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Alaina Urquhart is a mystery writer and co-host of Morbid’s true crime podcast. She has a unique perspective from the inner wall of the morgue since she is an autopsy technician.
She holds a degree in psychology, biology, and criminal justice. Alaina also hosts the parcast original crime countdown and horror movie podcast Scream.

The Butcher and the Wren
Deep Louisiana dark is roaming in the Louisiana bayou where a methodical killer with relish for a medical experiment is busy doing his crimes, giving the authorities sleepless nights as they hunt him down. The media refers to him as the Butcher; so far, it has been impossible to catch.

The killer appears intelligent, organized, and entirely twisted. He is sinister and manipulative as he has avoided the police for a long. However, a forensic pathologist Dr. Wren Muller is best at what he does.

With knowledge of analyzing darkest minds and many years studying victims, he is the best in the field. He has some knowledge of crimes and with experience in the field and has never failed to solve any case.
However, she has never been afraid of the dark until recently she learns that some monsters are real.

Wren is called to a scene that soon turns out to be a damping site for bodies. The injuries on a young lady and the nature of the scene resemble a recent case where another body belonging to a young woman was also found.

Both bodies have been brutally tortured, showing signs of suffering before death, and after doing the autopsies, Wren is sure that there is a serial killer on the run in New Orleans. Cases keep filing one after another on Wren’s table, and she soon finds herself in the investigation with a cruel murderer getting bold each day.

She works hand in hand with the police and closely with John Leroux, who is on her side, having her back. The more the killings increase, the more determined she is to bring the killer to justice, yet he keeps on avoiding her. Dr. Wren decides to investigate the similarities in the cases she has been delegated and soon starts piecing together the puzzle in the victims, believing she is the best shot at tracking the killer.

The more the bodies pile, the more obsessed with ending the slaughter as her enemy becomes bolder.

Wren has been doing autopsies since she was in her 2nd-year bachelor’s degree in criminology and is a valuable asset in the cases. She has been sacrificing most of her social life to assist in finding closure and justice for the dead and their mourning families.

As the situation worsens, Wren decides it’s time to give out the information she has found about the killer, which is beyond everyone’s belief. The clues appear too close home, and when the person literary walks through her life, it’s clear that the Butcher has a strange interest in Wren. Will Wren and Leroux successfully work together to keep her and the rest of the town safe, or will the killer succeed in completing his ritual?

The Butcher and the Wren are an addictive serial killer thriller, leaving the reader craving more. The cat and mouse games bring authenticity and intensity to the story. During the reading, you’ll be asking yourself questions such as can Wren outsmart the serial killer? How much is Wren willing to risk to bring the Butcher to the light?

The Butcher and the Wren will keep you in suspense to the final page, so be ready to feel disturbed. You can see the gruesome murders through the eyes of the serial killer while committing them and the forensic pathologist as he tries to track him down and stop him before more bodies pile.

A fair warning, the novel isn’t for the faint-hearted, but that does not mean one should shy away since it gives the reader some information on serial killers. The story is realistic with a dark setting and will have you sucked right from the beginning.

You’ll be thrilled by the cat and mouse chase between the Butcher, Jeremy, and Wren. Jeremy turns out to be smart and a step ahead of the people tracking him. His killings are twisted and sadistic.

The story is told in two alternating perspectives as the reader learns what’s going on in Jeremy’s head and how Wren is ready to get justice for the victims by hunting him down. Alaina Urquhart uses his skills to build enough tension and suspense so that the reader remains engaged to the end.

The chase will have you developing goosebumps in the course of the reading. Alaina has weaved a thriller that turns out graphic yet not exploitative. The fine detail, the story’s brevity, and sharp connections between the killer and the pathologist bond well.

Urquhart paints a tense world right from the beginning delivering it all with a lot of skill. The story is heart-pounding as you wonder what the killer will do next. She uses her unique knowledge of autopsy to make the story more realistic.
The story is well detailed in its analysis, as one might expect from someone who spends most of their time doing autopsies giving the reader some imagination but captivated even amidst the deaths.

The Butcher and the Wren is a fast-paced psychic thriller that will keep the readers on edge to the last page. Be sure to come across some bone-chilling events before the book ends, which makes it ideal for true crime, and horror fans who don’t mind some creepiness and a little gore.

Once the mystery pulls you in, you’ll not want to put the book down until you finish it and then find yourself thinking about it later. Alaina Urquhart is the master at creating a terrifying and brilliant story with unique and captivating characters.

There are times when the reader might feel like closing the book, but the chase between the killer and the pathologist changes their plans. The details are so vivid that only an autopsy technician can provide them.

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    Will there be a sequel to your first book about Wren and the butcher? That book was so very good!!!! I sure want to hear more!!


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