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Alan Glynn is an author of fiction. He was born in Dublin, Ireland.

He attended Trinity College and graduated. Glynn first became an officially published author with the release of The Dark Fields. The novel was released as the movie Limitless and now the book is known by that title as well. A movie was released and a television show made based on the book.

Alan Glynn is the author of the Limitless series. This fictional series kicked off officially in 2001, with the release of the debut novel. Receptor will be the second in the series.

Limitless was turned into a Hollywood film starring Bradley Cooper as the main character who tries a pill and finds out that his brain is suddenly capable of more than he ever imagined– and he has the capacity to be limitless in scope. The movie co-stars Abbie Cornish and Robert DeNiro.

Glynn is also the author of the Loose trilogy. This series of fictional stories started off in 2009 with the release of the first novel in the series, which is titled Winterland. That was quickly followed in 2011 with the sequel book, which is titled Bloodland. Two years later, the third book in the trilogy came out. It is titled Graveland. Bloodland also won him the Irish Book Award in 2011.

Winterland is the first novel in the Loose trilogy by Alan Glynn. If you are interested in thriller novels that you cannot put down because you’re too busy turning the page, this is the novel for you! Winterland is the first in what is an exciting trilogy that is all about power, deception, and how money can corrupt absolutely.

Everyone knows that the world of business and the world of politics are places where you are going to find some of the darkest, seediest people that are willing to make deals to get ahead that more decent people would eschew. When it comes to the world of politics in Ireland, business, and crime, things are about to get pretty complicated.

When two man who hail from the same family and even have the same first name are found dead and were killed on the very same night, what will happen? This novel is the first in a series that deals with the dark underworld and deals with the deep underbelly of globalization. Crime writing and this story are about to take the genre to another level.

Even though the two deaths have a lot in common, they are a bit different. One seems to be a road accident and the other seems to point to murder by gang. But is that how things really are? That’s the official report, but everyone knows that reports can lie from time to time. Are the two deaths just a coincidence or do they share more in common than anyone wants to admit?

Some people seem to just want to leave things alone and not question the official version of what went down that night. Not everyone has the same motive or is so quick to drop their questions, however, Gina Rafferty is a family member that is related to the victim and she is interested in finding out more.

She’s about to find that as soon as she starts asking questions things quickly start to fall apart. With everything just falling by the wayside and people seeming to have a very vested interest in her not investigating any further, Gina knows that she must be onto something.

She’s being told not to ask questions, but all that this makes Gina want to do is keep going. She’s more determined than she’s ever been to find out what really happened and get down to the bottom of everything once and for all. What is the real truth, and what happened with those two deaths that night?

Were they connected or just random deaths that could have happened to anyone? Gina knows that she must keep pushing if she really wants to find out the truth. But getting to the bottom of everything and discovering the truth may be more dangerous than she ever bargained for. If she wants to find out what really happened, she’s going to be risking a lot.

This path that Gina is now on is going to test her limits. Already wrapped in grief, she is going down a line of action that is going to make powerful people sit up and take note– and do anything that they can to stop her. She knows deep down in her soul that what happened was way more than a coincidental pair of deaths.

With Gina convinced that the deaths were murders and feeling increasingly angry about the whole situation, she’s got to go ahead and try to find out everything that she can while she still can. Can Gina find enough evidence to try and put some people away for life? Or is she going to have a harder time finding the truth than she originally thought?

Find out what happens in this exciting crime thriller story by Alan Glynn and pick up Winterland to discover the ending for yourself!

Bloodland is the second novel in Alan Glynn’s Loose trilogy. This exciting sequel picks up right in the middle of the action once more, thanks to expert writing by accomplished author Alan Glynn.

The setting opens up in the Congo, where a contractor for private security ‘loses it’. The consequences are disastrous and fatal. Meanwhile, the former prime minister is attempting to write his own memoir in Ireland. Also at the same time, a helicopter crash kills a star. Just three years later, the story is picked up by a journalist– who is immediately warned to leave the story alone.

News is breaking in Paris, and a senator in the U.S. is getting ready to run for office. It’s starting to appear that many random events are seemingly linked. But who is doing it and is there a hard clench of control over the news that citizens watch and other stories that are killed before they ever make it to air?

Glynn has written another thriller that takes the reader all over the world on a globetrotting thrill ride they won’t soon forget. From Africa to New York to Ireland, check out Bloodland by Alan Glynn to see how the story ends.

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