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Publication Order of Aisling Grimlock Books

Publication Order of Aisling Grimlock Short Stories/Novellas

Grim Like Me (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grim & The City (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Now & Grim (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grim & Bear It (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grim & The Dead (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jerry Takes Charge (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Aisling Grimlock Collections

Grim Family Tales (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Aisling Grimlock book series is a wonderful series of urban fantasy, fiction, mystery, paranormal, romance, and humor novels. It features a total of 9 books published between 2014 and 2018. The series is written by a renowned writer from America named Amanda M. Lee. Each book in the series features the lead character in the role of Aisling Grimlock. She is depicted as a grim reaper. Aisling strives to contribute to the family business and is determined to prove her worth. She wishes to become a great reaper, and to achieve that she does not fear to risk her own life. While carrying out her duties with full dedication, Aisling Grimlock comes across Detective Griffin Taylor and falls in love with him.

In the later parts of the series, it is seen that Aisling becomes Griffin Taylor’s girlfriend and eventually marries him. She has a best friend named Jerry, who comes to her help on many occasions. When Jerry learns about Aisling and Griffin’s growing closeness and subsequent indulgence into a romantic relationship, he becomes disheartened because he too has a soft corner in his heart for her. Most of the plots of the entire series are primarily set in Michigan. The books have attracted numerous readers from across the globe and have managed to become successful in all the places of their release. Many critics have given excellent reviews about the books. They have loved the unique stories created by Amanda M. Lee as well as the intriguing characters in each of the novels.

Amanda M. Lee is a noteworthy novelist known for writing chick lit, young adult, paranormal, and urban fantasy novels. She has written several mind blowing novel series in her career, including Avery Shaw, Wicked Witches of the Midwest, Aisling Grimlock, and several others. When Amanda was a small kid, she used to fantasize about becoming Wonder Woman or the Incredible Hulk after growing up. For some time in her young age, she flirted with the idea of being a brave Jedi Knight. But, she was not ready to take up the frequent travels for continuing with the role. During her teenage years, author Amanda developed an interest in the idea of being a novelist, however, she did not have any idea about the efforts she would have to make in order to become an established writer. She worked hard for several years with great determination and not only succeeded in becoming a noteworthy author, but also an expert of various genres. Other than being a writer, Amanda Lee is a newspaper reporter, a voracious fanatic of science fiction, and an avid reader. Today, Amanda is included among the prominent authors and many of her books are listed as best sellers both nationally and internationally. She is very grateful to her supporters for appreciating her stories and helping her achieve her dream of becoming a successful writer. She is busy with the writing work of a couple of her upcoming books and is expected to release them soon.

The debut book of the Aisling Grimlock series written by author Amanda M. Lee is entitled ‘Grim Tidings’. It was released in 2014 by the WinchesterShaw Publications. Amanda has depicted the central characters in this book as Griffin Taylor and Aisling Grimlock. At the story’s start, it is described that Aisling Grimlock goes through a bad week. She thinks that her whole life is going through a bad phase, and she seems to be always complaining about it. Aisling is laid off from the secretarial position, Aisling is left with no other option but to become a part of her family’s business set-up. So, she takes up the role of a full time grim reaper. With this new job, Aisling Grimlock starts collecting and transferring souls to the ‘Otherworld’. At first, Aisling finds it cool, but realizes the tough part of being a grim reaper later. On her 2nd day at the new job, Aisling stumbles comes across a dead body that was not listed on her list. Suddenly, the stakes rise considerably for Aisling Grimlock because when a body is not listed, it indicates that someone has stolen it. And it is not considered good at all.

Aisling Grimlock’s family is comprised of a tempestuous dad and 4 overbearing elder brothers. When they come to know about this incident of a non-listed body found by Aisling, they become hot as hell. They try to look for answers, but don’t find anything good enough. It looks like a wraiths’ contingent has arrived in the area, which are dangerous for not just unsuspecting souls & general populace. Even the family of the Grimlocks faces a great risk. Other than this, another thing that bothers Aisling Grimlock is her growing affection for Detective Taylor. He is a strict police officer, who thinks Aisling is a murderer. Aisling tries everything in her capacity to prove to others that she can be a capable grim reaper. And to prove it, she is ready to even risk her life. When the question is about proving her competency, she makes herself all set to prove her father & brothers wrong. As things begin to become clear, Aisling wonders if she will succeed in getting rid of the wraiths and go on to set things right?

Another exciting novel of this series is called ‘Grim Offerings’. It was also published by WinchesterShaw publication in 2015. At the book’s beginning, it is shown that for Aisling Grimlock her job of a reaper is worse and answering to her family is much worse. She has her hands full with overbearing brothers, everyday nonsense, and argumentative souls. Aisling lands herself in another mess when a simple goes sideways. The soul that Aisling was asked to collect was still alive, while the killer dies instead. Detective Taylor returns from a secret assignment and the first thing he wishes to do is to get back to Aisling Grimlock. But, he faces a hard time from her brother named Aiden Grimlock. Even the rest of Aisling’s family makes things difficult for Detective Taylor. Later, wraiths begin to show up again. One of the members of Aisling’s family gets badly hurt and the situation turns uglier. The Grimlocks prepare themselves for the last showdown, and Aisling knows that they are not known for doing things normally. She seems to be chafing under pressure and worry, while her family engages themselves in circling wagons. If the Grimlocks wish to win against the wraiths, then each member is required to put in their best effort. They have to work together for surviving the fight. As the final battle is waged, a big secret is unraveled that goes on to change the world of the Grimlocks forever.

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