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Publication Order of The Sunbearer Duology Books

The Sunbearer Trials (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Celestial Monsters (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Cemetery Boys (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in the Never Woods (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Aiden Thomas
Aiden Thomas is an American author of young adult, fantasy, gay and lesbian books. He’s dedicated to educating the masses about trans and the challenges LGBT people face in modern society. A queer, Latinx, and trans himself, Aiden uses his creativity to push the diverse representation message to young people and society as a whole. Going by his debut novel Cemetery Boys, it is clear that Aiden is putting his MFA in Creative Writing into good use. The Portland author enjoys killing spiders and Harry Potter trivia in his free time.

Lost in the Never Woods
Lost in the Never Woods is the story of Wendy, a young woman who vanishes in unclear circumstances. Prior to this, there have been reports of missing kids in Astoria, and this being a small town, the disappearances never go unnoticed.

Wendy and her two brothers had gone missing inside the woods about five years earlier. Questions about their mysterious disappearance begin to rise when the town kids start to disappear one after another. When people approach Wendy and ask questions about her brothers, her first reaction is terror. The past is traumatic, and the endless questions are bringing all the hurt back. She attempts to run away from her past, only to almost run over a boy lying on the road. This marks the begging of an epic journey that will see Wendy’s involvement in the mystery haunting her beloved town.

Wendy meets Peter, a boy she has always thought was in her mind. The mystery surrounding Wendy’s brothers’ disappearance is later revealed, thanks to Peter. Peter explains to Wendy that strict measures need to be taken; otherwise, the missing children are going to face the same fate as Wendy’s brothers. The duty to rescue the missing children rests on Wendy’s shoulders, and she has to rush against time and ensure the young ones are spared.

Join Wendy on a journey to the woods where she has to confront whatever awaits her in the forest. Despite her fears, Wendy knows there is no other way out. Following Peter’s instructions, Wendy will help get the children back and possibly get closure for her brothers’ disappearance. It will also help restore the calm and peace that has always been part of her lovely hometown. Wendy is no stranger to the woods, and she understands the dangers that await her on this journey.

Lost in the Never Woods comes with a great storyline and a consistent pace from the first page. Aiden Thomas has done a great job of developing characters that are not only lovable but also relatable. Wendy is an outstanding character. Despite her traumatic past, she is willing to go the extra mile to help other people. Her courage through the journey is admirable, and her concern for the unconscious young boy she finds in the middle of the roadshows what a kind soul she is.

Lost in the Never Woods can be summarized as the retelling of the Peter Pan story. If you are looking for a contemporary version of this all-time classic, this book is ideal. The novel is specially written with young adults in mind; the book also comes with valuable lessons that can be put into good use. The story also appeals to Peter Pan fans, young and old, who want to have more of all the mystery surrounding the strange boy. Aiden has done a great job of writing a story that flows well and appeals to a broader audience than your average young adult story.

Cemetery Boys
Cemetery Boys is a fantasy story that features Yadriel, a man who summoned a ghost only to fall in love with it and refuse to let it go. The funny bit is that the ghost he summons was not the ghost he initially wanted to summon. This whole saga starts when Yadriel’s Latin family refuses to accept his gender. He is determined to prove that he is a real brujo. Yadriel’s cousin Maritza purposes to help him to perform a ritual that summons the ghost of a cousin who was murdered to set it free.

Things take an exciting twist when Yadriel summons Julian Diaz’s ghost instead. Julian is the school bad- boy, and he is not about to die quietly. The bad boy makes it clear that there are some loose ends he must tie before he goes, and Yadriel agrees to help, albeit begrudgingly. However, Yadriel is sure that is the only way to get what he wants. Once the two begin working together, Yadriel is going to have a hard time letting Julian go.
Imagine being a high schooler with a bad reputation and a heart of gold. As if things cannot get more confusing, you also realize that you are dead. There is a boy with a knife, and the only thing he wants is to send you to the afterlife. You have no problem with that until you discover that your skateboard, the one with new axles, is missing. There is no way you are going to the afterlife without your prized possession, so you strike a deal with the boy who wants to send you to the afterlife. This pretty much sums up Julian’s character.

Cemetery Boys is simply an incredible book. It is centered on a trans brujo looking to curve his identity in a society that judges him without giving him a lot of chances. In a multigenerational and multicultural society, the young boys go to extra lengths to prove himself and discover his real identity in the process. This story is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition told in a way that will leave you in stitches. The author takes the teenager persona and writes an authentic voice that the target audience can identify with. A good portion of this book is about proving oneself. It takes effort and sacrifice, but it is achievable with determination and the right help. The lessons are many, and the happy ending makes this a perfect read for anyone struggling with fear and misunderstanding.

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