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The Perfect Mother (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goodnight Beautiful (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Jantsen's Gift (With: Pam Cope) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rosewater (With: Maziar Bahari) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
However Long the Night (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Aimee Molloy is an American author that writes both fiction and non-fiction. Aimee’s books tend to focus on real-life issues that affect women.

Aimee Molloy came to fame when she wrote ‘The Perfect Mother’. Even before the novel hit bookshelves, it had already attracted a strong following from publishing professionals for its strong message and appealing plot.

With celebrities like Kerry Washington hailing her as one author that would set the publishing arena on fire in the years to come, Aimee Molloy was writing long before ‘The Perfect Mother’ put her on the map.

The journalist attended Duke University where she got her bachelor’s degree. She also went to New York University where she got her Master’s Degree. A wife and mother, Aimee has always had a particular interest in women’s issues and women’s rights, and many of the books she wrote highlighted that fact.

Of all the books she either independently wrote or co-wrote, it was ‘However Long the Night’ that stood out. The book explored the life of Molly Melching, an American woman who spent decades fighting the abuses that women in Africa suffered.

The biography brought Molly’s work to light and exposed the groundbreaking strategies she had used to bring education and healthcare closer to the poorest women in Africa. Aimee proceeded to collaborate with notable authors like Maziar Bahari before finally getting her big publishing break with ‘The Perfect Mother’.

The book was inspired by Aimee Molloy’s own experiences as a young mother.

Aimee Molloy can impute a lot of the success she garnered from ‘The Perfect Mother’ to the hype it generated even before it’s official release. Not only where early reviews praising it for being difficult to put down but the novel was quickly snatched up by a production company which acquired the rights with the intention of turning the story into a feature-length film.

Kerry Washington, who came onboard to produce and star in the adaptation, said she was blown away by the novel, which tells the story of a single mother whose newborn is abducted, this bringing a heavy strain on the group of moms upon whose shoulders she must lean on during her most trying times.

‘The Perfect Mother’ isn’t Aimee’s first adapted novel. She also participated in the writing of ‘Rosewater’, a book that Jon Stewart adapted into a film.

+However Long the Night
Molly Melching was just another American Exchange student in Senegal when her encounters, experiences, and observations in the country drove her to create an organization through whose work she endeavored to grow and support the rights of women in Africa.

‘However Long the Night’ is a biographical exploration of Molly’s story. It takes readers to the University of Dakar where Molly’s journey began. From there Aimee Molloy takes her readers through the four decades during which Molly became the voice for Africa’s women and girls.

There are readers who have avoided ‘However Long the Night’ because they believe it to be just another grim book looking at the woes of developing nations in Africa. Aimee Molloy, the author, encourages everyone to give the book a decent chance because it details a development aid success story.

Molly Melching went to Senegal in 1974 as an exchange student. What should have been a short trip became a lifelong mission to save the women of her new home. Molly makes it her goal to bring to an end the traditional practices of female genital mutilation.

She also creates an educational network called Tostan that works to enlighten women and girls about their rights. Aimee endeavors to show that Molly wasn’t just another confident white person that went out of her way to drag African women and girls into the 21st Century.

The Molly Melching that Aimee Molloy presents is a compassionate woman who reached out to the local tribes that typically mistrusted Westerners. Her only goal was to educate, to give the Africans she encountered the information they needed to know about healthcare and human rights.

She then left it to them to decide how they wanted to proceed. Aimee sets out to inspire readers with Molly’s success story and to show them that anyone of them can choose to pack their bags, relocate to Africa and make a real difference in the lives of the continent’s desperate women.

Even though ‘However the Long Night’ is biographical in nature, it reads like a novel.

+The Perfect Mother
The May Mothers is a group of mothers. All its members are women who gave birth in the same month. All these women know how exhausting and isolating new motherhood can be.

So they meet twice a week in Prospect Park to talk about their lives, share their anxieties and exchange ideas. When the May Mothers meet for drinks on one hot July night, they have no idea that their lives are about to change.

The nightmare begins when one of the mother’s babies is abducted from his bed. Winnie is the victim in question, a single mother who never wanted to leave her 6-month old child with the babysitter.

The group wouldn’t let her back out of their date, though, and insisted that she abdicate her motherly duties to unwind at a hip local bar for a few hours. When the police enter the equation, their efforts to find her child upend Winnie’s life.

The media invades her privacy, determined to bring the grieving mother’s sorrow to the world. Winnie learns to lean on three particular members of her group, women that aren’t especially close to the single mother but who show a willingness to go to great lengths to find her missing child.

The Perfect Mother was hailed by Vanity Fair as one of the most anticipated books to be published in the summer that it came out. In the novel, a group of mothers who gave birth in the same month decides to go out on the Fourth of July.

When one of their babies goes missing, Aimee Molloy explores their reactions and the steps they take to rectify the situation. Along the way, damaging secrets are revealed, secrets that put a strain on marriages and friendships.

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