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Aileen Erin is an author of the Paranormal, Romance and Young Adult genres from Houston, The United States. Aileen has written the successful novel series, Alpha Girl. The series has been a huge success among the readers all over the world. It consists of five highly interesting novels based on the paranormal romance genre. Other than that, Aileen has also written a novel for her new paranormal series, The Shadow Ravens. She is half Mexican and half Irish by birth. She describes herself as a complete nerd to have read all the novels from the Star Wars up to the Star Trek. She also likes to read Quenya and Sindarin.

Aileen is very fond of the supernatural descriptions in the novels that she likes to read and therefore, she frequently mentions the plots in her novels based on the supernatural background. Before becoming a novelist, Aileen attended the University of Texas in Austin and acquired her BS degree in Radio, TV and Film streams. She also has an MFA from the Seton Hill University in Writing Fiction Novels. Aileen currently lives in Los Angeles along with her husband. She dedicates most of her time in writing her novels and trying to meet the deadlines set by her publishers. If not busy in writing novels, Aileen indulges herself in creating worlds through her imagination, reading books and kicking asses.

The novel series Alpha Girl written by Aileen Erin consists of a total of 5 novels released between the years 2013 and 2015, the first of which was published under the title ‘Becoming Alpha’. The novel was published by the Ink Monster LLC in the year 2013. The novel deals with the troubled life of the central character named Tessa McCaide. The plot of the novel starts with the opening sequence set in California, where Tessa McCaide is described as often getting into trouble. She is described by the author as a magnet for attracting various troubles in her life. However, she does feel bad about it as she is a girl with vision and it is not possible for her to ignore what she visualizes.

She seems to be lucky to be moving away from California along with her family. This way she hopes of moving far away from the troubles in her life. Tessa has a reputation of being freaky because of her behavior. She has decided to shift to halfway across the country and sees it as a perfect opportunity to get over her reputation as a freak among the people of California. Tessa moves to a new town in Texas and meets a guy who she thinks would be a perfect life partner, However, she does not realize the fact that he is a wrong guy with cruel intentions and that kissing him will land her in far graver troubles that she has never imagined. On account of getting along with the wrong guy, Tessa is made to attend the St. Ailbe’s Academy forcibly. The Academy is considered to be a boarding school for the werewolves, kept as a secret from others.

The wrong guy named Dastien Laurent turns her into one of his own kind accidently and even forces her to keep attending the weird high school for werewolves. In spite of all the atrocities that he brings in the life of Tessa McCaide, she cannot help herself from getting attracted towards him. Although Dastien Laurent seems to be mysterious in his behavior, Tessa keeps falling for his charm. Soon, she sees an enemy among the members of the academy through her vision when the academy gets attacked by the vampires. Tessa realizes that she has gotten herself in a grave problem pinpointing towards the enemy of the academy. The other problems in her life seem to be nothing compared to it as she fears death at the hands of the vampire enemies of St. Ailbe’s Academy.

The second novel of the Alpha Girl series written by Aileen Erin was released in the year 2014 by the Ink Monster, LLC. The novel was titled ‘Avoiding Alpha’. The plot of the second novel continues from where the first novel of the series had ended. It continues with the life story of the central character, Tessa McCaide. She is described as getting over her terrible experiences of entering into the world of werewolves. The opening plot of the second novel shows that she has come a long way after getting well acquainted with the world full werewolves. However, her abrupt entry into this world has still a long way to go before she becomes fully comfortable in turning into a complete wolf.

Tessa McCaide is just 17 years old and still trying to get past the troubles of her life by turning into a werewolf. In the meanwhile, Tessa tries to get her mind off the topic of turning into a wolf and having four legs by adopting any means she can. Her mate, Dastien Laurent appears to be the perfect distraction for her as she enjoys his charm and attraction. Soon, things begin to take a strange turn. She finds Meredith in the bathroom in a sick condition and begins to see that something wrong has happened to her in a huge way. Meredith is the best friend of Tessa, who had been cursed a few years ago. The curse of the dark magic had kept the wolf inside her dormant till now. However, the wolf inside Meredith has awaken and troubling her. It seems that the wolf was killing her from inside.

Tessa does not want to see her dying in front of her and do nothing. She intends to help her best friend get over her sickness, even if she has to play with black magic in spite of not knowing how it works. She is determined to do anything that would save the life of Meredith. She agrees to bargain with the crazy leader of the local witches and their coven. The leader sees it as an opportunity to make Tessa McCaide join the ranks of the witches, a goal that he has been trying to fulfill from a long time. Now, it is to be seen whether Tessa will be successful in saving her friend or not. It will also be interesting to see whether Tessa once again lands herself into life threatening trouble in trying to save her friend from the wrath of black magic.

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  1. Janice Durbin: 3 years ago

    Dear Aileen,
    Where do I begin? I have enjoyed your books! The only bad thing about reading your books, is when I’m finished. I devour the words and it’s difficult to find a stopping point. I’m anxiously awaiting the next book in the Aunare chronicles. I think I will reread the others when it comes out. I know they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but some people do. I think you could put them back out there with an eye catching cover and they would fly off the shelves. I have read many YA supernatural books, and I must say yours is on top. It would be a great movie! I didn’t mean to go on, but I just want to say thanks, and please don’t stop writing.


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