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Campaign Widows (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer Set (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Galaxy Not So Far Away(2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moms Don't Have Time to Have Kids(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Aimee Agresti is a fiction and young adult fantasy author that is best known for the “Gilded Wings” series of novels. She once worked for the American publication “US Weekly” and was responsible for writing “Inside Hollywood” the magazine coffee table book. Her work has also appeared in the New York Observer, People, Women’s Health, Premier, Boston Magazine, DC Magazine, the Washington City Paper, Capitol File, Washingtonian, and The Washington Post. She has also made countless radio and TV appearances and written and interviewed celebrities on HLN, Access Hollywood, Fox News Channel, Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, E!, Extra, and The Insider. As a young teen, she went to Northwestern University from where she graduated with a journalism degree, Agresti currently lives with her husband and children in Washington DC.

Aimee always knew that she wanted to write as she grew up keeping journals and writing plays and stories. She was born to a mother that was a librarian who met her father while she was working and hence reading is something that is in her blood. The running joke in the family is that he checked her out of the library, never to return her. With such a mother, she had a lot of books to read and as a child read everything from Shakespeare to Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew. She also read classic novels from the likes of Edith Wharton, the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and Ernest Hemingway. As a college student, she went through the mandatory Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy phase. When she graduated, she continued reading though she did not get into writing as expected. She got a job at Premier and US Weekly, where she worked for years interviewing celebrities and writing feature articles. While she loved her job writing for the papers, she still dreamed of writing fiction one day. As such, she used her spare time to write her manuscripts which culminated in the publishing of her debut novel “Campaign Widows” in 2018.

Amiee Agresti’s debut novel “Illuminate” was written while she was still working as a freelance writer in magazines. As such, she had a lot of control over her schedules as compared to when she was contracted to US Weekly as a staff writer. Nonetheless, she still had to juggle stuff around given that she had deadlines to meet for magazines where she wrote columns and features. Many were the times when writing the manuscript for her debut novel took a back burner over the demands of an editor. Even so, she thought it was a good thing as she could come back to her work with fresh eyes after a couple of days. As for the inspiration for her novel, it came from her fascination with Faust and The Picture of Dorian Gray. She had always dreamed of updating the classics into something different that would have had a great mystery, some romance, and a strong heroine. A dose of devils and angels with a few fun twists would make for a great narrative story. Since she was not one of the popular kids in high school, she thought that some kids would have sacrificed anything to become popular. What if some of the kids had become who they were by entering into some king of Faustian pact? From idea to the completion of the manuscript took about a year and her debut novel “Campaign Widows” was finally published in 2018.

Amiee’s “Illuminate” is a fascinating story that tells of a shy and brainy school outcast named Haven Terra. But everything changes when she gets a scholarship to go intern at a luxurious hotel in Chicago. She will be working under Aurelia Brown the alluring and powerful hotel owner, Lucian Grove the dashing second in command and their aloof but stunning staff named The Outfit. As she begins getting feelings for Lucian, she discovers that none of the gorgeous people she is working with are what they portray themselves as. Using a mysterious book, she soon learns that Aurelia and her friends are in the evil business of purchasing people’s souls. Will they succeed in convincing her to join in their evil plans and help in recruiting others? Maybe she is going to be the one that thwarts their plans to prey on the souls of her classmates. They intend to implement their evil plans on Prom night that is being held at the hotel. It is an enchanting novel with a fascinating premise that is full of glamor and mystery.

“Infatuate” by Aimee Agresti opens to Haven Terra still trying to recover from a hell of an internship. But then a trip to New Orleans causes more trouble for her. She had opted to graduate early from high school and this means that she has all of the spring semester free. With so much free time, she picks up her friends Lance and Dante and together they head to the Big Easy, where they intend to volunteer to work with the community. But they were only pretending as once they arrive their true mission is revealed. When they stumble of a demon enclave nicknamed the Krewe that has been wreaking havoc in New Orleans, they get down to work. The demons are vicious and reckless shape-shifting devils and beating them will not be so easy. It is not long before they realize that their housemates from the French Quarter happen to be angels in training. Teaming up, they formulate a plan to face off against the Krewe. But their leader’s resolve is tested to the ultimate when Lucian a devil that claims to have reformed comes to her and asks for her help in escaping the underworld. Could he be trusted or will her easy trust in him cause her to lose her life and angel wings? It is a romantic and thrilling story that takes the battle between evil and good to the next level.

“Initiate” the third novel of the “Gilded Wings” series by Aimee Agresti has Haven Terra preparing for the tests she needs to pass to graduate an and angel. She had fought against demons in New Orleans and devils in Chicago but this is a test of horrors that seems almost impossible to pass. After she had worked to free Lucian from the underworld, she had to watch in agony as another of her loved ones in Lance was taken and tortured in Hell. She vows to rescue him and taming up with Lucian, Dante, and other angels in training they head to Paris where she will have the fight of her life. Paris is about to be the playground for a demon rebellion that has never been seen before and the only person who could stop it is Haven. Could she keep Lucian safe from the vengeful demons after him and will she be able to free Lance from Hell? She is determined to be initiated into angelhood even if it means defeating some of the most dangerous creatures of the underworld.

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