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Publication Order of The Infinity Courts Books

The Infinity Courts (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Genesis Wars (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Generation Misfits Books

Generation Misfits (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Starfish (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer Bird Blue (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Harley in the Sky (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where the Lost Ones Go (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Akemi Dawn Bowman is an acclaimed American writer of children’s books and young adult novels. She has written a few widely popular single books in her career, including Starfish, Harley in the Sky, and Summer Bird Blue. Recently, she started a new sci-fi series called The Infinity Courts, whose first book is expected to release in 2021. There is another book series for middle-grade readers, The Generation Misfits. This series is also going to make its debut in 2021. Akemi’s debut novel, Starfish, has been nominated for the prestigious William C. Morris Award. She likes to call herself a proud enthusiast of the Star Wars and Ravenclaw series. Author Akemi holds a bachelor of arts degree in social sciences from Nevada University, Las Vegas. She is happily married and currently resides in Scotland along with her loving husband and a couple of kids.

Akemi is represented at the Aevitas Creative Management by a literary agent named Penny Moore. Before deciding to enter the field of novel writing, Akemi served in the United States Navy for 5 years. Being a native of Las Vegas, Akemi is highly attracted to the standard of living and the nightlife of her home city. After its publication, Akemi’s first novel Starfish became a celebrated novel of the year. In this book, she has artfully addressed the issues of abuse, race, and neglect. She believes those topics are weighty for all age groups and not just young people. The overwhelming response received by the book substantiated Akemi’s belief that there is not just willingness in young people to read such stories, but it has become a need for them.

Author Akemi thinks that reading about such kinds of stuff in a story is to make the readers feel that they are not going through that ordeal alone. It was also her intention behind crafting her new book, Summer Bird Blue. It describes a delicate story about grief and the effects of death on the people left behind. Akemi has shown Lea and Rumi as sisters, musical partners, and best friends. Their number one fan is their mother. Suddenly, Lea loses her life in a terrible accident. While her mother struggles with the grief of losing her child, Rumi is asked to move to Hawaii and live with her aunt. In spite of being surrounded by scenic beauty and affectionate people, Rumi is filled with anger. She hates her mother to send her to Hawaii and her sister for going too soon. She is also angry at herself for many reasons.

There are many people who want to help Rumi. Her neighbors use different approaches to get her out of her grief and give herself another chance to live. Later, music becomes an important part of Rumi’s life. When her sister died, they were working on a song that was left incomplete. As a tribute to her sister and saying her final goodbye, Rumi decides to complete the song. But, pain keeps making her remember her loss. Through the characters of Rumi and her mom, author Akemi has woven a powerful story. She has added diversity in the characters as a means to make sure that readers will engage with them. Akemi hopes that her books reach out to people who are grieving and make them understand that there are others like them who know their pain.

The debut book written by author Akemi Dawn Bowman is entitled ‘Starfish’. It was released by the Simon Pulse publication in 2017. In this novel, Akemi has described the life of a half-Japanese teenage girl named Kiko Himura, who suffers from social anxiety after being rejected admission into an art school. Initially, it is mentioned that Kiko Himura has experienced difficulty in expressing herself always. Her mother makes her feel as if she is not remarkable. Also, she seems to be having a hard time from her half-Japanese heritage as she doesn’t understand it. Kiko keeps everything to herself and hopes to get admission into the art school of her dreams, Prism, so that her life will be back on track. However, she fails to get admission into Prism.

To add to her problems, Kiko’s abusive uncle arrives with his family. To prevent herself from facing the shame and the subsequent anxiety, Kiko accepts her friend’s invitation to leave the town and go on a journey exploring art schools in the west. Her fears and anxieties try to keep her from going, but she goes anyway. And after freeing herself from her strict home life, she begins to learn life-changing lessons about herself, her family’s past, and the steps she needs to take to be brave. This debut novel from author Akemi tells a heartbreaking, luminous tale about family, identity, and the emerging beauty that one gets after they embrace their true self.

Another excellent book of Akemi’s career is known as ‘Harley in the Sky’. It was published in March 2020 by the Ink Road publication. This novel features the primary character in the role of Harley Milano. The book opens by mentioning that Harley Milano has the dream of becoming a trapeze artist. She has had this dream for very long and desperately wants to turn it into reality. Her parents run a popular circus show in Las Vegas, where she often joins them at the top to watch the performance of the lead aerialists. Throughout the show, Harley Milano keeps praying to be up there one day and performing herself. When she informs her parents about her dream, they insist that she focus on her studies instead.

After insisting frequently and remaining adamant to pursue her dream, Harley has a fallout with her mom and dad. In her rage, she moves out of her home, betrays her parents, and joins a rival circus called Maison du Mystere. After taking such a big step, Harley Milano is thrust into a beautiful and brutal world. The new experience makes her understand the value of passion, collaboration, and hard work. But, she also thinks about coming to terms with the reality of her family at the same time, her own past. Harley feels the need to reckon with all the sacrifices she has made and the people she has hurt to be able to follow her lifelong dream.

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