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Publication Order of Agents of the Crown Books

Agents of the Crown by Lindsay Buroker is a series of novels by the author that brought you the popular “Emperor’s Edge” series. She has worked as a network administrator, fast food flinger, lifeguards and soldier in the US Army. She did work as an affiliate marketer for seven years between 2004 and 2011, which might seem like a dream job though she never did enjoy it. Working from home was cool and all but she had always wanted to be a storyteller rather than be a reviewer of the best vehicle tires or the best gym equipment. She decided that it was time to get serious about her writing and in 2009 she polished up some manuscripts, the most important of which was “Emperor’s Edge”, which had been sitting in her hard drive for almost a year. However, she was not confident about the work and pitched another of her manuscripts “Encrypted”. She thought it would be a better sell since it was a standalone story. But she started the novel as high fantasy only for it to turn into a strange science fiction that could have been either high fantasy, steampunk or cross-genre. After it was rejected by most of the agents she pitched it to she almost gave up only to read a JA Konrath blog about self-publishing. It was not long after that she had published her first novel. She has never looked back since and is now a full-time author.

Agents of the Crown is a series about Inquisitor Zenia Cham and soldier and nobleman Jev Dharrow, that have just been appointed as the new Agents of the Crown. Zenia grew up with nothing but has dedicated her life to law enforcement to become one of the most formidable investigative officers in the city. She is also set to become the archmage of the temple when the current occupant inevitably leaves office. Conversely, Jev Dharrow has been fighting abroad for more than a decade and just wants to drink his ale to forget that his fiancé married another man when he was out there fighting. As agents of the crown, it seems they have been given one of the most difficult jobs of leading an investigation of the death of the prince. Zenia has to adjust from a respected, recognized and even feared inquisitor to become the supervisor of several agents she has never worked with. She has always been one to follow her conscience and this will make her job even harder as it may get her ostracized. Jev must parlay the determination he showcased as a soldier into investigations, and in doing so prove that he is worthy of the job given to them by the prince. Jev’s experience in the military serves him well in a variety of conflicts even as Zenia uses her inquisitor skills to question a range of suspects in their investigations.

In “Eye of Truth”, Jev Darrow has just returned home after ten years fighting elves. It had not been a great experience, as he did not believe in the cause. Back home he finds that the new king is his booking Lieutenant, who rose to power after the death of the king and three of his heirs that all had an unknown blood disorder. He is arrested as soon as he gets off the ship, accused of stealing some artifact belonging to a religious order. His accuser is Inquisitor Zenia Cham, who believes that if she successfully completes her mission and gets back the artifact, she will be well-placed to succeed the leader of her order when she retires. However, committed as she is to the mission, it does not make sense, particularly since she thinks that the man she is to arrest and investigate is innocent. What follows is a classic story as Zenia, Jev and a few acquaintances try to find the valuable artifact and the reason a lot of people are ready to kill to lay their hands on it. Along the way, they find the truth about the death of Jev’s brother and the disappearance of his mother. They also have to deal with xenophobia, secret crime societies, magical amulets, dragons, elves, dwarves, and snarky priests.

“Blood Ties”, the second novel of the Agents of the Crown series opens to Jev and Zenia having been given one of the toughest jobs. They need to figure out what caused the death of the princes while still learning the ropes at their new jobs. Both will have to adjust really fast if they are to not only keep their jobs but also get to the bottom of one of the biggest mysteries. Targyon the young king needs to determine just what is the mysterious blood disorder that killed his predecessors. He believes there is a person or group of persons that were interested in making him king and they might also be a threat to him. There a lot of problems that could arise for Zenia and Jev. If someone was responsible for the disease, then they might face up to a very dangerous and smart adversary. Meanwhile, the young king learns that he has the same blood in his veins, which means he could just be the killer’s next victim. Things become even more complicated when Jev discovers he has the same blood too. They never expected that the job would be this dangerous when they signed up.

“Duty Bound”, the third novel of the Agents of the Crown series finds the nobleman Jev Dharrow and former inquisitor Zenia on a mission to unearth one of the biggest threats the kingdom has ever faced. They soon get an ominous sign when the master craftsman and Jev’s dwarf friend are kidnapped. It may look like a simple kidnapping but nothing in this world is ever simple. Zenia and Jev are now entangled in a matted story that will threaten the entire kingdom even as it makes them realize their strong connection. If they fail to deter an invasion, rescue the dwarves and put a stop to a conspiracy to level half the town, they may just lose everything including themselves. Of more concern is the ship of dwarfs that had come into the kingdom as tradesmen, invited in by King Targyon. Zenia has a potent dragon tear pendant but will it be enough to stop the threats looming on the horizon. And what danger does Jev pose to Zenia’s heart?

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