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Hailing from Nigeria in Africa, the artist and novelist Akwaeke Emezi has been making waves within the literary industry for quite some time now. Establishing herself as both an artist and a writer, she is definitely a creative presence and a force to be reckoned with, creating work that is both powerful and fiercely intelligent. Showing clear talent over the course of her career, she has quickly risen through the ranks, thus ensuring that she’s one of the most sought after voices currently working today. Producing work that is somewhat surreal and abstract in nature, she largely operates within the liminal spaces, which is what gives her work an ‘otherworldly’ and ethereal quality. This rings true for both her writing and her artwork, both of which feed in to one another, as she learns and utilizes the various different crafts, allowing them to speak for themselves. With her writing taking on a somewhat surreal quality too, she is able to find truths that really resonate with her readers, which goes some way towards explaining why she has had so much success to this very day.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Umuahia, Alwaeke Emezi grew in the area of Aba in Nigeria, an upbringing which would come to influence much of her writing throughout the following years. Always showing a strong passion and love of the arts, she would start to write and create from a very early age, something which she would continue throughout her education. Attending New York University, she would go on to gain two degrees, along with an MPA as well, all of which would allow her to establish both her voice and her style.

Working as an artist for quite some time prior to becoming a writer, she would also gain ‘Global Arts Fund’ grant in 2017 for her video project ‘The Unbinding’. Along with this she would also receive a ‘Sozopol Fellowship’ for her creative non-fiction too, thus establishing her as a definite figure to watch. Writing for various prestigious publications such as Electric Literature and Esquire, she was soon well on her to becoming a world renowned voice, something which is all set to carry on into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

It was in 2018 that Akwaeke Emezi would bring out her initial debut novel, thus paving the way towards becoming a full-time writer of highly regarded fiction. Although she wouldn’t create any series as such, she would write in a manner that was both direct and to-the-point, whilst also capturing a sense of fluidity and ambiguity within her prose. This would thus ensure that she would become one of the most sought after voices within the industry, as well as providing a unique perspective into life in Nigeria and what it was like to grow up there as a young budding author and artist.

Still making video art she travels extensively, showcasing her work all over America, whilst also gaining recognition internationally too. Winning various awards and scholarships for her work, she has become a hit sensation within the critical establishment, with many singing her praises as an artist and writer. Writing short memoirs as well, she has established a voice that will live on for quite some time to come, as she doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she has a lot more to come yet, as she has built a legacy that shall truly stand the test of time.


This would be the debut novel of Akwaeke Emezi, establishing her as a full time novelist with a lot to say following her shorter pieces and various artworks. Published through the ‘Grove Press’ publishing label, this would work as a stand-alone piece, with it initially being brought out in 2018 on the 13th of February to much acclaim worldwide. Not being a part of any series as such, it would tell its own story, creating memorable characters with unique and interesting insights that were entirely idiosyncratic to her.

Taking an intimate look at the life of a young Nigerian woman called Ada, it sees how she explores her inner-self by creating various different personalities with which to speak through. Growing up in the south of Nigeria following her parents apparently willing her into existence through prayer, she then experiences a tumultuous and misunderstood upbringing. With the various different selves growing within her, she moves to America to pursue her education but, following a violent assault, is forced to confront what’s been building in her for some time now. Will she be able to gain control? Who is she really? Where does she lie within the freshwater?

Various Writing

A first time author, she has also written many previous works such as articles and essays in a variety of different publications, thus creating a brand for herself that his highly recognized to this day. Featuring in magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, she has written extensively on her own background, offering a unique and distinctive insight into her upbringing. This has seen her become a highly sought after figure within the industry, creating a name for herself that has gone on to be appreciated by both her many peers and contemporaries alike. Along with her non-fiction work, she has also made a name for herself writing fictional short-stories, such as ‘Who is Like God’ which she managed to get featured on Granta Online. This has allowed her to come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, as her debut novel would become one of the most highly anticipated releases upon its publication.

In the past she has also featured as a video artist, working within the area of liminal spaces, something which allowed to gain a fresh perspective on her writing. Not only that, but she would also produce paintings as well, creating work that was appreciated on both a visceral and a spiritual level. With her still being a relative newcomer, she has plenty of potential to continue expanding her oeuvre, marking her out as one to watch for quite some time to come.

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