police have is the number two and liar etched onto his head with a marker pen. The feds believe he was taken out so that he cannot testify but they could not be more wrong. Soon after, they start getting tens of calls about bodies found with similar markings that are not in any way connected to the mob or the case. Dante Rivera and Victoria Heslin are struggling for clue until they get several cryptic messages from the killer that complicates everything. Something frightening and disturbing is going on and they need to find the clues if they are to prevent the death of many more people.
In “Pretty Little Girls” the second novel of the series Victoria Heslin is asked by her boss to consult in a missing person’s case. Charlotte has been gone for less than a day but a friend of his wife had prevailed on the police to start investigations. The missing girl comes from a very privileged and affluent family and this may have also influenced the fact that the FBI immediately gets someone on the case. Nonetheless, while they have been granted early access to FBI assistance, they are uncooperative towards and to some extent hostile against agent Victoria who has been put in charge of the case. This is just one mystery in the case as there is a huge surprise coming later on that blows everything out of the water. While conducting her investigations, Victoria stumbles into what she believes could be a massive sex trafficking ring. It is a suspenseful and exciting tale that takes one down an emotional roller coaster story of desperation, crime, murder, kidnapping and the longing to be free.

“When They Find Us” the second novel of the “Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller” series is set a few months after Victoria broke up a sex trafficking ring. She is now desperate to visit the rescue shelter she has been sponsoring. The journey would also provide her a chance to think about her relationship with her boyfriend and a much needed vacation in Europe. She takes her seat in first class and immediately drifts off to sleep only to be shocked when the aircraft crashes. They are lost in a frozen and empty wasteland where they have to deal with freezing temperature and awake each day to more tragedy. One by one, the weather takes out the survivors and the few remaining ones need to make the decision of staying with the wreck and waiting for rescue or leaving to find help in the harsh landscape. When Dante Rivera hears that Victoria had been one of the passengers in the crashed plane he gets to work putting his expertise and energy to work trying to locate the wreck that seemingly vanished from existence. As he works on a technological mystery, he starts to suspect that there was a well orchestrated scheme to take down the plane. He may never see his friend and coworker alive again.

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