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Crime novels have been a staple in libraries for decades. The adventure and whodunit books of the past and future are relative to the society we live in today. Life is full of surprises and crime is in every corner of life. Writers for many years have written about real life crime and turned those experiences or thoughts into fictional novels. The need for good versus bad and good always winning, the need for our modern day hero’s. This brings me to the modern day author of the genre of crime novels Al Lamanda.

Al Lamanda has come from a place that likely has many subjects and facts of everyday crime in life in the big city of New York City or Manhattan. Al grew up in the Bronx, and his career before becoming an author was being a Private Investigator and also a Crime Prevention Specialist, where he takes his many years of experience to write some of the best crime novels to date. Al now lives in the small area of Lake Sebago in Maine. It’s a quaint little area nestled away from the big city. Maine seems to be the author capital of the world for novelist. Al Lamanda has won many awards such as the 2013 Best Crime Novel from the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. He has been nominated for the Edgar Award for many of his novels throughout the years. Other noticeable mentions would be being nominated for the Nero Award several years in a row and being recognized by many writer’s guilds and alliances.

Al has written many novels and takes great inspiration from the legendary crime writer Elmore Leonard. He became inspired from the first novel he read of Elmore’s some forty-five years ago. Some of his novels include, but certainly not limited to Dunston Falls and First Light to name a couple. He has written more than novels as well. He has written several screenplays for television and a couple for the big screen.

Al Lamanda takes great importance in weight lifting, which is a hobby of his, as well as weight training. Of course this hobby goes hand in hand with boxing, which is yet another great hobby and activity that Al finds solace in. He once was quoted as saying that to be an author, you have to know how to deal with and handle stress, for him stress relief comes from boxing and weight lifting. Al has one child, which is his Mane Coon Cat whom he says rules his life and is wrapped around his finger.

One thing about Al Lamanda is that he is never satisfied, he will always strive to do better in his art and until he becomes satisfied, we will continue to enjoy his novels, his works of art. Al was once asked if he is jealous of fellow authors that have had major success. His reply was priceless. He told the questioner that he knows what it takes to be an author and how much rejection goes with the territory, which builds you up to having some thick skin for rejection, as you get rejected a lot. To get published is very hard work and requires great strides to not give up, so no he is not jealous of other success when he himself has gone thru the pain to be an author.

Al began his writing career with the release of a novel, which he has many, but specifically this one is aptly called “Checkmate”. This is a story of Kellerman, whom is a retired Marine, turned hitman, turned PI. He is hired to wreak havoc on a group of rapists who got proven innocent due to a technicality and his hired by the rape victim’s father to get justice, and like a good hired hitman, Kellerman delivers the one two punch. The funny part of this novel is the fact that Kellerman has a girlfriend whom is a police officer and a partner who is related to the mafia in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen area. It makes for an interesting read.

As it turns out this character would be a staple in a series of Kellerman Mysteries. Kellerman Mysteries is a series that is centered around this ex-Marine PI hitman character who is hired by folks to do one of those three things.

Another terrific work of art by Al Lamanda is “Messenger”. This fictional tale is about a stranger, and throughout the entire novel, this character is referred to as the stranger. This stranger is a menacing kill. A serial killer in all reality. The stranger leaves death in its path. No victim is left to live when coming in contact with the stranger. The stranger doesn’t have a specific location or city he kills in, he is a serial killer of the nation. He goes everywhere to do his dirty work. No one knows why he kills or who or what he is. He doesn’t seem to have a motive or reason for his menacing murders, nor does he have a specific type of victim. He just kills to kill it would seem. What the stranger doesn’t realize is that a special task force has been setup to capture this killer along with police and the FBI. They don’t seem to be getting very close to capturing this murderer, but when it gets to the end of this novel, the final twist in this sadistic plot will leave you speechless and wanting more from this amazing author Al Lamanda.

Al Lamanda is not married and still writes his novels in Maine as of today. He is constantly working on new novels and themes. He lives with his feline companion whom he says he is a housemaid to. We would be remiss to not bring up the fact that Al is an avid coffee drinker and is a self-described coffee snob. You can read his novels in many formats, from audio tape, hard back, paper back and the latest and greatest format that our youth and tech savvy people love is thru kindle and other e-readers from Amazon and Android.

Al Lamanda this year in 2016 has already been recognized for his writing by the Nero Award nomination for “This Side of Midnight”.

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