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Alafair S. Burke is an American female author who specializes in writing crime novels. Apart from writing novels, she a legal commentator for radio shows and programs as well as a law professor teaching criminal law at the Hofstra school of law. She was born in October 1969 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Alafair Burke is the daughter of the famous author James Lee Burke who is known for writing various best-selling crime novels. James Burke used to be a professor of English while her mother was a librarian during her early years.

During the 1970’s after her family had moved from Florida to reside in Wichita, the police managed to discover that there was a connection between seven unresolved murders involving women and children. A man going by the acronym BTK that stood for Blind, Torture, Kill claimed responsibility of the murders. It took the police almost thirty years to resolve the crime which was disappointing for her as she thought she would have easily solved the crime if she was put in their position.

The hunt for BTK is among the primary reasons that made her become fascinated by crime. This probably explains why she is so interested in law and crime altogether.

Burke went to the Reed College located in Portland Oregon where she studied and received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She then proceeded to Stanford Law School in California where she graduated with a distinction in the law field. Her education history indicates the fact that she is a very learned individual and a credible one when it comes to writing about crime.

She has earned a powerful reputation of creating credible, strong and likeable characters like Samantha Kincaid and Ellie Hatcher in her books. She has plenty of experience in crime derived from working as a prosecutor in America’s police precincts and other criminal courtrooms that she has managed to work in.

The popularity of Alafair Burke’s novels has made them to be featured in various TV and radio shows, newspapers and magazines including but not limited to “The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Chicago Sun- Times among others.” Other crime novelists like Lee Child, Karin Slaughter, Lisa Unger, Harlan Coben and Michael Connelly have acknowledged her unique creativity and writing techniques praising her for the literally works she has published.

Alafair has always been fascinated by the horrible things human beings are capable of doing, the type of strategies employed to solve such crimes and punish the offenders. Her novels are based on real-world crime cases and both her personal and professional experience making them not only credible but authentic.

Apart from reading, writing and solving crime, Alafair loves to listen to spaz music, watching lots of television series and programs, cooking, playing golf and drinking wine. Her favorite TV series are Veronica mars, Arrested Development and Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Alafair is married to Sean with whom they manage to share their love for animals among other passions.

Alafair Burke’s fans can find lots of information about her life; books and events in her official website “Alafair Burke” found under the URL or interact with her via social media. Burke is very active in Facebook and Twitter where she actively engages with her audience and fans through communicating about upcoming events, new books, promotions, shows and other relevant information.

Alafair decided to venture into writing crime novels after working at the District Attorney’s office for five years. She used the stories and in-depth knowledge she had acquired as a prosecutor to direct her work. Thanks to the experience she had gained, she was able to come up with and imagine proper settings, appropriate dialogue and perfect characters that would effectively portray court scenarios.

Books written by Alafair Burke

” Judgment calls”
This book which is written by Alafair burke is among the popular “Samantha Kincaid” series. It is about a district attorney by the name Samantha Kincaid who sets off to find the assailants of a thirteen-year-old girl who is attacked and left for dead on the outskirts of the city. Although the case seems to be quite simple and very easy at first, it transforms into a complex web of deceit and violence once she starts preparing for the trial. This forces her to up her game as she realizes there are other strong forces in play.

“If You Were Here”
The novel is about McKenna Jordan a Manhattan journalist who is the major protagonist. She is chasing a story about an unknown woman who rescues a teenage boy by pulling him from the subway tracks. She manages to locate a video that captured the unique event only to discover that the lady in question resembles her long lost close friend Susan Hauptmann. Her friend had disappeared without a trace for over a decade after introducing McKenna to her husband.

McKenna Jordan’s life takes a strange turn when she decides to venture into the search for the missing woman rather than completing the story and saving her unstable journalism career. This search in turn forces her to uncover long- buried truths closer to her home making realize nothing is as it seems.

“Long Gone”
This is considered to be Alafair’s first foray into non- fiction writing. In this novel, she manages to tell the story from the perspective of the victim. Long gone is about Alice Humphrey who manages to land her dream job as an art gallery manager in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district. She lives a perfect life until one day when everything changes. She arrives at work only to find the whole gallery gone, an empty space filling the void and a dead body on the floor.

This leaves her without her job and the police who think she is guilty of the murder. To make matters a lot worse, she notices that all the evidence points to her as the killer and automatically knows that she has been set up. The search for the killer becomes the only way to have her life back.

Alafair Burke has managed to write various novels with most of them turning out to be best sellers and even being nominated for various awards. She has effectively created a niche in writing crime novels and she has managed to entertain, inform and educate.

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